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The Basic Attention Token (BAT) is a blockchain-based system that uses the Brave internet browser to quantify media users' focus and effort on websites.


Its objective is to transfer advertising money effectively between advertisers, publishers, and consumers of online marketing material and adverts, and it is built on Ethereum. The goal is for readers to see fewer ads that are more relevant to their interests while maintaining their data privacy rights.


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About Basic Attention Token

Brave Software's blockchain-based digital advertising network is powered by the BAT token, which is built on Ethereum. Internet users who visit the Internet using the free Brave web browser may opt to change the ads they view with ads in the Brave ad network. The ads are accessible at Users are subsequently compensated with BAT by advertising for their time.


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What is Basic Attention Token [BAT]?

 Basic Attention Token is a new blockchain-based digital marketing network that aims to properly compensate consumers for their attention while also giving advertisers a greater return on their ad spend.


The Brave Browser is used to offer this experience, which allows users to watch privacy-preserving advertisements while earning BAT incentives. Advertisers, on the other side, may offer customized advertising to increase engagement and reduce losses due to ad fraud and misuse.


The Basic Attention Token is the incentive currency in this advertising ecosystem, and it is traded among advertisers, publishers, and users. Advertisers pay with BAT tokens for their advertising campaigns. A tiny proportion of this money is allocated to advertisers, while 70% is delivered to consumers, but middlemen, which usually increase advertising expenses, are cut off to increase cost-efficiency.


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Who Are the Founders of Basic Attention Token [BAT]?

Basic Attention Token has been founded by two founders, Brendan Eich and Brian Bondy, known as two very renowned people in the field of internet surfing.


Brendan Eich is the CEO of Brave Software, Inc., which is responsible for the Brave browser and the Basic Attention Token. Eich was the founder and CTO of Mozilla before joining Brave, and he also developed JavaScript in 1995. He also contributed to launching one of the most popular Web browsers in the world in 2004,  Mozilla Firefox.


Similarly, Brian Bondy joins as CTO of Basic Attention Token, BAT. Bondy is a highly experienced engineer who has previously worked as a senior software engineer at Mozilla, a program developer at Corel Corporation, and a software development lead at Khan Academy. Eich and Bondy have almost 50 years of software development expertise between them. The Basic Attention Token website includes 16 team members in total, several of them have backgrounds in programming, engineering, or research.


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What Makes Basic Attention Token Unique?

 Advertisers must commit to a minimum ad expenditure of $2,500 per month to begin their campaign as of November 2020, although a self-serve platform with possibly lower limitations is in the works.


This advertising budget must now be paid exclusively in Basic Attention Tokens, which advertisers may get from a number of third-party exchange platforms. Brave keeps a tiny portion of the revenue and distributes the rest to authors and users.


One of the distinct functionality of Basic Attention Token and the Brave Browser ecosystem is the ability to incentivize people who are not yet members of the platform, which includes both websites and individual People on Twitter. These individuals can then enroll in the network in order to pick up whatever tips they have collected.


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Where Can You Buy Basic Attention Token [BAT]?

Basic Attention Token is presently available for trading on several top crypto trading systems, and it has great stability. Binance, Coinbase Pro, and Huobi Global are some of the most recognized BAT exchanges.


BAT, like many other cryptocurrencies,  can be bought using fiat money at several brokers or traded against fiat assets on platforms like Kraken and Bithumb.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Buy Basic Attention Token [BAT] With Cash?

It is not possible to directly buy Basic Attention Token (BAT) using cash. You must first purchase Bitcoin with cash from an ATM and then trade it on a platform such as Binance.

Are there any quick ways to buy Basic Attention Token [BAT] in Europe?

Yes, there are also online banks where you can create an account and send funds to exchanges like Coinbase and Uphold. 

What is the cheapest way to buy a Basic Attention Token?

Buying Litecoin or Ethereum using a bank account and then trading it for Basic Attention Token (BAT) is currently the most cost-effective method. The reason is that Litecoin and Ethereum currently possess some of Bitcoin's lowest transfers and exchange rates.


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