Amazonascoin is built on a public blockchain that gains value when additional members and applications join our ecosystem to tackle real-world sustainability, environmental traceability, and governance (ESG) issues.


Amazonascoin's aim is to disrupt traditional economic processes and encourage the growth of digital entrepreneurship in underserved communities.



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About AmazonasCoin Network


AMAZONASGCC is a blockchain-based platform that connects people in remote or degraded places, creators of socioeconomic sustainability projects, and investors via a decentralised global network. It is the next generation of sustainable development assets to be deployed.


In principle, AMAZONASGCC will allow viable socio-environmental development projects to be published on the platform while adhering to any legal limits.


The platform will then provide all of the tools needed to assist people, businesses, governments, and non-governmental organisations in raising resources by placing them (resources) in a crowdfunding where part of the resources will be Employees for project execution and part will return to donors in the form of cryptocurrencies that can be re-invested in other projects or redeemed under contractual conditions.


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What is AmazonasCoin Network [AMZ]?

The Amazonascoin Ecosystem aims to serve as a forum for investors, project developers, and remote and degraded communities to connect.


Everyone now has access to a new means of investing, raising finances, partnering with green projects, and contributing to the planet's sustainability thanks to blockchain technology.


AMAZONASCOIN is a project of AMAZONASCOIN PARTICIPAO LTDA International with the goal of bridging the gap between angel investors and green project developers, companies, and start-ups working in degraded or isolated areas to create technology, education, culture, or sustainability.


A portion of the funds, 25% of the active crypto purchase price, and 100% of donations from individuals, legal entities, and international institutions will be exchanged by Crypto active AMAZONASCOIN and deposited in a green CRYPTO crowd-funding managed by Oscip Inepp, partner of AMAZONASCOIN PARTICIPAO LTDA and participations.


AMAZONASCOIN PARTICIPAO LTDA (holding) is based in Joo Pessoa, Brazil, and has partnered with Inepp. Amazonascoin is Paraiba's first legally operational cryptocurrency, with the goal of assisting in the development of isolated and degraded places, as well as the preservation of culture and the environment.


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Who Are the Founders of AmazonasCoin Network [AMZ]?

KBC PARTICIPAES LTDA and INEPP are the companies proposing the AMAZONASCOIN ecosystem solution. They joined forces with the goal of bridging the gap between investors and project developers in damaged or secluded locations. The AMAZONASGCC platform was built with this goal in mind.


KBC PARTICIPAES LTDA is a holding company formed in 2019 by companies that provide business consulting and financial services, as well as communication and software development and importation. Its main goal is to develop organisations based on disruptive technologies, with a focus on innovations that improve quality of life and promote sustainable urban and rural development. Its headquarters are located in Joo Pessoa, Brazil.


Its members have already managed over USD $10 million in innovative strategic projects in the domain of legacy system integration inside the Brazilian armed forces, lending credibility and competence to the AMAZONASGCC ecosystem project.


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What Makes AmazonasCoin Network Unique?


The AMAZONASGCC ecosystem plans are designed to assist developers in obtaining funding for their projects by providing them with access to a broad, diverse pool of investors, ranging from individuals to larger investment organisations.


In Brazil, it takes over two years to research, design, obtain approvals, secure financing, and begin construction on green projects. Every idealist tasked with completing a green project must overcome technical, financial, legal, logistical, and public relations obstacles. On the same platform, the Amazon ecosystem's ADB platform will provide a complete digital banking, crypto bank, and exchange solution. It is a comprehensive solution for communities to tackle the challenges posed by the unbanination of the majority of the people while also reducing project preparation time.


One of the difficulties communities have in promoting green projects is convincing people that technology can be used to save the earth. Potential project developers can use the AMAZON ecosystem platform to connect with consultants who can assist them outline and describe the project's essential facts, objectives, and problems.


Communities will have tools to help boost the validity of their initiative and obtain access to financing sources outside of their local community thanks to the AMAZONAS GCC ecosystem platform. If a town has favourable natural conditions, it will be able to effectively market and sell its resources, bringing money into the community.


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Where Can You Buy AmazonasCoin Network [AMZ]?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Buy AmazonasCoin Network [AMZ] With Cash?

No, that is not the case. Because it is impossible to purchase AmazonasCoin using cash. However, you can acquire Bitcoin on marketplaces like LocalBitcoins and then finish the rest of the processes by transferring your bitcoin to the appropriate AltCoin exchanges.


Are there any quick ways to buy AmazonasCoin Network [AMZ] in Europe?

While in Europe, you have the advantage of being able to buy cryptos quickly and easily. Because there are even online banks in Europe that assist buyers in opening accounts and transferring funds to exchanges like Coinbase and Coinmama. Bunq, N26, and Revolut are examples of popular online banks in Europe.

Can I use alternative platforms to purchase AmazonasCoin or Bitcoin with credit cards?

Yes, you can. All you have to do is go to Changelly, which is a simple to use trading platform that specialises in buying Bitcoin using credit cards. It offers an automated cryptocurrency exchange that allows buyers to quickly exchange bitcoin and purchase it with a credit card. It has been created to make crypto buying simple for users, with a simple user interface and instructions that are also simple to follow.


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AmazonasCoin Network  Official website  – http://amazonascoin.com.br/home-eng/


AmazonasCoin Network  Twitter –https://mobile.twitter.com/amazonascoin


AmazonasCoin Network Reddit – https://www.reddit.com/r/AmazonasCoin/


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