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Are you looking for reliable online casinos to spend your cryptocurrencies on? Does the idea of nostalgic casino games raise your curiosity every time? Are you a go-getter who gets excited hearing the lottery draws? Then this review of "CryptoGames" is just the perfect one for you!

Owned and operated by MuchGaming B.V, CryptoGames is a modernized online casino that serves you a lifetime experience of gambling and makes you keep coming back for more. 

Acting as an efficient online casino, CryptoGames is built under the supervision of hardworking and thoughtful developers. From the most straightforward, complexity-free user interface to the fastest transactions/exchanges, the casino is ready to meet all your expectations, as you name it.


An overview of the casino's virtual architecture: 

The overall theme for the CryptoGames website is set in black, followed by eye-soothing visuals and layout. As soon as you enter the website, you will be met with a simplistic outline of tabs and essential links to make your navigation through the casino as easy as possible. You will find the tabs to their dedicated Blog, FAQ, and Play Now pages on the top. 

Rest assured that you will not be bombarded with annoying ads or flashy popups that'll lead you to phishing websites. 

The Play Now button leads you to a registration process that can be completed in less than 10 minutes. All you need to do to begin your time at the casino is, providing a username! 

The best part of the website outlook is finding all the necessary links and tabs in one scroll. Meaning, as you make your way to the bottom, you will find all the games that are being currently offered along with their latest edge amounts. And at the bottom, links to their social media handles, forum, FAQ, policies, and much more essential information are all laid out very neatly. So, if you are curious about anything on the website, you will find the leads on one page. 

At this moment, CryptoGames is offering the players 8 uniquely modernized casino games that can be played using 9 different cryptocurrencies. Since all of the games display their updated edges, you will be able to find the one which suits you the best without a fuss. And for the limits or regulations regarding the currencies, you will find all the relevant information on the FAQ page. 


A glimpse of the Games, Currencies, and Unique Features:

As mentioned above, every user on the website will find themselves surrounded by 8 nostalgic casino games with the lowest house edges so far. The results of the games are always fair and as transparent as you can imagine. So that, while placing each of your bets, you can enjoy your experience wholly. 

These are the games and currencies offered at the casino as of now, respectively. 

Games (House Edges)

Dice (1%), Slot (1.97%), Blackjack (1.253%), Lottery (0%), Roulette (2.7%), Minesweeper (1%), Video Poker - Jacks or Better (2.11%), Video Poker - Tens or Better (2.08%), Video Poker - Bonus poker(2.09%), Plinko - Green ball(1.63%), Plinko - Red (1.84%), Plinko - Blue ball(1.52%), Plinko - Yellow ball(1.56%).

Currencies (Minimum Deposit Amount):

 Bitcoin (0.0001), Ethereum (0.01), Bitcoin Cash (0.001), Litecoin (0.01), Ethereum Classic(0.02), Dogecoin(20), Monero(0.01), GAS(0.02), and Dash(0.01).

 And the minimum withdrawal is 0.0005 BTC or altcoin equivalent. 

Once you meet the minimum deposit amount, you will be able to place bets for real. The results will be processed accordingly. Keep in mind that the betting amount you place each time might affect the speed of betting or any of your other activities on the website. Meaning, the higher the amount you bet, the faster your game result will process. 

However, if you have a verified account, then that should not be the case unless your connection to the server is not fast enough.


Uniquely Formed Features (Faucet, Chatbox, and Rainbot):

Since it is very much usual to expect a trial version of any game before you dive into it for real or even spend your money on it, CryptoGames has its exclusive features all set up and ready for you to try out! All players try out the games for free with their built-in "faucet" feature, which provides free coins from time to time! Talking about which, there is also an option called Play Money that allows you to try out the games with the casino's free game currency. This way, you are free to check out the games briefly without risking anything! All new players start at the beginning level 0. By placing bets, referring the casino to friends, chatting with other players, being active on the platform, the players increase their faucet level. Thus, achieves higher chances of taking home bigger rewards. 

All players can interact with each other using the "chatbox". Through this feature, every user onboard can engage in conversations with each other to share strategies and so much more. The "chatbox" commands can help them to tip with lottery tickets or cryptocurrencies. It is also used for LIVE Support! 

Along with these two fascinating features, there is one more! The "Rain". The rainbot rewards all active players in the chatbox to contribute more to the casino's betting community! 

Now, if you are still wondering why CryptoGames has impacted the online gambling community, then here are a few of their many outstanding characteristics for you to go through. 


Inextinguishable Security for your protection: 

When it comes to satisfying their users with world-class service, the casino is constantly working to provide the very best. And we all know how important it is for online casinos to be efficient in their security protocol. So, to meet that expectation, CryptoGames has established Two-factor Authentication. Using the google 2FA application works as your personal protector for any action in the casino. To add to that, the feature called "cold wallets" guarantees protection at all times. This digital wallet protects your currencies by freezing your assets in case of any security violation. This wallet keeps all of your assets from your existing account (transferred by the security team at the casino). It then freezes the amount until the team carries out correct security measures.


CryptoGames gives out more than it receives! 

Through participating in promotions and eventful betting contests, players win more rewards that benefit their betting experience. All users can refer CryptoGames to any other users by getting the referral link displayed at the "Rewards" tab. For every reference made, the user gets to add 15% of the other player's house edge (regardless of their win or loss). 

Apart from the earning opportunity through promotions, players can take part in lucrative betting contests held monthly! There, players can win multiple rewards in the guise of coins, lottery tickets, vouchers! 

The monthly betting contest also gives out the chance to win VIP memberships along with many exciting prizes! 


CryptoGames is so much more than just another online casino!


By now, it must be evident that at this online casino, players' safety comes first always. And to ensure that to the core, the Responsible Gaming policy is there as a reminder for everyone. The prevention policy aims to lessen the negative impact of gambling by promoting the fun and responsible shades of gambling. The team has taken it as their responsibility to ensure that users are reminded from time to time of the negative outcomes of overindulgence in gambling.


Thus, after reviewing all these wholesome attributes, we confidently recommend CryptoGames to you all as the very best online casino out there on the internet! So, why waste any more time? Check it out right now and treat yourself to something new and live the experience of a lifetime! 




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