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You require to limit as many risks as possible to successfully trade on stocks, forex, commodities and indices. You need to hire the services of a broker who is reliable and experienced to get profits while trading online. The broker should be able to meet your set preferences and skill requirements. Coinlib is here to help you achieve your trading goals from the start. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, there is always something that you can learn at Nasdaq500.

As a reputable brokerage reviewing company, at Coinlib, we strive to bring you the verifiable, evincible and dependable information that is usually available in the industry. Moreover, we will give you an orientation about the personal life of a broker and the things to consider before partnering with any online broker. We will provide you with this information after you sign up for a live trading account and trading directly with a broker.

Due to the many scams existing online, only a thorough review of a broker will provide you with the steps you need to succeed in this field. In this review, you will find comprehensive information about broker services and features. You will also learn the experiences of other brokers.
Today’s review is about Nasdaq500. By the end of the review, you will learn the services that it offers, its features and the things you need to trade successfully.
Let us jump in.

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Table of Contents

1 Who runs Nasdaq500?

2 Why you should sign up with Nasdaq500

3 What Make Nasdaq 500 Unique

4 Nasdaq Live Account Test

5 Is Nasdaq Legit or a scam?

6 Withdrawing Funds, Processing Fees and Credit/Debit Card Rules

7 Withdrawing Processing Time

8 Handling of trading currencies

9 Nasdaq Trading Platforms and Tools

10 The pros and cons of Nasdaq 500

Who runs Nasdaq500?

Nasdaq500 is a forex brokerage company based in the Marshal Islands. It is owned and operated by Empika Enterprise Limited. Potential clients have a web-based platform and a range of trading products at their disposal. Nasdaq500 is a rapidly-expanding forex and CFDs brokerage firm which target both the new and the experienced traders who have increased their wealth. Since its establishment in 2018, the company is nearing its second anniversary in the tough world of brokerage. If you are curious about what makes this firm so prosperous in its dealings, then you can ask the traders who have increased their fortunes while working with Nasdaq500.

Before reviewing any broker, we at Coinlib usually conduct our independent research. We found that one of the outstanding features of Nasdaq500 is that it gives its traders high-speed execution tools for their trade. It does this by continually investing in the newest brokerage technologies available in the field.

Nasdaq also fancies itself financially stable owing to its deep liquidity that is shown in their pricing. Traders who would love to invest their money through this company are assured of the best prices in the market regardless of their country of residence or the type of assets you intend to trade-in.
Nasdaq500 offers a wide range of choices of assets to trade-in. Whether it is cryptocurrencies, stocks, indices or commodities, you will find a pleasant experience with this brokerage firm. Its management says that its continued success has been due to sheer determination and ambition in providing top-notch financial services globally. It also offers a platform that has sophisticated tools that increase your chances of trading successfully.

At Nasdaq, the traders have access to progressive tools, unique features and services. All these are available on Active8 which their interactive and easy-to-operate platform. Traders can also use the Metatrader 4 platform. It is a popular platform because of the tools it provides to its users. Even a novice trader can make a killing using Metatrader 4. Nasdaq500 provides a favorable environment for everyone interested in increasing their financial fortunes through the trading of securities. Welcome on board.

Nasdaq500 provides brokerage services throughout the entire day from Monday to Friday. If you want to open a new account, you can use popular browsers such as Chrome, Firefox and Safari. The registration process is simple and takes less than a minute. It does not demand a lot of details and within no time, you will be within the trading environment. Moreover, in case you encounter technical challenges while trading, you can contact the support team for help. The Nasqdaq500 Customer Department is available 24 hours a day from Monday to Friday. You will navigate the trading environment without worries.

Nasdaq also provides e-books about Forex, CFDs and stocks to their traders to enlighten them on the tricks and ways of growing their wealth. Not many brokers will give their traders as much information as in Nasdaq 500. Here you have access to a comprehensive glossary, webinars and videos. Nasdaq 500 is, therefore, the best brokerage firm for any newbie trader. With all these resources within your reach, you can accomplish great heights in the trading arena.

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Why you should sign up with Nasdaq500

Coinlib would not want any trader to be scammed in the financial markets. That is why we do thorough research on each broker before writing a review. We provide you with correct, verifiable and unbiased information. We tested Nasdaq 500 by creating both a real and a demo trading account and found out that signing up for a trading account is fast and easy.

When it comes to requesting withdrawals or making deposits, then Nasdaq is the best broker to work with. The brokerage firm accepts many payment methods, is user-friendly and adaptive. Whether you intend to deposit your funds using Visa, Maestro, cryptocurrencies, MasterCard or wire transfer, you can do it fast and securely on this platform. Moreover, the withdrawal options are many and therefore you can get your money from anywhere in the world.

After signing up into Nasdaq 500, you can download the Metatrader 4 platform or the Activ8 from either Google Play Store or Apple Store. The mobile app is lightweight and does not take up much storage space. These apps are also easy to use. The fact that you can access the financial markets from your mobile device means that you can trade securities from any part of the world anytime.

Data privacy should not be a worry when signing up with Nasdaq 500. The sign-up process is fast and requires only a few personal details as well as your account funding source. During the sign-up process, the client is required to make the necessary steps needed to secure your financial and personal information. It is in Nasdaq’s interest that your privacy is upheld when trading with them.

What Make Nasdaq 500 Unique

If you to successfully invest in securities, then you have to engage the services of a dependable broker. So how does Nasdaq 500 stand out from other brokers?

Even though Nasdaq is a new company, it provides its customers with multiple platforms as trading options. The Metatrader 4 is popular among global investors because of its impressive tools, while the Nasdaq’s Active8 platform is also spectacular. The Active8 platform also allows traders with a user manual to ensure ease of use.

Traders also get to monitor the performances of their trades on a sophisticated user interface that is accessible on both Active8 and Metatrader 4 platforms. These platforms are also user-friendly to both the amateurs and the master traders. By choosing Nasdaq 500, you get access to real-time updates on the trading opportunities, performance indices and other important market news just by a click.

Nasdaq is, therefore, the best broker to work with because you get to learn new things as you trade securities. It is a learning platform where you have access to numerous educational resources. With Nasdaq 500, you only become a master at what you do.

Nasdaq Live Account Test

A live trading test is vital before you sign up with a new Forex broker. If you are wondering what it is like to trade with Nasdaq 500, then you are reading the right review. Coinlib provides verifiable information about brokerage firms.

Nasdaq 500 is an intuitive and user-friendly platform that both novices and experts can trade securities and increase their financial fortunes. Moreover, registration takes less than a minute and the details required are few. They also accept many payment gateways. After making the initial deposit, you can immediately begin trading.

Nasdaq also has advanced trading tools that make an analysis of the securities market easy. You will realize that the price movement charts capture different trading timeframes and you get to choose from various pricing indicators. The broker also offers the candlestick charts that allow you to monitor and analyze the markets. Other trading tools include a take-profit/ stop-loss function. There is also a tool that updates the bid/ask price of the securities in real-time. Nasdaq gives traders all the resources necessary to realize profits from their investments.

Moreover, real-time market news keeps you aware of significant trading events. When it comes to keeping updates on the price indices and trading hours, Nasdaq ensure that you have everything.
The broker also ensures the smooth running of trading when you are placing an order by providing the take-profit and stop-loss functions. You get to see the major, minor and exotic currency pairs available to trade. The cryptocurrencies pairs are also available on display and this allows you to make a quick and adequate decision when trading securities.

Being a CFDs and Forex Broker whose popularity is increasing by the day, Nasdaq’s platform has a wide range of currency pairs and crypto coins. The currencies include Mexican Peso, Polish zloty, the US Dollar, the Japanese Yen, the Norwegian Kroner, The Turkish Lira, the Russian Ruble, the South African Rand and others. Nasdaq500 trading platforms provide all the major currency pairs.

If you love trading metals, then Nasdaq500 has got you covered. You can trade on gold, silver and copper and increase your financial fortunes. Cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, ethereum, ripple and Litecoin can also be traded with this brokerage firm. With Nasdaq500, you are assured of trading with whatever you want using advanced analysis tools that increase your chances of making profits.
Nasdaq500 also provides customer support 24 hours a day from Monday to Friday. Their customer support is reliable and responsive. Therefore, communicating with this broker whenever you need help is a pleasant experience because they will help you with any task.

Is Nasdaq Legit or a scam?

This is one of the most critical questions that need to be answered. Some people say that Nasdaq is a scam because the company that runs it is located on an offshore island; The Marshall Islands. This island is famous for being a preferred location for any shady broker. The company that runs and owns Nasdaq500 is the Empika Enterprise LTD.
While other people may claim that it is a scam, we conducted our independent tests on the broker and it passed with top marks. For example, before testing both the demo and live trading accounts, Nasdaq500 warned us of the high risks involved in trading assets such as forex, stocks, cryptocurrencies and commodities. You will also find this information in the disclosure policy as well as the terms and conditions before opening a trading account with the company.
The company makes it clear that there is no 100% guarantee that you will get profits consistently when trading on assets. Moreover, Nasdaq500 extends its help to traders by providing resource-rich platforms like Active8 and MetaTrader 4. The educational materials available on these platforms enlighten both novice and experienced traders on the ways and tricks to make more profits and minimize losses. The information prepares traders to accept loss with positivity and make wise investments on assets such as forex and CFDs.

Funds Security and Regulatory Compliance
Nasdaq500 operates under the statutory regulations for the financial markets in the European Union. It, therefore, provides genuine brokerage services in a competitive environment.
Nasdaq 500 also promotes the Know Your Customer policy as an essential part of their operations in the Marshall Islands. When signing up, you have to provide proof of identity and residency. For example, for proof of identity, you can show your driver’s license. This information will be preserved with integrity according to the company’s terms and conditions. You can access the privacy policies of Nasdaq to learn more.
Nasdaq has put in place many security layers to prevent authorized access of private personal information. Nasdaq has the capability of terminating a user account if it realizes that you are engaging in fraudulent activities. Termination of accounts is in line with its Anti-Money Laundering Rules.
Whenever you are withdrawing funds or depositing money into your trading account, Nasdaq always verifies that the card you are using bears your name. It always demands a copy of both sides of the credit card to ensure its legitimacy. Before undertaking any transactions on this platform, you will be required to provide some documents that validate your identity. This strictness reveals that Nasdaq is not a scam and is interested in securing your investments. Confidentiality is upheld in every transaction process.

Nasdaq500 Trading Conditions
Even though there are international regulations that are incorporated into every broker’s terms and conditions, there are some regulations that are unique to brokers. We at Coinlib decided to analyze Nasdaq policies when dealing with deposits, fees, credit/debit cards and withdrawal of funds.
Here is the information we got.

Depositing funds
Clients must make an initial deposit into their trading account when they sign up with Nasdaq500. Moreover, terms and conditions apply when making the deposit. For example, the source of the funding must bear the same information as that in the account. The name of the cardholder must be similar to the name of the account holder. The country of origin must also match to rule out chances of money laundering. To open a trading account with Nasdaq, you must be at least 18 years.
The funds should originate from the same source such as a debit card, credit card or bank account. It is also crucial that your account indicates the country of residence. Nasdaq will request for a confirmation receipt to validate this information. If you fail to comply with this policy, then your account may be suspended for up to 6 months and attract a 10% dormant account fee every month. Moreover, during the months of suspension, you will not be able to make any deposits. Therefore, you have to verify your identity with Nasdaq to avoid such penalties. Providing authentic verification documents is an industry-standard.

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Withdrawing Funds, Processing Fees and Credit/Debit Card Rules

Withdrawing Funds, Processing Fees and Credit/Debit Card Rules
According to the Anti-Money Laundering Rules, you have to withdraw profits to the same account that you made deposits from to fund your trading account. With Nasdaq, this can be a bank, a debit/ credit card. Nasdaq also allows you to make withdrawals in the same currency that you made deposits. This is because withdrawals in alternative currencies attract additional charges.
Money that you withdraw from your trading account is also subject to processing and handling charges. Moreover, if Nasdaq detects any suspicious activity in the account, then it will take the necessary steps to secure your funds. When making a withdrawal, you will have to fill in a withdrawal form and submit it to the management.

The fees for withdrawal of profits include:
50 GBP/USD/EUR for wire transfer
25 GBP/USD/EUR for credit cards.

If you have not transacted more than 250 GBP/USD/ EUR in your account, then you will pay a 10% imposition when making withdrawals.

The minimum amount of money you can withdraw through wire transfer is 250 GBP/USD/EUR and this attracts a fee of 50 GBP/USD/EUR. These fees vary depending on the trading capital and volume and therefore, you should contact the broker to find out more about the charges.

You cannot also withdraw non-deposited funds until the trading volume is met. The non-deposited funds include the bonuses, incentives and other amounts that you never deposited into your trading account. You can find more information about the terms and conditions of withdrawals on the broker’s website. You get to learn how factors such as margins, trading strategy and open trades can affect your withdrawals. When you deposit money into a trading account using a credit card, you can withdraw either the same amount of money or less with the credit card. However, if you want to withdraw money that is more than what you deposited, then wire transfer is the best method.

Withdrawing Processing Time

Withdrawals and deposits take up to 5 business days. However, it may take longer due to the strict regulatory procedures that certain banks may have on money from brokerage firms. Nasdaq always reminds its clients to go through their details when making withdrawal requests to prevent delays in the processing times.

Handling of trading currencies

Nasdaq allows traders to use any currency when transacting business. However, it has the following rules:
You will be subject to exchange rates if you decide to withdraw profits in a currency different from the one used to deposit funds.

Nasdaq maintains the trading accounts on base currencies – GBP, EUR, and USD. This is regardless of the currency you use to make deposits or withdrawals.

Account setoffs are bound to take place in any currency as reflected in your ledger. However, if you do not have enough funds in the account, Nasdaq will settle the trades using any currencies and exchange rates.

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Nasdaq Trading Platforms and Tools

Trading with Nasdaq is a secure and exciting experience. Traders have access to advanced trading tools and they can see the markets from their mobile devices either using an app or through the web. With Nasdaq, you can check the buy or sell prices, the asset price performances and the trends of the different currency pairs on a live feed-ticker.

This valuable information is available at various intervals, including minute-by-minute, every 5-minutes, hour, day and month. You can, therefore, make an informed decision on your trade based on real-time updates.

Nasdaq’s trading platform is Activ8. It offers the best experience for traders. Nasdaq also provides the Economic Calendar that provides essential financial news and events happening worldwide. By now, you know that factors such as unemployment rate, imports, taxes, holidays, inflation rate and manufacturing play a significant role in the financial markets. The Economic Calendar provides all of this vital information and you can make an accurate prediction about the trends of the asset prices.

FAQs- Nasdaq500
Does Nasdaq500 support e-wallet deposits and withdrawals?
The broker does not support e-wallet deposits and withdrawals. The payment methods accepted include credit and debit cards, wire and bank transfers. Maybe they may consider it an option in the future.

Who should use Nasdaq500
Any person who is interested in trading assets should use Nasdaq500. Whether you are a novice or expert trader, the broker will provide the tools necessary to make your financial fortunes multiply. It also operates on platforms that have multiple resources and that are easy to operate in. However, you must first understand that trading assets such as forex, indices, cryptocurrencies, stocks and commodities are a risky investment.

Does Nasdaq500 enjoy a good reputation?
The reputation of any brokerage firm depends on a lot of things, including client reviews, payment security, adherence to financial regulation and the SSL website security. We at Coinlib did comprehensive research on these factors and realized that Nasdaq enjoys a good reputation. From the user reviews, traders are having a positive experience with the broker. Nasdaq also has verification certification by Visa, SSL and MasterCard Security code. It is new and unregulated.

Is Nasdaq500 worth your investment?
Nasdaq500 is a brokerage firm that helps you trade various assets including CFDs, forex, indices, stocks and cryptocurrencies. It offers its services to both institutions and private investors. Whether you are an amateur or an experienced trader, Nasdaq will provide everything you need to make profits off your assets. Its features are also easy to use and the privacy of customers is upheld through the application of state-of-art security. Moreover, it also has a rich resource of information regarding ways of making profits and succeeding in the competitive financial environment. This broker is considered as one of the leading investment platforms in the world.
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Does Nasdaq500 offer competitive spreads?
A spread is the price difference between where a trader may buy or sell an underlying asset. Spreads always play an essential role when choosing the broker to work with. From our research, Nasdaq offers appealing spreads that may help you increase your financial fortunes.

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The pros and cons of Nasdaq 500


• It provides advanced trading tools to traders.
• It provides access to platforms that are flexible for both mobile and web users such as MetaTrader and Active8.
• There is direct access to resources such as e-books, a comprehensive glossary, videos and webinars. Traders can quickly transform from amateurs to experienced traders.
• Highly responsive and attentive customer care department available 24/5.
• Multiple safe and secure deposit and withdrawal gateways.
• The broker offers social copy trading.
• It provides high leverage of 200:1, which is sufficient to accommodate any trading style.


• The broker is unregulated and is located in Marshall Island. Most unregulated brokers are associated with a high risk of losing money to scammers.
• Neteller and Skrill are not accepted as payment methods. Because these popular e-wallets are not accepted, you will have to use bank/wire transfer and credit/debit cards.

Nasdaq is an unregulated broker that offers quality investment opportunities to traders. It provides advanced tools that help you come up with an accurate analysis of the financial markets. Its platforms such as MetaTrader 4 and Activ8 are easy to use and have a rich resource of information on trading assets. The privacy of clients is taken seriously by the broker through various verification processes. It also adheres to the Anti-money laundering international laws. Nasdaq500 is the best trading platform!

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