Benzene is offering the venture to trade the site surveys with BZN coins to store the value of existing published surveys on various sites. The inevitable fact is overcoming the minds of people, that everyone should be considerate about saving the surveys for the long term to benefit a large number of users.


To trade Benzene coins, survey owners and buyers can build their trading relations to benefit each other by fetching cryptocurrencies and at the same time keep the surveys alive in the market. Notably, one can always utilize BZN coins on other crypto platforms or buy other particular surveys.

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About Benzene

Most of the site survey owners are paranoid about their properties whether to keep them published or take them down because of the monetary aspect that can benefit the user to a greater extent. To uplift the viability of respective surveys, the owners can now swap their properties with cryptocurrencies and at the same time, merchants and other relevant users can benefit from their surveys.


As of the fact that significant information on the sites should remain public rather than being hidden from the destitute customers. Particularly, a user can now appoint surveyor operators to snag the surveys earlier without queuing them into an unorganized list of analyses. 


For the availability of surveys on the internet for the long term, the suppliers are now enthusiastic about the idea of buying and selling the site surveys in exchange for BZN coins.


Especially, a customer can now retain a surveyor for procuring the interrelated or fresh surveys from the market based on the value of BZN coins that a surveyor can secure. As of this modernism, a customer can gain this endeavor where he will no longer be needing to regroup the surveys that are scattered over the marketplace.

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What is Benzene [BZN]?

It is quite a break for the customers who aim to drill various blockchain technologies on the Benzene podium. It is indeed a revolutionary step for the people who wish to amass programming tools (Lua/SQL Skills) into their actions to understand conservative languages. Indeed, it is a prominent idea for the groups who look for the thrifty directions for the training under resourceful procedures.


Moreover, Benzene provides real-time transactions parallel to sidechain technologies. Seemingly, the platform can handle over one million trades in one second. 

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Who Is The Founder of Benzene [BZN]?

War Riders is developed by Cartified, Inc – a VC-backed blockchain software company based out of North America. Cartified was founded in 2015 by the American and Georgetown University graduates of Washington D.C.


Cartified is backed by two VC funds - the AU Venture Fund and ERA Venture Fund. In 2016, Cartified successfully completed the acceleration process with Entrepreneurs Roundtable Accelerator in New York City which is one of the top 5 accelerators in the U.S. 

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What Makes Benzene Unique?

War Riders strongly believe players should have full control over their hard-earned loot crates and virtual money. Recently, War Riders partnered with OPSkins and WAX announcing the company’s items will be tradable with WAX Tokens, Bitcoin, ETH, US dollars, Euros and dozens of other currencies. In addition, players will be able to freely trade their in-game items at OpenSea and similar crypto-collectible marketplaces, while BZN is coming to WAX and other exchanges. 

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Where Can You Buy Benzene [BZN]?

If you are looking to buy or sell Benzene, Uniswap (v2) is currently the most active exchange.


War Riders is a massively multiplayer online (MMO) game based on earning cryptocurrency, customizing vehicles, and battling opponents. Players can build their own customized war vehicles from scratch and use them to mine and attack enemies for the in-game currency, Benzene (BZN). Most of the in-game items are non-fungible tokens (NFTs), which are scarce and unique. The game is based on the Ethereum network.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you Buy BZN with Cash?

No. Benzene is currently unavailable for purchases through fiat currencies on any of the supported platforms. You may, however, buy Bitcoin with fiat currency and afterward convert it to BZN.

Is it Legitimate to deal with BZN in Europe?

Yes, Europe is one of the approachable zones for the availability of cryptocurrency in general. 

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Benzene Official website – https://warriders.com/


Benzene Twitter – https://twitter.com/warriders


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