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Aeon aspires to be a Monero-lite. Both cryptos rely on the CryptoNote system, which serves as the foundation for various privacy coins. Because they employ the same underlying protocol, both currencies have several characteristics in common, such as ring signatures, one-time keys, and resistance to blockchain examination.


Transactions cannot be traced while using ring signatures. A ring signature is just a collection of public keys that are linked to each transaction.


Typical transactions contain only one public key from the sender, making it easy to track. In contrast, ring signature transactions combine the sender's public key with a set of other public keys in the network. As a result, you can only identify that one of those addresses began the transaction but not which one.


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About Aeon

Aeon is a lightweight CryptoNote digital money and private cryptocurrency developed for peer-to-peer operations throughout the world. An anonymous Bitcointalk user named Aeon forked the Monero cryptocurrency on June 6, 2014, and shortly after, two additional private Bitcointalk users, Smooth and Arux, joined the Aeon project.


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What is Aeon [AEON]?

Aeon is a private currency that is mobile-friendly and lightweight. Aeon may be seen as Monero's younger sibling, in the same way that Litecoin is a lighter complement to Bitcoin.


The Monero community is entirely focused on the end-privacy user and anonymity. This concentration has its advantages, but it has led the coin to lag in terms of usefulness. Aeon extends Monero's CryptoNote hash with some lightweight capabilities of its own.


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Who Is The Founder of Aeon [AEON]?

AEON was created by an unknown developer known only as "Aeon" on the Bitcoin Forum.

Aeon debuted on June 6, 2014, as a fork of Monero, with the same maximal delivery of 18.4 million coins. It has a comparable emission curve as Monero (XMR), although it is 6 weeks later.


There was no "premine" or "instamine," which means that no cryptocurrency was produced and/or retained before to debut. Aeon is a real grassroots coin that was released 'fairly' in every way.


The original developers stopped working on Aeon in October 2014, and the project was declared abandoned. But, in April 2015, following a show of community support, all of Aeon's assets were turned over to a new developer (smooth) who was also working on the Monero project at the time. Following that, the Aeon project was relaunched, and a new roadmap was published.


On April 26, 2015, "Smooth" (the main developer of the Monero Project) was appointed as the new and Lead Developer of AEON. He is currently one of the most informed and qualified individuals in the crypto-sphere.

"Smooth" easily admits to developing for Monero. "Smooth" has "Arux" for "Release engineering, Q/A, and support" in his camp.


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What Makes Aeon Unique?

Distributed digital currency is gradually becoming a commonplace feature of daily life. Nonetheless, everyone's primary internet device remains their cellphone, a gadget with a low-powered CPU and limited accessible storage.


AEON is about ushering in this era, ushering in a time where everyone, everywhere has the right to discreetly send and receive money using whatever device they currently own.

AEON employs a cryptographic sound approach to enable you to transmit and receive payments while preventing your transactions from being easily disclosed on the blockchain. By default, this guarantees that your transactions, receipts, and transfers stay completely secret.


AEON is able to assure that the transactions executed are not only undetectable but also contain an optional amount of uncertainty that guarantees transactions cannot easily be connected back to a specific user or machine by utilising ring signatures, a special characteristic of certain types of encryption.


Another significant AEON innovation is "pruning." Many people will be familiar with this term, which refers to fat blockchains. That is a problem for Monero, but it is one that can be fixed. For the layperson, just know that the quantity of data recorded in a blockchain ledger grows increasingly cumbersome with each passing second. If one can minimise the amount of data that must be stored without losing vital information, the entire system will speed faster.


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Where Can You Buy Aeon [AEON]?

When it comes to purchasing AEON, your exchange choices are only a few. Using Bitcoin to purchase on Bittrex is your best choice because it has the biggest trading volume. You may also try TradeOgre or HitBTC, however, their volume is low.


If you're wondering to purchase Aeon from other exchanges platforms, the main exchanges for trading in Aeon right now are HitBTC, Bittrex, and TradeOgre.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to purchase AEON with cash?

No. Aeon is currently unavailable for purchase using fiat currencies on any of the supported exchanges. You may, however, buy Bitcoin with fiat currency and subsequently convert it to Aeon.

Is it possible to mine Aeon?

It is the most configurable, open source, and allows you to mine using a combination of Nvidia and AMD GPUs as well as your CPU from a single window. It's also compatible with Windows and Linux.

On what factors does the price of the Aeon Depend?

Exchange inflows and outflows, technical and fundamental changes, the news cycle, and the overall economic climate are all variables that impact Aeon’s price and market cap.


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Aeon is Monero's lighter, quicker counterpart. Despite the fact that both projects use the same core privacy algorithm, CryptoNote, Aeon is attempting to be more approachable. The project does this by utilising a lightweight mining algorithm, a narrower blockchain, and configurable privacy.


Aeon might develop alongside Monero as it expands. While you would use Monero for transactions requiring secrecy, Aeon may be an acceptable option for day-to-day exchanges where assured anonymity isn't as necessary.


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