How And Where To Buy ADX [Ambire ADEX] An easy Step By Step Guide 





On the local cryptocurrency trading HitBTC, you can convert US dollars (USD) for ADX tokens. You must first create a free account by providing your email address and selecting a password. To place funds into your profile and begin trading, you must also send an email to HitBTC's compliance department with your full name, birth date, country of birth, location, bank account details, and supporting documentation. Unless you already own a cryptocurrency, you can deposit it into your HitBTC account without providing all required verification information.


Find and click an "ADX" pairing, such as ADX/ETH, ADX/BTC, or ADX/USDT, from the "Developments" link at the top of the page. Look for the "Buy ADX" box, select the order type from the tabs, and enter the desired transaction fee. Before finishing your purchase, double-check the facts of your transaction, including the amount of ADX you're buying, the fees, and the overall switching costs.


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About ADX [Ambire ADEX]

The company is also developing dapps for the publisher portal, advertiser portal, and the AdEx account for individual consumers on top of the marketplace. All of those dapps will be browser-based and available over the internet, but AdEx will host them. Thanks to the end-user profile, people will be able to understand and regulate the advertising given to them. 


According to AdEx's creators, the network is intended to address various issues with online advertising.


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What Is ADX [Ambire ADEX]?

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AdEx is a blockchain-based ad exchange that aims to disrupt the current online advertising landscape by addressing major issues such as advertising fraud, privacy, and consent to receive sponsored messages. AdEx is built on top of Ethereum smart contracts and is transparent.


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Who Are The Founders Of ADX [Ambire AdEX] 

Ivo Georgiev, CEO and founder of AdEx, a blockchain-based ad exchange that aims to provide a secure, transparent, and beneficial solution for all parties involved, explains the project's goal, discusses the main challenges of creating a distributed ad marketplace and offers his perspective on the digital advertising scenery.


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What Makes ADX [Ambire ADEX] Unique?

By providing transparency and privacy, AdEx allows customers to have complete control over their adverts, advertising campaigns, and general preferences. Within the AdEx ecosystem, the technology also connects advertisers with users and publishers directly, eliminating the need for a central authority, a feature of traditional ad platforms like Google Ads.


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How do I get AdEx? 


Purchasing ADX is as simple as going to Kriptomat's how to buy AdEx page and selecting your desired payment method.


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Frequently Asked Questions About ADX [Ambire ADEX ]

How can I make a payment for AdEx ads?


To preserve stability, AdEx deposits and withdrawals are supported in DAI. For those who aren't as familiar with cryptocurrency, there are other fiat currency possibilities. 


Is it necessary for me to have a wallet to utilise AdEx? 


AdEx is best used with a secure crypto wallet, according to the experts. Users can, however, sign up with just their email address, and a browser wallet will be established for them. This is 

less secure, but they can later link a different wallet to their account.


What is the best way to sell AdEx? 


If you already own ADX and keep it in a Kriptomat exchange wallet, you can sell it quickly by navigating the UI and selecting your preferred payment method.


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AdEx expands on the traditional concept of advertising platforms by giving publishers, advertisers, and users on the network complete control over ads and ad choices. Transparency, privacy, control, and decentralization are all network features, which revolutionise the way adverts are used. 


AdEx creates a new ecosystem that connects internet users, advertisers, and publishers without the need of centralized authorities, with network participants owning the complete monetization of advertising and ad campaigns. 


Start your AdEx experience today and join the crypto explosion!


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