As seen among the reports that property site surveyors are trending these days where they are delivering the possibilities to deal with cryptocurrencies in exchange with the surveys that are presented in the digital market. Banano is succeeding by affiliating with these surveys.


Survey owners can now sell their surveys to the interested buyers in exchange for the BAN coins. The respective coins can be later on used for crypto trading in digital arcades to fetch lucrative ventures.

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About Banano

BANANO (BAN) is a fourth-generation cryptocurrency that offers feeless, instant, and cost-effectively green transactions. It utilizes a novel DAG (Directed Acyclic Graph) based block-lettuce manner, where each user owns his blockchain.


As through the elaboration and contest among the digital colonnades, people are now indisposed regarding the public availability of surveys while determining the economical contribution but as users are now employing site surveyors to achieve the evaluations beforehand and at the same time value their commerce and save the time.

At the time of writing, BANANO is already heavily used in tens of thousands of daily on-chain transactions for tipping and payment within our community and on several third-party platforms 

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What is Banano [BAN]?

It is quite an occasion for the customers who want to experience several blockchain platforms on the Banano Platform. It is indeed a ground-breaking opportunity for the people who desire to hoard programming gears (Lua/SQL Skills) into their engagements to retrieve established languages. It is a noticeable platform for the organizations who look for economical routes for the training to regulate resourceful operations.


In the context of dissemination, one major aim of BANANO is using their groundwork with easy-to-use mobile wallets (Kalium) and Tipbots on numerous social media platforms to onboard seekers and crypto-noobs who have no idea yet what a cryptocurrency is. Of note, the key here is to make the start with crypto as easy as possible, and use an entertaining approach to get new users started without all the usual hassle, and then instruct them to handle cryptocurrencies responsibly.

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Who Is The Founder of Banano [BAN]?

The Founder of Banano has reportedly controlled numerous blockchain tools and program growth for over a decade now. Where it has successfully prolonged its reputation by onboarding expert Blockchain originators, chiefs, and consultants. 


To certify the extraordinary services, we have been untiring about our mission, transparency, and legitimacy while affording the unproblematic and contemporary information to the concerned people. 

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What Makes Banano Unique?

Banano’s Proof-of-Work device intends to serve as an anti-spam mechanism at the cost of unnecessarily delaying block generation on low-end machines. This makes community projects and field studies harder to maintain and grow.


As a result, the BANANO protocol runs on low power hardware, enabling it to be a lightweight, practical and decentralized cryptocurrency for daily use. 


Additionally, Banano provides incubation assistance for the impending stockholders to cultivate their stage and benefit through BAN coins.


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Where Can You Buy Banano [BAN]?

Banano is a 4th formation fungible & edible cryptocurrency with a refreshing yellow logo and particles. It offers a consumer-beneficial interface and experimental platform to reform the surveys that are envisioned to be displaced. 


Be assured to join Discord, Reddit & Telegram groups through the links mentioned below and set up a wallet. Then you can engage in random airdrops, monkey around with random tips & see the latest news on our faucets.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Banano?

Banano is a 4th generation fungible & edible cryptocurrency with a cool yellow logo and particles.js background. Our team is top-notch and the project advisors are by a moonshot best in the business.

Is it allowed to buy BAN in Europe?

Yes, Europe is one of the approachable belts to acquire cryptocurrency in general. 

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Banano Official website – https://banano.cc/


Banano Twitter –  https://twitter.com/bananocoin


Banano Discord - https://chat.banano.cc/


Banano Reddit - https://www.reddit.com/r/banano/


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