How and Where to Buy ADAPad [ADAPAD] An Easy Step by Step Guide 





The Alonzo upgrade, which would allow smart contracts and decentralized finance capabilities on the Cardano ecosystem, was recently announced by the Cardano Foundation. This will most likely result in an increase in projects leveraging Cardano IDOs and launchpads like ADAPad. 


About ADAPad

Adapad seeks to give the team complete control over cross-platform releases, enable stability sniping-bot prevention, and have their own cross-chain bridge and established staking mechanisms. Selling, unstacking, and IDO participation will all trigger deflationary triggers in ADAPad. Holders of an ADAPad receive 7.5 percent of all sell charges in ADA.




What is ADAPad [ADAPAD]? 

“The first deflationary launchpad for the Cardano ecosystem,” according to ADAPad. Because the same business created it as ETHPad, BSCPAD, and TRONPAD, it is similar to them. Adapad’s main goal is to serve as an incubator for emerging Cardano initiatives. 


Adapad sees itself as the next phase in the evolution of cross-chain launches, with the goal of assisting the most promising companies and projects by granting them marquee status across their network of launchpads.


Who Are the Founders of ADAPad [ADAPAD]?

BlueZilla, a self-described crypto incubator, developed Adapad. The team also created ETHPad, BSCPAD, and TRONPAD, as previously noted. It promises to have its own team of developers, marketers, advertisers, influencers, merchants, and lawyers. BlueZilla’s founders, on the other hand, remain nameless.




What Makes ADAPad [ADAPAD] Unique?

Holders can engage in IDOs on the Cardano blockchain by staking ADAPAD and clearing a one-time KYC process at least three hours before the IDO time. 


The number of tickets allocated is determined by the amount of ADAPAD staked, and Adapad is divided into different tiers: 



Twenty-five thousand dollars is on the line. 

Weight of the pool: 5 


Fifty thousand dollars is on the line. 

Weight of the pool: 10 


One hundred thousand dollars is on the line. 

Weight of the pool: 22 


Two hundred thousand dollars is on the line. 

Weight of the pool: 48 

In addition, 10% of each IDO is set aside for a lottery allocation: 

Place a bet of 2,000 ADAPads on one lottery ticket. 

Place a bet of 4,000 ADAPads on two lottery tickets. 

Three lottery tickets for 6,000 ADAPad stake


Where Can You Buy ADAPad [ADAPAD]?

A ten percent tax on selling fees is also beneficial to stakers. ADA redistributes 7.5 percent of that, while 2.5 percent is burned to create a deflationary dynamic. Holders must, however, wait eight weeks before unstacking or face a 25% penalty. 


PancakeSwap (V2), Uniswap V2, and Dodo BSC all have ADAPAD. Are you new to cryptocurrency?


ADAPAD is currently trading at $1.14 and is number 456 on Coinmarketcap, with a recent increase of 44.02 percent at the time of writing. 


Although ADAPAD is listed on a number of cryptocurrency exchanges, one cannot purchase it directly with fiat money, unlike other major cryptocurrencies. You can still get this coin by first purchasing USDT on any fiat-to-crypto exchange, then transferring to an exchange that trades this coin.




Frequently Asked Questions

How Many ADAPad [ADAPAD] Coins Are In Circulation?

ADAPAD has a total quantity of 1 billion tokens. With a supply of 29.5 million shares and a price of $0.004, ADAPAD had an initial market size of $118,000. 


Liquidity locking and vesting schedules are not mentioned in the project. The 7.5 percent redistribution in ADA from sell transactions is the key motivation for ADAPAD stakers to keep the token. 


How The Network Has Unified Consumer Data Securely?

ADAPAD is accessible on Ethereum as an ERC-20 token and on the Binance Smart Chain as a BEP-20 token (BSC). By implementing KYC (Know Your Customer) protocols for IDO participants, the team assures complete transparency and security in the IDO.


On What Factors Does The Price Of The ADACash ADAPad [ADAPAD] Depend?

ADAPAD is a BEP-20 token that runs on Binance Smart Chain. To buy it, send your USDT to Binance (or one of the exchanges listed below for US traders), convert it to BNB, then send it to your personal wallet via Binance Smart Chain and swap your BNB for ADAPAD via PancakeSwap.



At the time of writing, Adapad had already risen significantly from its first public offering price of $0.004 to approximately $0.60. Considering that it would only need to double its value to burst through $1, ADAPAD appears to be a distinct possibility. However, this will be contingent on the larger cryptocurrency industry and the development of the Cardano ecosystem.




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