The upsurge of crypto exchange and its benefits have consistently been informal exchange however what do we are familiar with its vulnerability? Do you think it is the ideal opportunity to underwrite your cash into something not recognizable and simply remains alive on a cloud?

With an easy-to-use, open-source API for quick integration of the BidiPass protocol into any existing app, the choice is simple. Do online service providers want to be able to trust that their KYC provider is always correct? If so, BidiPass is the solution they need.

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About BidiPass

The BidiPass protocol is thus a platform for user authentication, across a wide variety of KYC providers and payment systems. By focusing on giving service providers the tools they need to safely interact with customers, BidiPass can facilitate more trust in online interactions. Its distinctive, QR-code check will be memorable to users, who will associate the process with increased peace of mind.

It leverages the blockchain and its own proprietary BidiKey transfer protocol to shore up the security holes in existing KYC systems. BidiPass doesn’t replace KYC as a service, but acts as a platform for accurate authentication of a user’s identity during a standard KYC check.

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What is BidiPass [BDP]?

BidiPass streamlines the authentication process for both users and service providers, ensuring that a platform capable of delivering full digital security can also allow a quick, painless experience that doesn’t get in the way of completing a purchase or other form of communication. And since it complements existing KYC infrastructure, BidiPass cannot run afoul of laws mandating use of KYC, nor can it throw a wrench into existing authentication processes.


Best of all, this all happens via the user’s mobile device, in a quick and user-friendly manner that will finally bring top-tier security to the average internet user. Now, a hacker with access to a user’s account can only do so much damage without also having access to that user’s mobile device.

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Who Is the Founder of BidiPass [BDP]?

Fernando Albarrán, CEO and the Founder of BidiPass. BidiPass has taken this foundation of experience in financial technology development and financial sector networking from their parent company LeverIT and combined it with an all-new team of experts in advanced cryptography, the blockchain, cyber-security, and token economics. 


This unique collection of skill sets gives BidiPass a leg up on any potential competitors, who usually enter the space from either a technological or fintech perspective. Since the BidiPass team understands both worlds, we won’t be caught off guard by an unforeseen difficulty.


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What Makes BidiPass Unique?

The BidiPass Financial Passport, issued when the user completes the initial BidiPass sign-up process, will be respected by every service provider using BidiPass, no matter where they are in the world. Since BidiPass doesn’t interfere with existing authentication structures, but simply enhances them, it will not become a legal issue for existing institutions or startups. By staying out of international legal quagmires, BidiPass should be able to approach fixation in the market.

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Where Can You Buy BidiPass [BDP]?

If you are looking to buy or sell BDP, HitBTC is currently the most active exchange.

Users verify themselves via the Bidipass software before conducting a business transaction that requires KYC. This process will require a transaction fee that is a function of the current hash rate (difficulty for miners).

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you Buy BDP tokens with Cash?

According to the BidiPass, you cannot exchange currencies through your fiat currency by using the debit or credit card to implement any sort of transaction. Also, it makes the transactions stress-free that can be credited to your local bank account.

Is it allowed to deal with BDP in Europe?

Yes, Europe is one of the approachable zones for the availability of cryptocurrency in general. 

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BidiPass Official Website - https://bidipass.network/

BidiPass Twitter - https://twitter.com/bidipass




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