As cryptocurrencies linger to gain traction across the world, the development of Bestay marks the advent of the first blockchain-based digital currency and trading platform in the arcade.


Bestay is a forward-thinking cryptocurrency exchange platform dedicated to providing the most trustworthy digital asset management services in a simple, efficient and secure manner.

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About Bestay

Bestay (BSY) is a decentralized home-sharing platform. We are creating an ecosystem that guides IoT for a sharing economy. Our focus in the first phase will be on hotels and apartments for short-term rental, we are also dealing with peer-to-peer asset management. The platform takes advantage of advanced technologies from distributed and decentralized computing, blockchain, IoT and information and data system security. 

Providing an effective and automated solution in which hosts provide values and customers will be able to exchange values directly, efficiently and seamlessly. Therefore, Bestay can provide products of the same quality but at a lower price, while still controlling strict requirements: know your product (KYP) and know yours customers (KYC) before being accepted into Bestay system platform.

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What is Bestay [BSY]?

Bestay is the next generation room sharing platform with complete asset management services using blockchain technology. We aim to rebuild the value exchange system between hosts and guests restructure properties, managed by AI, IoT and blockchain technology. This results in higher margins and lower operating costs for owners, while ensuring a better and cheaper experience for customers.


The community will be able to access the list and go through their entire booking experience from website, Android or iOS phones. The user experience will be similar to other high-quality applications on the market, except our back-end will be provided by the blockchain. In-app notifications will be received directly without a third party.


All token vaults will support the Bestay Token through a fee structure that is available on the official website.

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Who Is The Founder of Bestay [BSY]?

MR. MAI VAN DUNG is the Founder and CEO of Bestay offers worldwide services to cryptocurrency investors with offices across the globe. The senior management team represent the apex of their professions at the international level. Furthermore, it has offices in the US, Europe, and the Asia Pacific. We make our collective knowledge, experience, and global network available to our users while advancing a Multi-level clustering structure; cold wallet with a security system. 

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What Makes Bestay Unique?

While the BSY Token, which has the best value of utility in the network and controls the complete ecosystem of Bestay, will also activate the Token for the reward program. All transactions with the Bestay network will be done with the BSY token. However, depending on the use of the BSY Token, if the transaction rate exceeds the threshold, the Rewards Program Token will be given to the user.


To enhance the security for our users trading on mobile apps, Google 2-Step Verification has also been added with this iOS release.

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Where Can You Buy Bestay [BSY]?

If you are looking to buy or sell BSY Coin, Bitforex is currently the most active exchange.


Bestay features no listing fee along with a very selective and serious vetting process. Although relatively new, it is backed by strong communities and is quickly becoming the one-stop platform for crypto traders around the world with its latest addition of fiat purchase.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Staking?

Staking is depositing your tokens into a smart contract and leaving them there in exchange for rewards. 


Do my tokens still receive rewards/reflections/redistributions while staked?

Yes, different vaults may calculate these rewards in different ways but your rewards are sent to the vault contract and are distributed to your staked balance with each update.

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Bestay Official website – https://bestay.io/


Bestay Twitter - https://twitter.com/BSY_Bestay




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