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Cryptocurrency is a global phenomenon that everybody wants to be a part of! And why not? After all, who doesn’t want to make the most of their investments in a short time?

However, it’s easier said than done! To get started with crypto trading in New Zealand, you’ll first have to register yourself under the best crypto exchange NZ. This in itself isn’t an easy task, thanks to the hundreds of exchanges that call them the best.

So how do you find the ‘best crypto app NZ?’ The answer is simple, continue reading this blog as we walk you through the different stages of selecting the ideal crypto exchange in NZ. Let’s get started!

The Different Types of Cryptocurrency Exchanges


One of the most convenient options for beginner investors, brokers are your first option for a simple and easy method for buying crypto in NZ. Typically, crypto brokers will provide the most straightforward and convenient obtaining digital currency. Using a broker is simple; it’s similar to purchasing cryptocurrency from a store. The broker will buy digital tokens and coins in bulk, add their margins, and sell them to you.

A broker might be the most significant platform for you if you seek a quick and easy entrance into crypto buying and selling. They’re meant to be simple to use by anyone, and you may pay with your debit or credit card.

Downsides: Brokers can be a bit more expensive when compared to the likes of different crypto providers. Besides, their pool of cryptos is minimal and might not be a go-to option for advanced traders.

Trading Platforms

Trading platforms are the best option for traders and investors who want access to a wider range of crypto without attracting a high fee. The most common sort of cryptocurrency exchange is trading platforms. They link buyers and sellers of cryptocurrency and charge fees for facilitating individual transactions. However, they can be used to trade cryptocurrencies at market rates or within a certain range. 

Compared to brokers, a crypto trading platform would often give access to a wider choice of cryptocurrencies. In addition, they frequently include a variety of additional capabilities, such as charting tools, to aid in planning transactions. Compared to the brokers, trading platforms offer reduced fees and reliable exchange rates.

However, keep in mind that you may not always be able to immediately trade a cryptocurrency for any other digital currency when utilizing this method. You’ll almost always be limited to the platform’s supported pairings.

Downsides: The process might be a bit complex for beginners as the exchanges won’t always allow you to convert your fiat to the tokens you want simply. 

Peer-to-Peer Exchanges

The third crypto exchange type is the peer-to-peer model, where users get more control over how they trade, ensuring complete anonymity. These online marketplaces allow people worldwide to trade directly with one another. In addition, as a middleman, the exchange provides services. For example, sellers can establish their own pricing and accept any payment methods they like.

This allows you to have greater control over your trading style while dealing swiftly and discreetly. However, compared to other choices, it can be riskier, which some platforms mitigate by including built-in reputation systems and escrow to assist you in selecting trustworthy, reputable vendors and buyers.

Downsides: The peer-to-peer exchanges often have a high risk involved, and their prices tend to be higher than the average market rates. 

Now that you have an idea of the three different types of crypto exchanges in New Zealand, let’s look at the top picks to get started with your trading journey. In the following section, we have listed some of the best beginner-friendly platforms for beginners. 

Best Crypto Exchanges In New Zealand


Binance is by far one of the best crypto exchanges in NZ. As a result, The platform allows you to trade in over 150 digital assets. Founded back in 2017, Binance has covered great strides since its inception. As a result, Binance holds the title of one of the most widely and highest trading volume exchanges globally. 

You can even use your New Zealand Dollars to trade in Binance. Further, it is also one of the most affordable crypto trading platforms, where the commission ranges from just 0% to 0.1%. Besides affordability, Binance also offers numerous advanced features that make crypto trading much easier. 

For instance, the platform will provide you with both basic and advanced chartings. This allows you to choose the appropriate one for you to ensure it suits your skills and competence. Also, this is one of those crypto trading platforms that gives you a savings account where you can earn interest on your crypto holdings.         

Binance is also one of the crypto storing platforms that give you a Binance VISA Card. This card is very useful as it helps you convert your cryptos into fiat currencies and spend the same with no hassle. So storing your cryptos is not a hassle with Binance because it provides you with a safe and secure Binance wallet for the purpose. 

With Binance, you also have the option to reduce your trading fees even further by taking advantage of Binance Coin (BNB), the native cryptocurrency of the exchange. So, all in all, Binance is a great option for serious traders, with low fees and access to over 600+ coins.


  • Access to over 600+ coins
  • Ideal platform for both advanced and beginner traders
  • Highly affordable fee
  • Compatible with third-party trading tools




  • Not regulated by any licensed body


Swyftx is another great crypto trading app you can use in New Zealand. The platform was established in 2017 with the aim of making crypto trading much easier for everyone. The platform stands out as a reliable medium for beginners. In addition, it comes with an overall user-friendly design across its offerings of mobile apps and desktop sites, making it useful for users of every type. 

Furthermore, users of the platform have access to over 310 cryptos, and you can buy and sell them with a transaction fee of 0.6% on each trade. What’s even better is beginners can benefit from starting their crypto trading journey with Swyftx. Why? Because it gives you a great bonus offer of BTC worth $20 with no charges whatsoever. 

Signing up with Swyftx is the most effortless way to get started with crypto trading. The platform has a relatively short verification process and doesn’t require any photos of the users signing up. Once done with the verification, users can receive free BTC worth $20 in their accounts, even before they’ve made any deposit. 


Besides, if you’re a beginner investor, the demo account feature of the platform is your perfect spot to get started as a beginner. Here, you can make complete use of the provided demo funds in your account and use them to practice your strategy as the charts move in comparison to the real markets. In addition, Swyftx focuses on its beginner users via a slew of educational tools and self-help tutorials, an FAQ database, and live chat support offered by the team.     

These factors make Swyftx a reliable platform for every type of user. Besides, the platform is low in charges, only 0.6% for all the trades. Adding to it, the platform also has the lowest spread in New Zealand. 


  • Fast chat and phone support
  • 230 trading pairs
  • Multiple payment methods
  • Supports automatic recurring purchases


  • ID verification is required when depositing NZD is one of the best NZ crypto exchanges, especially suited for investors and traders who want to make the most of their crypto investments. Why? Because the platform allows users to stake their cryptos for an inevitable return on their locked funds. 

Furthermore, users can also invest in’s native CRO coin, which can be used for several other platforms. For instance, you can use this coin to stake up to 12% APR returns. Besides, you can also utilize this token to avail of lower trading fees, Visa debit cards, and higher APR on other stacked coins. 

Using the Visa debit card, users can avail of up to 8% cashback on all purchases paid in CRO and additional 8% rebates on OTT subscriptions like Netflix, Spotify, and more. Also, you can use the same reward to make bookings on platforms such as Airbnb, Expedia, and more. gives you access to over 250 different cryptocurrencies, making crypto trading much easier. allows its users to trade in NZD, so you need not worry about converting your currencies. What’s even better is the access to real-time data and pricing charts that make it very easier for you to make informed decisions when trading. You can even get a debit card from, which makes it much easier to spend your cryptocurrencies. 


  • Access to over 250 different cryptos
  • Buy and sell your cryptos using debit and credit cards
  • Ability to stake over 40 coins
  • Potential to earn up to 14.5% APR


  • Lack of educational resources

Easy Crypto Exchange

Easy Crypto Exchange New Zealand is one of those crypto exchanges that allow you to get started with no hassle. However, the platform works much differently from other exchanges as it doesn’t store or hold any of the user’s digital or fiat funds. 

Additionally, you can initiate transfers straight from your bank when you invest in a particular token. The platform eliminates the need for conversion of your fiat money via deposits. Once you’ve purchased the crypto, the coins are transferred to your wallet, either a cold or hot wallet.

This way, the platform eliminates the scope of theft from Easy Crypto’s platform. However, the platform offers a 100% funds guarantee on all orders, so you can invest and trade with peace of mind. You can even make your crypto purchases using NZD without having to make any deposits beforehand.  

When it comes to fees, the platform offers unmatched transparency at all times. This means you need not worry about any hidden fees or charges when trading your cryptocurrencies on the Easy Crypto exchange. Overall, this is the ideal crypto exchange platform that gives you full control over digital assets to ensure you get a goodnight’s sleep.  


  • No hidden fees or charges
  • 100% funds safety guarantee on every order
  • Buy cryptos using your NZD
  • Simple, clean UI


  • Low privacy ID verification

Digital Surge

Based in Brisbane, Digital Surge is one of the leading crypto exchanges in NZ offering unmatched crypto trading services. The crypto exchange is ideally designed for beginners who want to start their crypto investment journey. 

Users of the platform get access to numerous crypto assets, including Ethereum, Bitcoin, DeFi tokens, and XRP. In addition, Digital Surge NZ allows residents to deposit AUD funds using POLI payments or ANZ Bank via PayID.  

Digital Surge is your best-rated exchange for beginners due to its sleek, modern, and elegant user interface. The exchange features a portfolio viewer to show the overall investment performance on desktop or mobile devices. 


This allows you to monitor your favorite coins within a personal Watchlist to see which coins are performing the best quickly and even the worst on the Top Gainers list. An easy click-through on any of them will transfer to a full detail page of each asset. 

Furthermore, the user-friendly mobile app offered by Digital Surge makes it very easier for you to trade in cryptos even when on the move. The platform is also regulated by many licensing authorities, further ensuring security for traders. If you encounter any issues when trading on the Digital Surge platform, you can reach the customer support that is available 24/7.

With Digital Surge, you get access to over 300 different cryptocurrencies along with amazing features that make crypto trading an amazing experience for you. Whether you are interested in long-term trading or simply gain some returns with short-term trading, Digital Surge is the ideal platform for you.     


  • Integrated crypto wallet
  • Trading rates are amazing
  • Unmatched customer support
  • Clean, simple UI


  • The addition of more technical tools can be great

Independent Reserve

Independent Reserve is the platform you need to check out if you are looking for an all comprehensive crypto trading platform. The platform is very popular among crypto traders from all around the globe. Independent Reserve offers trading at highly competitive fees and support for traditional fiat currencies such as the New Zealand Dollar (NZD). 

Furthermore, since you are a resident of New Zealand, you can buy and sell 24 of the major cryptocurrencies and popular DeFi tokens using SWIFT. The platform was launched back in 2013, and currently, more than 200000 individuals and 8000 SMSF accounts lay their complete trust in this platform. 


This New Zealand Bitcoin exchange is suited to high net-worth individuals and institutions. Independent Reserve allows one to obtain a buy and sell crypto fee as low as 0.05% per trade. However, for most New Zealand investors, the fees start at 0.5%, which is still very competitive when compared to other crypto exchanges in the country.

In terms of security, the platform offers all that one could ask for with an immaculate record for security as it has never been compromised or hacked. All your funds will be stored in offline wallets to minimize the risk of theft. Also, every account has a number of security measures available to them, including Two Factor Authentication to prevent fraudulent access.

In addition, the platform also offers an insurance fund for premium members, which is not offered by other exchanges in New Zealand. All in all, Independent Reserve is one of the best crypto trading platforms you could use as a resident of New Zealand.


  • Supports automatic buying at a set time interval
  • Wide range of payment methods
  • Support for AUD, NZD, and USD
  • Fees start at 0.5% but may fall as low as 0.05%, depending on trading volume


  • The user interface of Independent Reserve could benefit from some enhancement


Launched in 2017, KuCoin is a crypto exchange based in Seychelles and originally launched in Hong Kong. The platform was simply launched to provide people with an easy-to-use crypto trading platform. They have certainly realized this goal as over 11 million people from all around the globe now use KuCoin regularly.

In terms of trading fees, one could not ask for more from KuCoin. The platform charges extremely low trading fees, amounting to just 0.1%. One can reduce this fee to 0.08% by paying fees using their token known as the KCS coin. 

Additionally, your fees will be further discounted if your trading volume is high and you own a certain amount of KCS coins. If you choose to buy or sell crypto on the P2P marketplace, you need not worry about trading fees whatsoever. 

Also, KuCoin gives you access to over 600 different cryptos to ensure you never run out of alternatives. The platform also keeps on adding more and more cryptocurrencies to the list, so if you are searching for specific crypto, chances are high you will find it on KuCoin.

KuCoin is also one of those crypto trading platforms that come with well-suited sets of features and functionalities that make your crypto trading experience even better. Thus, no matter if you are a veteran crypto trader or someone new to the crypto world, navigating through KuCoin will never be a hassle.    

When you compare all the features and offerings of the KuCoin platform, you will certainly conclude that it is one of the best crypto wallets in NZ. So make sure to reap the benefits of this crypto trading platform and grow your earning potential. 


  • One of the most trusted crypto trading platforms
  • Access to over 600 different cryptos
  • Highly competitive fees structure
  • Allows straightforward purchase, sale of cryptos


  • Not ideal for fiat to crypto conversion and vice versa.

Is it Safe to Store Your Cryptocurrency on an Exchange?

Now that you have understood that a regulating body backs not every crypto exchange in New Zealand, the chances are that you might think about the safety available over these transactions! Here, it should be noted that a majority of the crypto exchanges allow you to automatically hold any amount of crypto you tend to purchase via your online wallet. You can store your cryptos in the exchange’s wallet, but in this step, you run the risk that the website is a part of a cyberattack. Moreover, since you don’t have complete control of your assets because the crypto exchange has the private key to that wallet, you might lose all your funds if the crypto exchange site is hacked.

Therefore, transferring crypto to your wallet after purchasing it on an exchange is a far better way to preserve it (cold hardware wallet or a hot wallet app). When you buy crypto on a non-custodial exchange, you must already have a personal wallet, and the coins you acquire will be transmitted directly to that wallet.

Legal Status of Cryptocurrency In New Zealand

Like most others across the globe, the New Zealand government does not consider Bitcoin or crypto to be illegal, which means it may be purchased and traded on exchanges as long as certain anti-fraud procedures are followed. 

Besides, since crypto is also considered a ‘safe haven’ investment like gold, you might want to be double sure before investing in it. Lastly, although it is legal to buy Bitcoins and other cryptos, investors should always consult with a financial expert. 

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  1. What is the best crypto exchange in New Zealand?

There is no one solution to fit all types of users when it comes to crypto exchanges. After all, there are multiple factors involved in different exchanges, serving an additional functionality. However, to give you an idea and save you from the research, we suggest Swyftx.

  1. Can you trade crypto in NZ?

Yes, trading in crypto is entirely legal in New Zealand. Like most others across the globe, the government does not consider Bitcoin or crypto to be illegal. However, traders and investors need to pay taxes on their crypto gains in the country.

  1. Does Coinbase work in New Zealand?

Yes, Coinbase works in New Zealand. So you can quickly get started with your crypto journey over the platform without worrying about the different funding options. The platform has it settled for you! 

  1. How do I withdraw from Crypto COM NZ?

To do so, press the TRANSFER button, then pick “Withdraw,” then “Crypto,” and finally “External Wallet.” Then select “+Add Wallet Address” from the drop-down menu. Next, choose the cryptocurrency you’d want to withdraw, copy, paste, or scan the withdrawal address. Finally, select “CONTINUE” after giving your wallet a name.

  1. Are Bitcoin exchanges in New Zealand safe?

Yes, most Bitcoin exchanges in New Zealand are safe and backed by government regulations. However, there are several which don’t! Therefore, before you register yourself with any of the exchanges, ensure that you visit their website and check for their accreditations and regulations. 

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