Bauble NFT token ($BAB) is a community driven, fundraising token using NFTs from various artists & opening revenue for all listed crypto projects. Bauble NFT will bring artists, projects to grow together & serve towards a greater purpose.


If we talk about the Bauble arcade, to barter BAB tokens, survey owners can sell their current surveys to the purchasers where they will be compensated with the respective coins. The BAB coins can be later on utilized for any crypto exchange in the digital market or to think about another transaction to sell or buy surveys.


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About Bauble

NFTs are trendy and have much greater utilization than just selling, minting. NFTs by definition, are tokens themselves and hold great value. The way blockchain industry is making the world a better place, NFTs can do the same by getting utilized for various real life & crypto advancements. 


Among various utilizations, one is being used as a blockchain product on Binance Smart Chain for being placed in a setting, wherein, once sold, results in fundraising, while still rewarding the artist. NFTs become a commodity here that can be used by everyone in blockchain industry to raise funds for any cryptocurrency project, including those on different blockchains, like Binance, Ethereum, Cardano, Polkadot, etc


Particularly, a customer would now be able to hire a surveyor for acquiring the related or latest surveys from the market based on the worth of BSL coins that a surveyor can buckle upon. By using this route, a customer can gain this endeavor where he does not need to rearrange the existing survey already circulated in the marketplace.


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What is Bauble (BAB)?

The BAB token is the resolution of the Bauble ecosystem and it was what they formerly started out as, a simple ERC-20 token. Since then, many upgrades have been performed, including expansion to the Binance Smart Chain network (non-bridged) and also brisk deal upgrades to prepare for future endeavors.


Furthermore, Bauble delivers instantaneous transactions along with sidechain technology. Reportedly, the platform can conduct over one million trades apiece second. 


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Who Is The Founder of Bauble [BAB]?

K Ekta, the CEO of Bauble has been recognized for the successful development of the app where all token holders are remunerated for trading NFT’s with a 3% distribution of all tokens that are bought and sold. That designates just by keeping your coins, you continue building interest from the community. 

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What Makes Bauble Unique?

Bauble runs on the Blockchain where it offers speedy and protected transactions of 50,000 per second without directing to the global consensus. In addition, it has on-chain clock verification, and cloud adaptability for far-reaching spectators. 


We are unique in making use of the possible services majorly in the real estate survey arcade by aiding the buyers and sellers to synchronize and gain profit from the industry’s obsolete trials. 


In addition, Bauble also provides incubation assistance for future investors to improve their platform and benefit through BAB coins and the team support


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Where Can You Buy Bauble [BAB]?

BAB is a community-driven token utilizing NFTs from various creators & opening revenue for all cryptos on the Bauble NFT marketplace. It was first initiated on the Binance Smart chain and reached a wider number of traders and benefitted them lucratively. 


Furthermore, you can buy Bauble [BAB] on PanCakeSwap.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you Buy BAB with Cash?

No. Bauble is currently predominant for acquisition through legal finances on any of the supported exchanges. You may, however, buy Bitcoin with fiat currency and afterward transfigure it to BAB.

Is it Permissible to acquire BAB in Europe?

Yes, Europe is one of the approachable belts to acquire cryptocurrency in general. 

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Bauble Official website – https://www.bauble.finance/


Bauble Twitter –  https://twitter.com/BaubleNFT


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