BetDice is a decentralized platform that is capable of allowing tokens to add Defi features into their project. It has three major parts: the utility token, a vault web application, and a power balloting web application.


This platform has linked channels, in case of an e-commerce or forex trading site, it has unconditional solutions for the clients who are looking for reliability as well as lucrativeness at the same time. It was industrialized by the BetDice team and defines as a decentralized technology for control of liquidity of smart assets based on the Proof-of-Asset Protocol.

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About BetDice

Dice is the largest gaming platform on EOS blockchain. Users can earn DICE tokens from playing, and then invest for dividends from staking. Both the platform and the token are based on user-centered design, which giving our users the best gaming experience.


Proof-of-Asset Protocol is the primary product of BetDice, which solves the issue of non-fungible asset liquidity. In simple words, Proof-of-Asset means the token released as part of the protocol is guaranteed with an asset. The know-how of BetDice is the Proof-of-Asset protocol, in spirit an amalgamation of BaaS (Bank-as-a-Service) and blockchain technologies.


Astonishingly, the answer is obvious: use the technology and infrastructure of core projects in a decentralized economy, including ones utilizing an open-source protocol. The BetDice Token Proof-of-Asset Protocol is precisely this kind of solution.


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What is BetDice [DICE]?

DICE has seen spectacular results since its incorporation into the Brave browser’s first global private ad platform: 30 million monthly active users, 10 million daily active users, 1 million verified creators accepting BAT, millions of wallets created, thousands of ad campaigns with leading brands, and growing utility in the most innovative names in blockchain gaming. The results make DICE one of the most, if not the most, successful altcoin projects to date.


In terms of forming a new economy, BetDice sees a solution to real business funding in separating technological and infrastructure projects from projects in the arena of commerce operating business and manufacturing assets. Technological and infrastructure projects that can help decentralized economy mature and become bigger, more convenient, as well as expand custom of technology over the world can receive funding via ICO. 


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Who Is the Founder of BetDice [DICE]?

BetDice has the world’s reputed financiers and developers on board that have successfully executed the DICE token to enter the race in the fiscal market. It has been a great initiative for the people who are interested to trade with NFT’s. the idea of cryptocurrencies trade is booming these days and the majority of the participants are increasing simultaneously. 


To cater to a great number of people, BetDice is known to be a reliable and transparent platform to store the value of your finances.

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What Makes BetDice Unique?


The BetDice Defi staking platform lets us add staking vaults for any token. These vaults will increase the number of features to existing tokens such as time locking with scaling rewards, support for reflection/redistribution while staking, optional influences to charity or the burn wallet, and further! 


By taking a client asset, principally on the financial market, we tokenize it, then, without waiting for the assortment to accrue critical mass, in return this asset is being replaced by the currency for the bank. This is made imaginable through the establishment of a single pool of similar assets (e.g., the pool of banks) thus forming a marketplace, where banks advantage from liquidity and investors benefit from a predictable and translucent cash flow.


Furthermore, building a staking system yourself is costly and time-consuming. Our vaults save you all that hard work, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your project.


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Where Can You Buy BetDice [DICE]?

If you are looking to buy or sell BetDice, Hotbit is currently the most active exchange.


Firstly, a user has to visit the official website of BetDice for onboarding. Secondly, It has enabled the users to swap the token with Hotbit exchange. As per the statement from the DICE team, they have projected to expand the obtainability ease for more exchanges that are under consideration right now.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Staking?

Staking is depositing your tokens into a smart contract and leaving them there in exchange for rewards. 


Do my tokens still receive rewards while staked?

Yes, different vaults may estimate these remunerations in different methods but your returns are sent to the vault bond and they are dispersed to your staked balance with each apprise.

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BetDice Official website – http://betdice.one/


BetDice Twitter – https://twitter.com/bet_dice


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