BeGlobal Finance is a cryptocurrency ecosystem that supports multiple revenue generating platforms. With scalability and utility in mind, BeGlobal Finance will establish these platforms over time in order to channel a piece of the revenue earned on each platform into the non-profit arm of the project.


Public perception of cryptocurrency remains very negative. Most people view it as a destination for scammers, hackers, and speculators. Where it is a certainty that you will lose your money. The world needs a cryptocurrency with a vision, a purpose, a clear plan for the future, and a utility that will make an impact on the real world. Most importantly, BeGlobal Finance mission is to share the tangible, positive impact cryptocurrency can have on our communities.

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About BeGlobal Finance  

It is vital to the long term health of the project to include all stakeholders in the decision making process. BeGlobal Finance has firmly established that investors will have a say in the foundation’s impact in the real-world, on a large, international scale.


Partnerships and revenue generating platforms will provide BeGlobal Finance with a number of strong utilities. With each new platform, the BeGlobal Finance will grow in demand and value. The team knows how important utility is to a cryptocurrency. These platforms will be the first objective after launch in order to establish and grow organic demand. As mentioned before, BeGlobal Finance recognized that a small portion of block rewards alone will not be enough funding for everything planned. 

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What is BeGlobal Finance [GLB]?

The primary utility of the BeGlobal Finance coin will be a broad range of charitable initiatives. By starting small with local communities and growing into a multi-national organization over time, BeGlobal Finance will focus on doing impactful works across the world. Building a better world through the blockchain


BeGlobal Finance will provide the crypto-verse with a guiding light; a reminder of why we all were drawn to this new technology in the first place. Blockchain technology is revolutionary and it is changing financial markets. But there was a time when it was fun, where communities thrived, and friendships were built over miles of fiber optic cable. 


If you are a developer with a great idea, the BeGlobal Finance team would love to hear from you. The BeGlobal Finance Incubator was created to allow talented developers with a great idea to utilize our ecosystem, team, resources, and community to build their idea into a successful platform.


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Who Is The Founder of BeGlobal Finance [GLB]?

Samuel Jimenez is the Founder and the CEO of GLB token where he befits the financial standards for stablecoins. 


To guarantee suitable co-operations to noble patrons, BeGlobal Finance has been steadfast about mission, vision, and transparency while emerging the straightforward and latest relationship to the concerned person. 

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What Makes BeGlobal Finance Unique?

You’re probably tired of hearing about an AMM being launched, only to find out later that it’s nothing new. However, there’s a reason why you should opt to swap your tokens with GLB. The fees are much lower than the standard in the industry. And what’s even more interesting for you, the community gets, over 50% of the fee is used to burn $ GLB. 

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Where Can You Buy BeGlobal Finance [GLB]?

If you want to interchange GLB, you can visit the official website to access the application and understand the features accordingly. If you are looking to buy or sell BeGlobal Finance, PanCakeSwap (v2) is currently the most active exchange.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you Buy BeGlobal Finance with Cash?

According to BeGlobal Finance, you cannot trade coins through your fiat currency by using a debit or credit card to perform any sort of transaction. Besides, it provides easy withdrawals that can be credited to your local bank account.


Is it allowed to deal with GLB in Europe?

Yes, Europe is one of the approachable zones for the availability of cryptocurrency in general. 

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BeGlobal Finance Official Website – https://beglobal.finance/

BeGlobal Finance Twitter – https://twitter.com/Beglobaldefi

BeGlobal Finance Medium - https://beglobalfinance.medium.com




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