BaTorrent is a token on Tron blockchain boasting various impressive features. Designed with burning mechanism, the total circulation supply of BaTorrent will be exponentially cut. Besides, by combining burning mechanism, innovative Auto-Liquidity function and NFT together, BaTorrent liquidity is allowed to increase rapidly. 


One of the most important features of BaTorrent is that it practices a large-scale decentralization which is rare for other tokens. Mixing these three outstanding features together, users are able to get a power house token out of the hands of anyone, except the community.

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About BaTorrent 

This document sets out the basic assumptions that make up the flexibly constructed whole that endorses the BaTorrent (BA) project. The innovative approach behind the creation of BA has exalted the token of safe, deflationary, with the prospect of staking and handling a decentralized system, which is also tenable by a basket of cryptocurrencies.


This technology has some exceptional physiognomies like decentralization and transparency. It delivers high-level security and safety to the users. Consequently, BaTorrent is going to utilize this high-level familiarity and unlike physical currencies, digital tokens are more tenable and easier to transfer without the complex systems of banking sectors.

As a supplement, the BaTorrent team will exchange BA tokens while burning them. This will tip to an inference in the number of tokens accessible in the market while accumulating their worth.

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What is BaTorrent  [BA]?

The junction of currencies will be jam-packed with funds composed from BaTorrent sales, and the sale itself will take place in some phases. Already here it is worth stating that in the sales pool, dwindling in total for several stages, will be overhead 70% of all vacant BA tokens, and another 10% will be fluidity on the decentralized exchange, and the next nearly 5% will be billed as rewards for Investors whom will provide further liquidity as liquidity suppliers on Uniswap exchange.


In the context of broadcasting, one major aim of BA is using their groundwork with easy-to-use mobile wallets and Tipbots on copious platforms to involve seekers and crypto-noobs who have no idea yet what a cryptocurrency is. 


Indisputably, the key here is to make the start with crypto as easy as possible, and use an entertaining approach to get new users started without all the usual hassle, and then instruct them to handle cryptocurrencies responsibly.

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Who Is The Founder of BaTorrent  [BA]?

BaTorrent is a community-driven, fair launched trc10 Token, which brings both fun and profits!

100% Fair Launch and no team allocation, No Presale, No One Own Contract Key. Besides, it has been integrated with the Black Hole algorithm that owned over 50% of the supply at launch. The Black Hole counts as one of the wallet holders that 4% of transactions are distributed to. This results in exponential growth of the black hole and exponential burn of the token supply.


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What Makes BaTorrent Unique?

BaTorrent token is community-led and managed by volunteers since ownership of the contract has been burned and the launch was completely seeded as liquidity. Moreover, No wallet holds more than 1% of the token supply and no transaction can involve more than 5 million tokens.


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Where Can You Buy BaTorrent [BA]?

You can buy the BA token on multiple exchanges such as Polonidex, LaToken, and CaTex. It has been tested and experienced by many expert financiers and proved to be an efficient route for successful profits through NFT’s.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I buy $BA? Is it safe?


BaTorrent is based on the Tron blockchain and liquidity is locked in polonidex. The ownership of the contract has been transferred to the burn address. It is totally undruggable.


What’s the NFT blind-box (Farming)? How do we participate in” BA BOX”? 


BaTorrent token owns an innovative NFT blind-box playing way. Users can use BaTorrent to open BA BOX for NFT. You not only gain collection value but also can be pledged to NFT farm to obtain BA token income.

0.00124% of all transaction fees will be injected into NFT Farming. The rarer the NFT, the higher the profit will be obtained! 

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BaTorrent website – https://batorrent.store/


BaTorrent Twitter - https://twitter.com/BaTorrent




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