We have heard of many financial routers but some still face issues with the credibility and transparency of a particular platform. To support the idea of crypto trading with effective payment ventures, Bankera is providing the personal bank accounts that you can use to deposit your payments and at the same time withdraw them on point.


This platform has affiliated channels, if it's an e-commerce or forex trading site, it has the absolute solutions for the people who seek reliability and lucrativeness simultaneously. Moreover, people from different backgrounds can go for it i.e., Crypto brokers, exchanges, bitcoin mining farms, and many more.

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About Bankera

One of the key winner factors while building our first business – SpectroCoin, was its affiliate program. Therefore, we have decided to continue building a community around our projects and issue Bankera affiliate tokens in 2017. As we are determined on blockchain-related businesses, we have chosen to issue our token as an Ethereum ERC-223.


Affiliate marketing is very popular among digital businesses, and a lot of e-commerce, gaming, forex companies are basing their marketing strategy on it. The idea is that an affiliate who introduces new clients to the business can get a referral commission either based on transaction volume done by a newly introduced client or a fixed amount if the client meets certain conditions.


Outstandingly, a customer can now trade between site surveys and crypto coins to benefit the surveys while keeping them alive for the long term, and at the same time now survey owners can earn pretty amounts with their interchange.

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What is Bankera [BNK]?

It is quite an opportunity for the users who aim to run through blockchain platforms through Bankera. It is undeniably a great venture for many people out there who wants to accumulate programming tools (Lua/SQL Skills) into their actions to retrieve conventional languages. 


The platform provides the access to private blockchain for the businesses upon the Proof-of-Authority agreement to regulate the customers for easy payments for the enterprise-grade cloud services while lodging the private itineraries. Besides, one can use the public blockchain functions which engage a Delegated Proof-of-Stake procedures. 


Besides, Bankera provides simultaneous transactions along with sidechain technology.


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Who Is The Founder of Bankera [BNK]?

At Bankera, the team is driven by their passion for helping internet entrepreneurs reach global markets by providing a broad spectrum of payment alternatives to avoid situations when the inability to send or receive money is a dealbreaker.


Vytautas Karalevi?ius, Mantas Mockevi?ius, and Justas Dobiliauskas are the renowned partners and founders of Bankera where their passionate enthusiasm has created a joint venture to aid the users with lucrative upshots.

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What Makes Bankera Unique?

Bankera runs on a Blockchain system where it provides fast and secure payment solutions and competitive transactions of over 50,000 per second without indulging in the global consensus. Also, it has on-chain clock verification, and cloud adaptability for far-reaching spectators. 


We are unique in utilizing the probable services majorly in the real estate survey arcade by enabling the buyers and sellers to synchronize and profit from the industry’s obsolete challenges. 


Furthermore, Bankera stipulates incubation assistance for the upcoming investors to develop their platform and benefit through BAB coins and the team support to build up a pronounced community.


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Where Can You Buy Bankera [BNK]?

Bankera provides a user-friendly boundary and forward-looking compass to develop the surveys that are intended to be exchanged. To manifest and trade with multiple digital enterprises, BNK can be used to store and value the posted site surveys and other necessitated likelihoods. 


Furthermore, Bankera is determined to recycle the deferred surveys by providing the buy and sell opportunity for the users.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you Buy BNK with Cash?

Yes. You can open up an account through Bankera where you can deposit your required payments through your debit/credit card and at the same time you can use them for any sort of crypto trading and gain profitable upshots.

Is it Permissible to acquire BNK in Europe?

Yes, Europe is one of the approachable belts to acquire cryptocurrency in general. 

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Bankera Official website – https://bankera.com/


Bankera Twitter –  https://twitter.com/Bankeracom


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