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DuckDice is a dice site that started in 2016, deemed provably fair by experts. By virtue of it being a Bitcoin dice site, the graphical content is pretty bare bones. The same can be said about the actual games, as there are only a few of them to choose from.

Once they started, they only had the dice game available. However, in the year 2019, they rolled out two more games, sniper and lottery. In addition to these two games, DuckDice also offers promotions such as Rain, a Duck Hunt Interactive game, as well as the standard daily wagering contests.

1. DuckDice Review

DuckDice is a Bitcoin and cryptocurrency dice site, featuring a casino licensed established in the country of Curacao. This license isn't considered to be absolute in gaming licenses, but it does serve its purpose and establishes the service as provably fair.

Not too long ago, DuckDice implemented a forum on their website. These things are always good for gaming sites, as it allows users to connect with the people behind the scenes. Other than that, forums also show a bit of transparency. In this forum, users are encouraged to talk about any bonuses, promotions that are currently going on, as well as general support from the staff on the site.

What's more, the that the site allows you to play with twelve different cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Dash, Stellar, Bitcoin Gold, Zcash, Ripple, and Monero.

DuckDice also recently added more options to withdraw. Obviously, you're allowed to withdraw any of the listed cryptocurrencies that were listed above, but you can also withdraw with credit cards, Yandex, Qiwi, Beeline, MTS, Tele2, and Megafon if you'd rather a phone option to withdraw your winnings.

Pros of Using DuckDice:

  • Decently funny games and promotions
  • A low one-percent house edge
  • Quick to deposit
  • Support of twelve different cryptocurrencies
  • Active community support in the forums
  • Simple gameplay
  • Great tutorials

Cons of Using DuckDice

  • Only three games to play
  • Graphics aren't all that great
  • All accounts are shut down if inactive for six months, which means that they'll retain your money if you don't log in

What we really like about this site is that they have a really decent tutorial. This is assuredly one of the most important things about the site, and as such, we suggest you visit it the first time that you visit it.

As earlier stated, there are plenty of different bonuses and promotions on the site, even though there are so few games. Duck Hunt Interactive, Bitcoin Faucet, Rain and daily wagering contests will generally be something that you'll quickly get familiar with.

What we also like about DuckDice is that they've taken even further steps to assure that everyone knows how fair they are. It's interesting to read their subpage that outlines all of the steps they've taken to be provably fair. Essentially, this page states that the randomness is generated from a combination of server seed, client seed, and nonce.

The server seed is handled by the casino itself. The client seed is provided by you on your browser. The nonce in this instance is a random number.

The random roll is generated by using both of these seeds. The fairness is then evaluated after these numbers are generated, then it's verified after the bet has taken place.

DuckDice goes a lot more in-depth about this on the subpage. If you're still a bit unconvinced, you have the ability to check their fairness through the bet verifier. So, it's good to see that they check their work and actively ask their users to check for themselves.

Fast Transactions and a Low House Edge

We also like that they sport a low house edge. In fact, their house edge is generally considered to be significantly lower than a lot of gaming rooms. Set at one percent, this is substantially lower than what you'll see set at five percent on online casinos. This is actually even lower than what you'll see in traditional brick and mortar casinos, where you'll find that the house edge is set anywhere from ten to fifteen percent.

A low house edge will always pay in favor of the user. In the long run, you have many more opportunities to win and earn money the lower the house edge happens to be.

The feel of DuckDice is pretty unique as far as online gaming casinos are concerned. Since it's devoid of slots and standard casino fare, it feels different. They have some pretty funny games and bonuses and a pretty active community. If you don't particularly care about flashy games and the like, it's a decent Bitcoin dice site that you can easily spend a few hours on.

Depending on the currency you use and their associated network traffic, you'll find that both deposits and withdrawals are instantaneous.

In our test, we started with a pretty modest 0.00eBTC deposit. In less than15 seconds, we got a notice that there was a deposit on the website. After about 10 minutes, we got another notification that we could start using the deposited currency on their website.

Usually, the number of confirmations needed depend on both the deposit amount and the currency. We discovered that we only needed one this time.

2. Bonuses is rife with a fair amount of bonuses. If you'd like, you can head over to the website and get a full rundown of all of them. Here, we'll explain some of the more popular and interesting ones.

Duck Hunt Interactive Game

This is a game that's much like everyone knows from way back in the eighties, so it's most self-explanatory. The duck flies around the screen in a random direction as well as a random time.

You're only going to see the duck when you have the chat open. If you're a mobile user, it works the same, so you'll still have to keep the chat open. To win the free coins, you'll have to shoot the duck bt clicking on it. If you successfully do it, you'll get 0.00001BTC.

As you would expect, you're generally not going to find this game in any online casinos. It's a very welcome change, especially considering it's something that we all nearly inherently know how to play. We really like it and we wouldn't mind seeing it in other rooms!

Dice Progressive Jackpot

The progressive jackpot is, as the name implies, a jackpot that will continuously go up when people gamble and do not win.

Once it is won, the jackpot will reset itself. They have it set at 0.25BTC. If you're going to win this jackpot, you'll have to hit at 7777. Furthermore, the last symbol of your user ID must be a 7. As you would also expect, the bet size will affect the size of the jackpot.

To learn more about the progressive jackpot, you can read more on the DuckDice page that specifically talks about bonuses.

Upon writing this review, the progressive jackpot was 0.58752104 BTC. This number equals 3300€ or $3,750 in fiat currency.

Lucky Bet Bonus

The lucky bet bonus is more or less pretty standard, but we like its inclusion here. This betting bonus is held here and there and allows the players to earn by betting a certain amount and chance. The winners are chosen by their bet numbers.

Bitcoin Faucet

The bitcoin faucet is pretty interesting, too. Basically, you play tic-tac-toe against a player or AI. The goal is not to lose in three attempts.

The faucet gives you free coins for trying the game. The amount that you win will be dependent on the level you are. This ranges from zero ducks set at 0.0000015 BTC all the way to five ducks set at 0.000035 BTC.

Wagering Contests

DuckDice also hosts wagering contests every day. They select 15 people to win some money. At current writing, the pole position bettor wins a prize of 0.01BTC all the way down to 0.0000016BTC for the last place winner.

Here's how they calculate their winners:

1st Place Prize – 0.2 percent of the player's betting amount, maxing out at 0.01BTC

2nd Place Prize – 0.15% percent of the player's betting amount, maxing out at 0.005 BTC

3rd Place Prize – 0.13% percent of the player's betting amount, maxing out at 0.0025 BTC


Rain is especially interesting, as it's something that we know that we haven't seen before. Rain is an awarded bonus that is given to the most active users in the chat.

This bonus works by an algorithm that picks random people in the chat room. Basically, the more messages you send, the higher the chance that you will earn money. So, this is a system that actively encourages you to send as many messages as possible. There's no certainty that you will win, but if you're chatty, you could be rewarded.

However, even if you're not sending messages, you will still receive some rain.

3. Bonus codes

There currently aren't any bonus codes for DuckDice. You can just click to sign up and play to win.

4. Free spins

DuckDice also doesn't have any free spins when you register an account. They also don't offer any free spins as you play some of their games.

5. Casino games

DuckDice provides three different games, all of which have been proven to be fair for any and all that will play them. These games are lottery, dice, and sniper. There are only a few games to be played here, but this is par for the course for Bitcoin dice sites.

Dice game

The first thing that you'll know here is that it is pretty barebones stuff to work with. Most online casinos are much more flashy with their offerings and graphical content. However, this dice game is much faster than those due to less stuff to load. We also like its inclusion because there's virtually no learning curve, especially due to its great tutorial.

In a few words, here's how the dice game works:

The player has to guess a random number from 0 to 9999 through using the payout typing boxes or the win chance.

If you think that the next roll will be smaller than the target number, pick LOW.

Alternatively, if you think that it'll be greater than the target number, pick HIGH.

Choose Your Bet Amount

You should see a display that shows the chance to win in a percentage. The target number will be dependent on the chance that you choose. If you want a higher payout, you'll want to choose a lower chance. Balance both of these to figure out the amount of risk.

For example, if you shoot for a fifty percent chance to win, you'll get a payout that's 1.98 of the bet. You would then win by selecting anything under or over five-thousand, you'd be a winner.

A ten percent win chance will net you 9.9 times of the payout. So, if the number is under one-thousand, you would win.

Start playing by hitting ROLL.

The game comes in two different modes. Manual mode is for less experienced players, while the auto mode is for experienced players. Auto mode allows you to make thousands of bets in a click.

With the autoplay feature you can choose for example these settings:

The auto mode allows you to tweak the following settings:

ROLLS: You can set the auto bets to any amount that you see fit. You can set it to empty if you want unlimited bets. This also allows you to adjust the game speed.

ON LOSS: This allows you to increase the bet size by a percentage. You can also stop the auto bet and set it to base.

ON WIN: This allows you to increase the bet size by a percentage. You can also stop the auto bet and set it to base.

STOP IF: You can tailor the auto bet to stop if the balance is under or over some particular limit.

DuckDice has a nifty feature that allows you to save any presets.

Lottery game

They run a lottery game at about 15:00 UTC. They cut off the sales of tickets ten minutes before.

DuckDice calls their players ducklings. They're allowed to buy as many tickets as they want manually or automatically.

There are 3 tiers of winners, which split their part of Bankroll:

There are three different levels of winners. They split the bankroll in the following way:

All players possessing 5 matching numbers split 50 percent of the bankroll

All players possessing 4 matching numbers split 30 percent of the bankroll.

All players possessing 3 matching numbers split 20 percent of the bankroll.

The company only takes ten percent of their ticket sales. This number may sound big, but understand that most lotteries take about forty to fifty percent.

If you'd like to know more, please visit their lottery page.

Sniper Game

DuckDice just unveiled their sniper game. Here's how it works:

Create a new game. Pick a bet and choose a roll. After that, you have to pick a time for the game to start. After that, roll the dice and the closest person to that roll will win the jackpot.

6. Restricted countries

Restricted countries in DuckDice casino are:

Unfortunately, you can't play DuckDice in the United States, Netherlands, Dutch Caribbean Islands, or France.

Please read the Terms and Conditions located on the DuckDice website for more information.

Withdrawal Terms

Minimum withdrawal amounts are (estimated): 0.002 BTC, 0.064 ETH, 0.25 LTC, 3,3k for DOGE, 0.08 for DASH, 0.03 for BCH, 0.12 for XMR, 28.5 for XRP, 1.4 for ETC and 0.5 for BTG.

You'll find that there are some fees to withdraw your currency. At current, it's something around 0.00015ETH or 0.000028BTC. For more information, please see their FAQ.

Remember, you cannot just deposit and withdraw any of your cryptocurrency without making any bets with what you've deposited.

It's also forbidden to withdraw from Bitcoin Faucet as well as depositing cryptocurrency in order to reach a certain withdrawal amount.

There are some times that a withdrawal has to be manually reviewed by a member of DuckDice's team. It's well defined in their Terms and Conditions when you sign up. When this happens, you'll probably have to wait a few days for you to receive your money.

8. Conclusion

DuckDice is a pretty fun site and it's quite different from a lot of the online gaming casinos that you'll find on the Internet. We find that the games are unique, fun, and certainly cater to a certain audience. In that way, it's somewhat unlike a casino site at all.

However, it's not without its drawbacks. If you're expecting the glitz and glamour of all of the other online casinos, you may be a bit disappointed at first, but it'll grow on you. Lastly, we also like the number of cryptocurrencies that they support as well as their transparency, forums, and tutorials.

So, if you're looking for a change of pace as well as the chance to win some good money, give DuckDice a try!

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