Mason Ford Review 2023: Pros, Cons & Key Features




The Mason Ford Group is a top Forex trading firm that operates from any corner of the world and offers a wide range of effective and powerful tools, services and features to worldwide traders. Mason Ford is an established brand that has been offering some of the highest quality services in online trading over the last few years.

Mason Ford Broker Review- Know the Facts, Trade with Confidence

Through opening a live account, we have carefully reviewed the services offered by The Mason Ford Trading Group. Their services have been tested and you will see below that we have provided a detailed summary of the pros and cons of Mason Ford Trading Group.

Pure ECN environment.Deepest liquidity pool.Web trade platform.Multiple base currencies.No trading restrictions.Zero transaction costs.Trading on a demo account.Quality customer service.Fixed spreads and low margins.Safe and secure transactions for deposits and withdrawals. No meta-trader platform available.Not available to users in some countries including the Unites States.

What makes Mason Ford Unique?

When it comes to trading, there is no limit to what can be sold or bought here at Mason Ford. Over 300 markets including shares, crypto, forex, indices, commodities and more are offered on the Mason Ford Trading group. Our traders are also able to access over a hundred stocks of leading global companies like Netflix, Amazon and more with exceptional spreads.

With a wide range of benefits which include enhanced execution, zero transaction costs, reputable client service and competitive spreads Mason Ford have established themselves as one of the best in the trading industry.

Why Mason Ford?

Mason Ford Trading Group serves a wide variety of clientele from trading beginners to gurus. With our team of staff, we are always here to help you reap maximum benefits from your trading. With our simple trading style all you have to do is just register, verify your account and let the trading begin!

Mason Ford is the solution to all your trading needs. We have tried to be very flexible so as to accommodate any type of client. Offering a variety of base currencies, no trading restrictions, no transaction costs, and no minimum deposit, our clients are very satisfied with the quality of trading they are experiencing with The Mason Ford Trading Group.

Did I mention that at Mason Ford they allow anonymity? Mason Ford believes that the trader holds the right to his own identity and here at Mason Ford give you a chance to trade online anonymously! More to that, you are assured of secured money transfers. Mason Ford follows strict and safe procedure when it comes to money transfer. You can count on us!

Are you a Newbie?

Online forex and crypto trading is catching up fast and more people are joining. Beginners may lack the experience it takes to be a trading guru and here at Mason Ford, we understand that. That is why we offer trading on a demo account! Could it get any better than this? Yes it most definitely can! Our demo account operates on real time using actual forex charts as those in real trading; only we use virtual money. The demo account program has proved to be very beneficial to many of our clients. It has a simple interface that also contains basic instructions on how to use different cues and also chart reading interpretation and analysis tools.

Worried about the News?

Worry no more because The Mason Ford Trading Group has got you covered. Through our trading platform we give news coverage articles on the current market trends and predictions of market shifts, gains and losses.

Mason Ford Experience Test

Despite all the features, we still decided to test the platform for ourselves and see if it truly lives up to the hype. Is Mason Ford worth investing in? Customer care is an integral part of company success and client satisfaction so we tested the quality of their customer care services first. I have to say, the customer care personnel are very professional and at the same time so friendly, they also have an in-depth knowledge of the financial markets that is relevant to your investment type. Timeliness is an important factor when it comes to customer care. Clients want quick replies and that is just what The Mason Ford Group offers. We opened a ticket and we got a reply within two minutes. In less than an hour, our problem was already solved. Talk about competence. The attitude of speech is welcoming and the friendliness is just inviting. When it comes to customer service, Mason Ford has got you covered.

The purpose of online trading is to make money, once you’ve made the money you need to withdraw it. We tested Mason Ford’s withdrawal system for effectiveness and timeliness. Most traders face challenges when it comes to withdrawing money from brokerage platforms. Once we tested it, we saw that their withdrawal system is swift and easy enough for anyone basically. Your account will be credited within a day when you use credit/debit cards or e-wallets. However, for bank wire, it takes over five days due to delay from the banks.

The final test we carried out was the execution test. Mason Ford uses the web trader platform which executes orders instantly. Orders placed were executed immediately at the exact price and place we placed our order. All traders know how crucial a factor time is as a second can be the difference between a profit and a loss. Mason Ford Group passed this test and it is highly recommended for any kind of trader out there.

Overall, there is not much to complain about the quality of Mason Ford Trading and things will definitely be smooth for anyone who tries it, be it a beginner or a trading professional.


Is Mason Ford a Scam or Legit?

The online market is filled with scammers. From Nigerian princes to fraudulent brokers, and how do you know that you can trust Mason Ford? Well, you don’t, and that is why we are here; to clear the air.

Mason Ford is owned and operated by The Mason Ford Group, a UK-based forex brokerage firm that has a strong reputation in the industry. The group is a successful Forex brokerage firm that operates across all four corners of the globe. Mason Ford’s value proposition, core function and mission are to provide professional, expert, and reliable services to all of their trading clients.

Mason Ford does not try to hide and has always been straight forward with their activities. The company’s terms and condition page will show you how they operate their business. Mason Ford has vigorous anti-money laundering (AML) regulations put in place to ensure that all traders and investors carry out their activities within the scope of the law their Know Your Customer (KYC) process is carried out on all clients as they are all required to submit proof of their identity and residence before they can trade on the platform or even access funds via withdrawal.

Identity theft is kept at par with the help of AML and KYC regulations and safety could not be more guaranteed. To tighten these security measures, Mason Ford goes the extra mile to request for bank statements from clients who carry out bank wire transactions when funding their trading accounts. This is what makes Mason Ford one of the most reputable brokerage forms out there, identity theft and opening of multiple accounts is impossible at Mason Ford.

Worried about your funds? Well, worry not. Mason Ford Funds has put together a high level of security. Our security wall protects our clients, money and it is 100% tested for competence and reliability. Your money is safe in their hands!

Client confidentiality is also something that is given top priority at Mason Funds. All clients are assured of non-disclosure of their information to any other source whatsoever. You can therefore trade peacefully with the assurance that your personal data stays safe at all times.

Mason Ford Regulations and Safety of Funds

As a forex and CFDs firm with a reputation to uphold, Mason Ford takes on security with much passion. They take all the necessary security measures to secure personal and financial information of its clients. The safety of funds starts by having an intelligent trading platform and at Mason Ford, their platform is decorated with a superb security system. As a result, users can carry out secure transactions at all time without fear that hackers or crackers will intercept their data.

Mason ford is regulated by the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC). For that reason they are required to provide financial security to their users. The broker also ensures that user funds are kept in a separate account from the company’s operating funds, giving traders peace of mind that their finances are well taken care of at Mason Ford.

Mason Ford Account Types

All types of clients are taken care of at Mason Ford and it is clear that Mason Ford understands that no traders are the same. Traders on this platform are presented with an opportunity to choose one of four trading packages depending on their preferences and their trading needs. The four account types are exceptional; each in its own way but differs a bit in features and benefits.

These are the accounts available at Mason Ford;

  • Basic– this is a kind of a starter package that requires a minimum deposit of $5,000. More to this, the trader gets trading strategies on the platform and latest market reviews to help him call the trades. This account type also comes with a direct line to your account manager and you will receive webinars twice a month.
  • Standard– this second account type comes with a minimum deposit of $10,000. Alongside that, the trader gets trading strategies and latest market reviews. The trader has a benefit of having a direct line to the account manager plus webinars twice a month. Webinars which are resourceful and insightful to the traders. In addition to this the traders get personal trading sessions weekly and finally, the client gets a money management plan.
  • Silver– minimal deposit of $25,000, trading strategies, latest market reviews, direct line account manager, webinars twice a month, personal training sessions-weekly, money management plan, trading alerts, detailed event analysis, personal sessions with an analyst, expedited withdrawals, Fixed/ variable gold spreads.
  • Gold– deposits of at least 50,000 all of the items in the silver account and additional opportunity to participate in VIP events and special events.

Despite of the differences in the account types at Mason Ford, client treatment id equal. Every client is valuable to them and equal opportunities exist for all.

Mason Ford Trading Conditions

  • All times are in GMT +0.
  • Zero transaction costs.
  • Anonymity is allowed to users.
  • The fixed spread is traded with instant execution while floating spread is traded with market execution.
  • Leverage of up to 1:1000.
  • A maintenance fee of $50 is charged on dormant accounts.

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Mason Ford Fees and Spreads

Unlike some trading platforms, Mason Ford charges a small commission as trading fees. That is why the company doesn’t charge any transaction fees. This is to enable traders to boost their profit margins. Variable and fixed spreads are available at Mason Ford, depending on the preference of the user. As an added advantage, those with gold and silver accounts get to enjoy both fixed and variable spreads.

Account Opening Experience

Opening an account at Mason ford could not be any easier. Once you go to their website just click on the register icon, fill in your details and let the trading begin. It’s that simple! Just fill in the required information in the appropriate fields and that’s it. In case of any trouble in registration, the customer service desk is always there for you and they will sort you out in a jiffy!

Deposits and Withdrawals

Payment channels at Mason Ford are fast, secure, efficient and easy.

Follow the following steps to deposit money before actual trading;

  • Login to your account at the mason Ford website.
  • Click on the deposit icon after navigation.
  • Select your preferred payment method. It can be credit/debit or bank wire.
  • Insert the amount you would like to deposit keeping in mind each account has a minimum deposit amount.
  • Confirm your deposit by clicking the ‘confirm deposit’ icon. Once your money is successfully deposited you may begin trading your favourite assets.

Bank Wire

For those who cannot use debit/credit card or electronic transactions as method of payment, bank wire is also a payment method at Mason Ford. Minimum deposit amount still depends on your account type, however, it is important to keep in mind that bank wire transactions take 3-5 days for transaction to be processed. Due to this you will not be able to start trading as soon as you had thought. But hey, why not try out the demo account while you wait.

Credit/debit Cards

These two are the most popular methods at Mason Ford. Deposits and withdrawals can be made using popular credit and debit cards such as Visa and MasterCard. Multiple cards can be used to fund a single account.

Withdrawing funds is also very easy at Mason Ford just follow the steps provided below;

  • Login to your account at the Mason Ford website.
  • Click on the withdraw section after navigation.
  • Fill in the withdraw request form.
  • Wait for process approval.

You will be required to confirm your identity before any money is withdrawn.

Account Verification

As a trading platform with a reputation to uphold, Mason Ford requires clients to verify their accounts before withdrawal of funds. The process of account verification is in line with the international AML and KYC policies.

The following steps are followed during account verification;

a) Proof of Identity

To prove who you say you are Mason Ford accepts National Identification Card, Passport or Driving License. The copies provided should be clear and eligible. The document should also contain relevant details like name date of birth and photo and a signature.

b) Proof of Residence

The following documents are accepted; Utility bill, Bank statement and other local authority bills. The document should be no later than three months

c) Bank Wire and Credit Card Statements

You are required to submit a copy of the bank wire instruction in case of a bank wire transfer, or a simple screenshot for online banking.

In case of credit/debit card usage, a clear picture of the card used will be required, all digits visible except for the last four.

Submission and approval of said documents should be completed within fifteen days of registration of a trading account with Mason Ford.

Mason Ford Trading Platform

As long as you have internet and a web browser you are able to start trading with Mason Ford. This is because they make use of the WebTrader platform that is user-friendly and has limitless resources available at all times.

WebTrader does not require any installation and is compatible with many browsers. Now you can monitor your trading activities with Mason Ford from any browser software on your device.

As I had mentioned before, Mason Ford has a demo account for those who might not be so familiar with trading online. The platform is user friendly and despite all the analytical tools, Mason Ford is still easy and reliable to all.

Education And Resources

Education is truly the key to successful online trading and Madison equips its trader with knowledge to help the make calls during trading. Moreover, Mason Ford has an education program that helps its clients strengthen their skills and knowledge o help you in your daily trading strategies.

Mason Ford has comprehensive content that is collected from trusted sources and the information given is up to date.

Mason Ford Customer Service

Customer service is exquisite at Mason Ford. Timeliness is ensured in case of any case, and surety is guaranteed

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Mason Ford Regulated?

As I had mentioned, Mason Ford is regulated by the UK FCA and the ASIC. And for this reason they are permitted to operate within the guidelines of these bodies.

What is Mason Ford?

The Mason Ford Group is a top Forex trading firm that operates from any corner of the world and offers a wide range of effective and powerful tools, services and features to worldwide traders. Mason Ford is an established brand that has been offering some of the highest quality services in online trading over the last few years.

Who has Experience with Mason Ford?

Mason Ford is a platform suitable for all categories of traders; from a newbie to a guru. Be it you are a stock or forex trader, Mason Ford is for you.

How does Mason Ford Work?

Mason ford is a trading platform. Here’s what you need to do; go to the Mason Ford website and register your account by filling in the details. If you are not an experienced trader you may first try out the demo account and once you feel you are ready, you may deposit your cash following instructions given previously. If you are having any difficulty with your account or navigation of the website you may contact the customer care services and you will be assisted.

How do I open a Mason Ford Account?

Opening a Mason Ford account is quite easy. The platform has been modifies to allow users to register and start trading within minutes. To open a Mason Ford account, follow these steps;

Visit their website and click on the register icon, fill in your details such as name, phone number, email address password and country of residence. Click register and your account will be opened. Deposit your funds and once the process is complete and verified, trading may begin.

Where is Mason Ford Based?

Mason Ford is a UK-based brokerage firm and doesn’t provide its physical address on the website.


In as few words as possible let me just say that The Mason Ford group is a trading platform that all kinds of traders can trust and rely on. From their excellent customer service to their efficient trading platform that is easy to use and gives the clients an easy time to navigate, Mason Ford has proved to be one of the best in the market. One feature that caught my attention in a special way is the free demo account that helps beginners and also experts to familiarize themselves with the platform and users could not ask for more. I will give Mason Ford a solid rating of 79%.

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