Digital transactions account for the majority of commodity exchanges conducted in day-to-day lives. Payment gateways eliminate risks to all parties of the transaction specifically the merchant and the consumer. They help to capture the transaction instantly, encrypt the payment transaction information, route it to the processor, and send back an approval notice.


If we talk about the site surveys that are being deserted for their worth and being disputed over a while from the digital marketplace. People can now trade to store them for a long time through cryptocurrencies that are backed up by Beetle Coin.

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About Beetle Coin

The blockchain is a set of records that keep growing continuously. These records are called blocks which store data, and each block is linked to the previous one, forming a chain of data which is cryptographically protected and resistant to change. These features of the blockchain technology make it suitable for storing medical records, identity management, and of course transactions.


After that, the blockchain technology went under the radar until it was brought back to the scene in 2008 with the use of the Bitcoin cryptocurrency. The technique of the blockchain kick-started the innovation of the cryptocurrency and allowed it to flourish and gain prominent momentum. It is the technology that aided Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to bloom. It acts as an open and distributed ledger where all transactions can be seen and validated by every user, thus creating a decentralized system where no single authority can maintain control and verification of transactions.

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What is the Beetle Coin [BEET]?

Proof of work is the requirement which needs to be performed to create a new group of trustless transactions on a distributed ledger.


When a transaction goes through the decentralized ledger system (the blockchain), it has to be verified by the network to achieve the distributed consensus which is done through POW algorithms known as mining.


The purpose of mining is to safeguard the block and at the same time verify the transactions. Users who appear as nodes in the network attempt to solve the block. Solving the block will entitle the user to be rewarded with a coinage, and get to participate in creating the next block.


On average, it takes the bitcoin network about 10 minutes to solve a block. When a new block is created, each node verifies that the new block has not been tampered with, and if that is the case, then each node will add this block to its chain of blocks

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Who Is The Founder of Beetle Coin [BEET]?

Beetle serves as a way to introduce a cryptocurrency payment solution not only for decentralized apps but for all existing smart applications. It is designed to cater to a wide spectrum of platforms such as applications offering food delivery, transportation booking, accommodation renting, travel booking, and online shopping. 

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What Makes Beetle Coin Unique?

The essential benefit of POS is that it prevents the 51% attack. If someone were to control 51% of the mining power in the whole blockchain, which is practically highly unlikely but not impossible, that person can manipulate the block and makes it benefit him/her. However, with POS, the attacker will have to control 51% of all the digital currencies in existence, which is extremely expensive to be feasible.

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Where Can You Buy Beetle Coin [BEET]?

The Beetle coin is an open-source decentralized cryptocurrency that provides instant and low fees transactions all around the world through the Beetlecoin network.
Anyone can participate in the operation of the Beetle coin network by either allocating computing power in mining or staking the coins.


If you are looking to buy or sell Beetle Coin, SouthXchange is currently the most active exchange.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you Buy BEET with Cash?

No. Beetle Coin coin is currently prevalent for the acquisition of fiat finances on any of the supported exchanges. You may, however, buy Bitcoin with fiat currency and afterward transfigure it to BEET tokens.

Is it Permissible to acquire BEET in Europe?

Yes, Europe is one of the approachable belts to acquire cryptocurrency in general. 

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Beetle Coin Official website – https://beetlecoin.io/


Beetle Coin Twitter – https://twitter.com/beetlecoin




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