Bank Royale token’s purpose is to offer permission-less Esports Tournaments - a platform ecosystem with tools to enhance the way gamers earn online. BRTK aims to promote a fair playing field and inclusivity at a global scale for all gamers.


$BRTK, the underlying utility token, is used to interact with all Daps (Distributed Applications). End-users can utilize $BRTK to participate in gaming tournaments, tip their favorite gamer and Purchase or mint NFTs.

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About Battle Royale Token

Bank Royale Token simply put is a decentralized community bank. As a financial mutual organization; Bank Royale holds a native store of value tied to TRON. BRTK is our digital cash and is more liquid on the Ethereum network, which scales to the savings rate of the community. Both tokens are supported by several contracts which mine, exchange, and store value on the network.


The product of Bank Royale Token is the Proof-of-Asset Protocol, which solves the issue of non-fungible asset liquidity. Proof-of-Asset means the token released as part of the protocol is ensured with an asset. 


Remarkably, the answer is obvious: use the technology and infrastructure of core projects in a decentralized economy, including ones utilizing an open-source protocol. The Bank Royale Token Proof-of-Asset Protocol is precisely this kind of solution.


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What is Battle Royale Token [BRTK]?

The Bank Royale Token Network's official elastic reward token (TRC-20) on the TRON blockchain captures value by being scarce, having a progressive mining difficulty, and being tradable/ listable on exchanges. 


In terms of forming a new economy, BRTK sees a solution to real business funding in separating technological and infrastructure projects from projects in the arena of commerce operating business and manufacturing assets. Technological and infrastructure projects that can help decentralized economy mature and become bigger, more convenient, as well as expand custom of technology over the world can receive funding via ICO. 


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Who Is The Founder of Battle Royale Token [BRTK]?

Battle Royale token was founded by Emmanuel Appiah, co-founder of Glibx Inc, a Canadian-based technology company founded in 2017 with its main focus on researching and experimenting with new blockchain protocols. Glibx has contributed to various open-source blockchain tools available online today. BRTK is backed by unique and experienced advisors leading the way in today’s fintech industry. Gaming meets Blockchain.

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What Makes Battle Royale Token Unique?

With the current fiat system, it makes it close to impossible to run a global esports Tournament where anyone can participate due to the cost of conversion, the amount of time it would take, and most importantly fiat makes it very hard to maintain security when multiple parties from different parts of the world are involved.


We take a client asset, principally on the financial market, we tokenize it, then, without waiting for the assortment to accrue critical mass, we turn this asset into currency for the bank. This is made possible through the founding of a single pool of similar assets so creating a marketplace, where banks benefit from liquidity and stockholders benefit from a probable and lustrous cash flow.

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Where Can You Buy Battle Royale Token [BRTK]?

You can access the official website of Battle Royale Token and trade NFT’s where it provides a user-friendly interface that arrests value by being scarce, having a progressive mining difficulty, and being tradable/listable on PanCakeSwap, DoDo, and XT exchanges. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Staking?

Staking is crediting your tokens into a smart contract and leaving them there in exchange for remunerations. 


Do my tokens still receive rewards while staked?

Yes, it estimates the remunerations in different approaches but your returns are sent to the vault connection and they are distributed to your staked balance with each apprise.

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Battle Royale Token Official website – https://brtoken.org/home


Battle Royale Token Twitter – https://twitter.com/officialbrtoken




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