Berserk Inu is a cryptocurrency ecosystem that supports multiple revenue-generating platforms. With scalability and utility in mind, Berserk Inu will establish these platforms over time in order to channel a piece of the revenue earned on each platform into the non-profit arm of the project.


Public perception of cryptocurrency remains very negative. Most people view it as a destination for scammers, hackers, and speculators. Where it is certain that you will lose your money. The world needs a cryptocurrency with a vision, a purpose, a clear plan for the future, and a utility that will make an impact on the real world. Most importantly, Berserk Inu mission is to share the tangible, positive impact cryptocurrency can have on our communities.

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About Berserk Inu  

Berserk is the new token on the BSC that gives 12-22% redistribution in the world’s hottest cryptocurrency: Ethereum. It does this on the BSC to escape the horrendous gas fees of the ETH-network


When you buy Berserk, relax and hold for Ethereum. Buy more to see it create its own empire.

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What is Berserk Inu [BERSERK]?

The primary utility of the Berserk Inu coin will be a broad range of charitable initiatives. By starting small with local communities and growing into a multi-national organization over time, Berserk Inu will focus on doing impactful works across the world. Building a better world through the blockchain


Berserk Inu will provide the crypto-verse with a guiding light; a reminder of why we all were drawn to this new technology in the first place. Blockchain technology is revolutionary and it is changing financial markets. But there was a time when it was fun, where communities thrived, and friendships were built over miles of fiber optic cable. 


If you are a developer with a great idea, the Berserk Inu team would love to hear from you. The Berserk Inu Incubator was created to allow talented developers with a great idea to utilize our ecosystem, team, resources, and community to build their idea into a successful platform.


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Who Is The Founder of Berserk Inu [BERSERK]?

Griffith, Judeau Falcon, and Guts are the known developers of Berserk Inu that have been working with several blockchain technologies where they end up creating the NFT pool for the curious seekers who want to indulge with crypto trading and succeed in making great lucrativeness. 


Berserk Inu will be the podium that helps our community to achieve financial freedom and be a part of a truly innovative mission.

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What Makes Berserk Inu Unique?

For every transaction, 12% goes to ETH redistribution, 2% goes to the Berserk wallet and 1% goes to the dev wallet. You will need at least 15% slippage to buy. Furthermore, the lottery and action wallet will reward a community buyer and a community activist in pegged ETH on numerous occasions

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Where Can You Buy Berserk Inu [BERSERK]?

If you want to trade BERSERK, you can visit the official website to access the application and understand the features accordingly. If you are looking to buy or sell Berserk Inu, Uniswap (v2) is currently the most active exchange.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you Buy Berserk Inu Inu with Cash?

According to Berserk Inu, you cannot trade coins through your fiat currency by using a debit or credit card to perform any sort of transaction. Besides, it provides easy withdrawals that can be credited to your local bank account.


Is it allowed to deal with BERSERK in Europe?

Yes, Europe is one of the approachable zones for the availability of cryptocurrency in general. 

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Berserk Inu Official Website – https://berserkinu.com/

Berserk Inu Twitter – https://twitter.com/BerserkInu


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