Good Crypto Becomes the First Trading App Allowing Advanced Cryptocurrency Trading on 30+ Exchanges from one place




Intro: the tools that crypto traders use 

What is cryptocurrency trading? It’s an activity that takes a lot of patience to do and to learn. If you’ve tried trading cryptocurrency for profit even for a little while, you know that the lion’s share of the exchanges don’t offer advanced trading functionality such as trailing stop orders, custom alerts or trade automation. Let’s go to an even darker place here: all exchanges, as it happens, freeze your balances when orders are sent and, thus, might make you pass up a good trading opportunity.


A lot of crypto enthusiasts who know how to trade or learn how to day trade cryptocurrency solve the puzzle piece by piece. In order to track their portfolio they use Blockfolio or Delta; for trading on several exchanges from one place Tabtrader or Coinigy are good to go; Cryptowatch has great charting and alerts. But what if you want it all and you want it in one place? 


Until recently, there hasn’t been a crypto trading app that was not only integrated with all the popular exchanges and provided advanced trading tools beyond the native exchange functionality, but also offered fully-fledged portfolio tracking, and market analytics.


But Good Crypto is a different app with a different approach to things. The company offers unified advanced trading tools for 30 largest crypto exchanges: from trailing stops to algo orders, portfolio tracking, a suite of custom alerts and market screeners. So what’s the mission of the team?

Good Crypto: The Best Crypto Trading App

What is Good Crypto? 

The team behind the Good Crypto app is addressing the most painful issues every crypto trader faces: the need to use multiple exchange apps with varying interfaces and trading functionality, the lack of advanced trading tools and timely and informative alerts, and the difficulty of tracking and analysing portfolio performance. 


Good Crypto combines advanced multi-exchange trading terminal with portfolio tracker, a suite of alerts, and market analytics - and all of that is wrapped into a single intuitive interface and cross-platform functionality.


It is a truly all-in-one crypto portfolio management app, but where it really shines is trading functionality. If you are a trader - give it a try, you will hardly ever want to open another trading app after that. Besides modern and intuitive trading interface, sleek charting, and over 40 technical indicators, Good Crypto offers conditional orders that work on 30 exchanges and do not freeze your balances until triggered. The app does not (pun intended) stop at your run-of-the-mill Stop Market and Stop Limit orders, but also offers Trailing Stops, Stop Loss + Take Profit Combos, and even connected Trailing Take Profits. There are other features that make this crypto trading app stand out, from stop loss timeouts and scheduled orders to multiple take profit etc.. 


Good Crypto also does a great job on alerts: not only it sends you a push message every time your order fills and lets you set up various custom price alerts, but it also notifies when a new coin is listed on any of the exchanges in the app, or some new ‘gem’ begins its ascent on Uniswap or PancakeSwap.


App’s developers, though, say that they are only beginning - their public roadmap posted on Reddit suggests that a lot of great features are on the way: from algo orders like Infinity Trailing to alerts and auto trading on technical indicators.


Founder’s story 


One beautiful September morning two years ago the future CEO of the Good Crypto App, Maksim Hramadtsou, began his usual crypto routine by checking the prices on CoinMarketCap. 


Then he went to a couple of news sites to figure out what was happening and why. Then - to one of the exchanges to sell one asset, then, into the next, to buy some more of another. Then he opened his portfolio tracking app (excel in this case) to record the changes - when it struck him. 


He had quit updating his portfolio spreadsheet a while ago. He had done it regularly for quite a while — you know, when everything had been going up, he had actually enjoyed doing it every day. But then, things became not that fun anymore, plus he had become quite an active user — meaning multiple wallets and almost a dozen of exchange accounts — and it had simply started taking too long to keep track of things.


He pushed back in his seat a bit, stroked his beard and realised that no-one had fixed it yet. He thought to himself, “Everyone is so busy building new blockchains with zillions transactions per second and super-fast decentralized exchanges that we have completely forgotten that UI/UX issues and the lack of tools people are accustomed to in traditional finance are impeding the speed of crypto adoption. But - without fixing them it is impossible to move forward.” 

Expecto Patronum, anyone?

He closed his eyes and started dreaming: if he had a magic wand, what would he have fixed first and foremost? The best cryptocurrency trading app!


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  1. Surely, all crypto products would have looked and felt like Robinhood. Or Medium. Or an original iPhone. At the very least like Coinbase or


  1. He would have used the same crypto apps and had the same trading experience either at his desktop or on the couch with his smartphone


  1. He would have been able to learn what is happening to his entire portfolio in real time without having to input every transaction manually


  1. He hated captchas: he hated crappy pictures, he hated storefronts, he hated bicycles, cars and traffic lights. He hated putting pieces of the puzzle in place in 1.4s and beating 98% of the users. He hated creepy, google-translated interfaces. He hated keeping five exchange tabs open or trading on mobile, thus → the solution: if he had a magic wand, he would have been able to trade cryptocurrency on any exchange  and manage his entire portfolio from a single intuitive interface


  1. He would have access to trading tools he was accustomed to in equity markets: from trailing stops and bracket stop loss + take profits to screeners and custom alerts


  1. He would have had all the little features in one place: market prices, news, alerts — you do not need a separate app for each of them. Less is more


  1. Finally, he would have been OK with app developers seeing him as a human being who checks market prices and doesn’t want to see a hundred-rows table with 12-digit numbers. Every time he did it, his eyes hurt. And his head, too. So he would have appreciated just $111.15B as the Bitcoin market cap instead of $111,150,991,148 (yes, it was that low at that point!)


The siren wailed down the street, and Maksim opened his eyes. The dream was gone, and, unfortunately, he didn’t have a magic wand with him that day. 


There was nothing for it but to launch such a dreamy app yourself. It was quite an obvious problem, really, and it was weird that over the years UI/UX issues and the lack of traditional trading tools weren’t addressed properly.


Maksim talked to a couple of guys he knew - who, by coincidence, were building advanced trading systems for traditional financial markets for over 10 years - and Good Crypto was born..


Good Crypto Solution and why every crypto trader should try it


Good Crypto is the most advanced crypto trading terminal and portfolio tracker on the market. This crypto trading app enables retail crypto traders and investors to trade and track their portfolios on 30+ exchanges from one place, with an ultra comfortable UI/UX and bespoke tools. 


Good Crypto’s most prominent features: 


  • Simple and intuitive UX/UI,
  • Trading & Portfolio tracking on 30 exchanges, 
  • Cross-platform availability (iOS, Android, Web), 
  • Advanced custom orders such as Trailing stop market & Trailing stop limit orders, 
  • Trade Sequence Functionality: an ability to connect Auto Take Profit, auto Stop Loss, Trailing Take Profit, concurrent take profit and stop loss to any order, 
  • All conditional orders do not lock your balance until triggered,
  • All major derivatives exchanges supported,

Exchange listing alerts, Uniswap and Pancakeswap Gems Screeners


Good Crypto users can both trade and track performance on the following exchanges: Binance, BinanceUS, Bitfinex, Bitflyer, Bithumb, Bitmex, Bitstamp, Bittrex,, Bybit,, Coinbase Pro,, Exmo, FTX, GateIO, Gemini, HitBTC, Huobi Global, Indodax, Kraken, KuCoin, Kuna, Liquid, OKEx, Poloniex, and Yobit.

Good Crypto makes cryptocurrency trading much more efficient by combining charts, order books and trade options - all on one page. Traders can place orders while keeping a close eye on the chart, the order books and track trading history (as in the picture below).



That said, the app has four main modules to offer: market data, trading on multiple exchanges, portfolio tracking & analysis and alerts. Let’s take a look at each of those modules individually. 

Trading on multiple exchanges

Advanced Orders and no balance lock on any exchange


The trading terminal in Good Crypto is sleek, functional, and informative. It consists of a charting window, order send form and auxiliary tabs that show your orders, stream live Order Book and Trades from the exchange, compare prices across exchanges in real time, and offer a quick way to set up price alerts.  You can choose any order type - from simple market to Reverse Trailing Stop Limit and easily attach Stop Loss and Take Profit to any order you send. Also, importantly, when you place a conditional order with Good Crypto, your balances don’t get locked while orders are in progress. Cryptocurrency trading functionality is available for 15,000 instruments across 30+ exchanges.  


TradingView charts and Technical Indicators on any exchange



Another thing that can be helpful to any trader, really, is the TradingView charts functionality. On the screens up above, you can see two indicators, Bollinger Bands and RSI. Read more on how to set up Bollinger Bands in our guide!


With its 100+ indicators, TradingView charts is already a well-beloved feature of Good Crypto’s client base. You can even check out a special guide for one of the most popular indicators, Bollinger Bands

Advanced Orders on any Exchange 


And, finally, here comes our very special functionality hardly presented across other crypto trading apps - advanced custom order types available both for Android and iOS (third screen). 


While placing your orders, you can use Market, Limit, Stop Limit, Stop Market, Trailing Stop and Trailing Stop Limit as well as connected Take Profit and Stop Loss. But what is a trailing stop loss? You can learn all about placing it by reading our comprehensive manual


Probably, because of such a wide range of order types, derivative trading is one of the features used most intensely inside our app. While trading with Good Crypto, you will have access to all major derivatives exchanges, and we’re also working on implementing margin trading on spot exchanges soon.

Portfolio tracking and analysis 

If you’ve read the first part of the article, you know that portfolio tracking was one of the reasons for Good Crypto to come into existence, and that’s why it looks what it looks like: a simple, beautiful and convenient interface to check on your balance in a matter of a few clicks. 


The line graph on the first screen is basically how the value of your portfolio has changed over the years. Two pie charts down below are segmenting your holdings on different exchanges and in different coins, respectively.  


Take a look at the second screen with detailed analysis of every coin. For example, you can see a total of 0.006 BTC available, which currently equals $216. The asset has shown 150.5% growth over a year. If you toggle to day, week or month, you’ll also be able to register certain changes.


The third screen you see is a screen that deconstructs your portfolio on a certain exchange: total balance, the chart showing you how your portfolio has been changing over the years, the history of trades and transactions. 


How is it possible? When you add your API key to Good Crypto, the app pulls all the data on transactions and trades over the years.  


It may sound weird, but you will hardly find your portfolio deconstructed in such a detailed way on a crypto exchange. 





Alerts could become a crucial part in the process of decision making for every trader. With Good Crypto you can choose between custom price alerts, intelligent market or portfolio movements alers, especially the price-dependent alerts informing you on what’s happening in the market here and now, and exchange listing alerts that help you track all new coins as soon as they appear on exchanges. In addition to that, you can even receive a notification when a promising new coin starts making moves on Uniswap or PancakeSwap.  


Good Crypto allows you to get price alerts, receive push notifications on order execution, deposits and transfers, and daily portfolio summary that you can schedule at convenient times. Moreover, you don’t need to be smart as a whip to learn how to set up price alerts. It only takes 10 seconds!


Technical indicators, oscillators or trendlines alerts will be rolled out soon.


Market Data


As to market data, Good Crypto allows you to monitor live prices of 5,000 coins with an option to add the markets you follow to the watchlist. To spot the trend in price you can toggle between Day, Week, Month and Year (1st screen up above).You can sort the list by Gainers or Losers - and it will be updated in real time, or filter to see only coins in your Portfolio or traded on the exchanges you’ve connected..  


If you click on the coin of your choice, there you will find more detailed information available (2nd screen up above). The chart will show you a price fluctuation over the past two years, plus, you can check 24-hour volume, market cap, circulating supply and total supply of the coin - all this in a matter of just a few clicks on your cell phone.


We also recommend you to scroll down (3rd screen up above), to compare coin’s prices and trading volumes across different exchanges in real time.  


In conclusion 

While we’re on the subject of comparing magic wands to killer apps - do you think that some time soon we’ll be able to buy and sell goods with crypto in an easy way, just like we do it via our regular banking apps today? 


Probably, yes, probably, no, who can say for sure? It’s just that maybe not everybody should have access to crypto. And here’s the reason why. Think about it.


Trading in traditional stock exchanges is quite available to everyone but not everyone does it. Not because there’s no killer app, but because you have to have a gut and a huge amount of perseverance to push through losses, sleepless nights, strung nerves and, honestly, some indescribable YouTube tutorials. 


So, following this train of thought, we can conclude one very simple thing, really: maybe whoever needs access to crypto markets has the access already, however difficult it might seem. The only question is which app do they use?


Our answer is Good Crypto, an all-in-one app that helps accomplish a multitude of things in the realm of one simple smartphone app. 


With our app, you can track the latest market data, place super advanced orders not available on exchanges, use automation, track your balances in a matter of just a few clicks and, finally, receive alerts on the general climate inside your portfolio - if it’s not sectumsempra, dear competitors, then what is?


Install Good Crypto on your Android or iPhone and trade cryptocurrency with ease!


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