Learn 2 Trade Comprehensive Review 2023




Learn 2 Trade is sometimes referred to as a forex signal provider but offers much more than just forex signals. The company offers comprehensive trading education, as suggested by its name. 

The platform can teach you how to trade equities, foreign exchange, and cryptocurrency. In addition, the auto-trading feature fully automates the forex trading procedure if you’d prefer to let the experts handle the grunt work for you.

Learn 2 Trade is an impressive forex signal service that provides both paid and free trading signals. A lot of foreign signal services do not offer enough level of transparency. But is it the right broker for you? Let’s find out in this comprehensive review in this blog. 

Pros & Cons Of Learn 2 Trade


  • Learn 2 Trade provides Multiple free services to its users.
  • Clients have access to a vast array of institutional resources as well as Cryptocurrency trading signals.
  • You only pay for the features you use because Learn 2 Trade bills on an as-needed basis.
  • The signals on the platform have an 82 percent success rate.
  • Money-Back Promise Either you’ll be content or your money will be returned.


  • Only Telegram Is Used For Signals.
  • To alert you, no emails or texts will be sent from their end. If you don’t already use Telegram frequently, setting it up is a slight inconvenience.

Learn 2 Trade: At A Glance

Official website  https://learn2.trade/
Headquarters  Hoxton, Hackney, United Kingdom.
Founded on January 2, 2019
Employees size of Learn 2 Trade  67 employees 
Customer support  24*7 service, [email protected]
Industry  Bitcoin,Cryptocurrencies,Stock exchange 
Supported countries  Globally 

Learn 2 Trade: Company Overview

The UK-based Learn 2 Trade is a premium forex signals service that provides signals through a dedicated Telegram channel. With 3-5 validated alerts every day, the service covers all significant financial markets, including FX and cryptocurrencies. The service is renowned for generating monthly gains for traders of 30% to 40% on average through its carefully crafted signals.

Another well-known portal for learning about forex and cryptocurrencies that offers a variety of trading guides is Learn 2 Trade. Some of the best and most promising traders in the investment industry are currently employed by it. It does this by combining the knowledge of its traders with the power of AI and machine learning to monitor the FX markets continuously.

Therefore, once the algorithm identifies a potential money-making opportunity, its users can access trade advice. All significant and minor currency pairings are covered, in addition to several cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin and Ethereum. In addition, learn 2 Trade uses a premium Telegram channel to ensure that customers get these trading recommendations instantly.


Key Features Of Learn 2 Trade

Consider using one or more of Learn 2 Trade’s offerings for several reasons. First, the platform has a financial stake in your success because it understands how essential your success is to you and has financed currency accounts. The key features of Learn 2 Trade include:

Access To Forex & Crypto Signals

Access to forex and crypto signals is one of the best parts of signing up for the Learn 2 Trade platform. Each week, you can access three free forex signals and three free trade signals for cryptocurrencies. However, if you feel it’s not enough, think about subscribing to the VIP trading signal service. The service costs $35 per month for access to forex or Cryptocurrencies or forex, and for both, Learn 2 Trade charges $70 every month. 

The signals are all distributed through Learn 2 Trade’s numerous Telegram channels and are worded so that even beginners can understand them. The asset to trade, the optimum entry price, and the location of your take-profit and stop-loss orders are all included in the signals. The signal has 82 percent accuracy of win rate irrespective of their payment (free or paid), which is one of the finest parts of Learn 2 Trade and one of the highest victory rates in the trading signal sector so far.

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Access To Trading Education 

The foundation of your trading career is education, and Learn 2 Trade understands that well! The platform offers a great bulk of courses for free. It provides you with basics on trading stocks or cryptocurrencies; you don’t even need to sign up for obnoxious emails. The leases are quite simple and easy to understand as well as apply. 

Once you’ve finished them, you’ll be able to manage risk, choose a trading platform, apply technical indicators, and grow your cash in the market even if you’re a novice with no prior experience. Even seasoned traders can benefit from trading tips and tactics. However, users must pay a price of $99 for the course as a one-time payment. This makes sense considering the company’s expertise and where it all began in FX trading. Nevertheless, the little one-time cost is justified by the confidence you’ll have when trading once the course is through.

Seamless Connectivity To Numerous Global Markets

Besides the normal trading experience provided over the L2T platform, its seamless connectivity makes it an excellent option for traders of every shape and size. In addition, users signing up over the platform have access to multiple markets worldwide, including cryptos, trading exchanges, and forex brokers. 

What’s more? You can even read about their reviews and run a detailed comparison between any two platforms to gain a better insight into the platform. In addition, the platform helps you re-direct to several brokers with a proper idea of their operations. This way, you can easily experience what the platform offers without risking all your money in the process. 

Reliable Affiliate Program On Offer

Users signing up for the Learn 2 Trade platform have access to a lucrative affiliate program that can be accessed across any of the cryptocurrency, forex, and other trading sectors. In addition, the platform returns up to 40% of the subscription plan’s amount once a user has signed up over the platform using your referral link. 

What makes the platform more interesting is that it won’t only be providing the money to the affiliate marketers only once. Instead, every affiliate marketer is entitled to receive a commission of 40% of the subscription amount every month until they continue with their subscription plans. This way, Learn 2 Trade becomes one of the few platforms to bring you such a unique affiliate program. 

Additional features of Learn 2 Trade 

Those mentioned above were some of the core features that make the Learn 2 Trade platform unique. However, that’s not all, and to give you a better idea, here are a few additional features of the platform:

  • The  Forex Trading Course: Learn 2 Trade provides training and other services for traders of stocks and cryptocurrencies, but it excels in the FX market. The one-time fee for the forex trading course is $99, and it is definitely worth it. The Forex Trading Course provides in-depth trading methods and the basics of forex trading, risk management, and technical analysis. Regardless of your level of experience, the course includes everything you need to progress from beginner to expert and breaks down the lessons into manageable chunks. 
  • Invested Forex Accounts: Funded forex accounts are offered by Learn 2 Trade. You will be trading British pounds as your base currency (GBP). The account is available at three levels, depending on the entry cost. Each tire grants its clients access to trade in exchange for a one-time upfront payment through a certain quantity of OPM (Other People’s Money). You’ll be trading British pounds as your base currency (GBP).
  • High Rate of Success: There are trading winners and losers on the market, and copying the losers is never a good idea. There is good news: Learn 2 Trade is a genuine winner. The platform is one of the most reliable signal providers available today because its signals have an 82 percent historical victory record.
  • Reader Feeds: The news influences the market; therefore, it’s critical to follow the most recent developments for hints about the direction prices may take shortly. Learn 2 Trade offers free news feeds for its subscribers, giving you the resources you need to stay abreast of the market.
  • Mentorship: You can get Orlando Gutierrez’s ear for just $199 per month through the Mentorship program. He is the first trader behind the Learn 2 Trade service. As a mentorship participant, you can participate in a private group discussion and take advantage of two private group mentoring sessions every week.

Overall, the added core and additional features make Learn 2 Trade a great platform for users of every type. No matter where you are on the learning cycle, you can easily make the most of your trading experience over the platform. 

Security Over Learn 2 Trade 

Learn 2 Trade scans the market for forex traders and advises them on the ideal time to sell or purchase using a combination of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and the great knowledge of its crew. Additionally, if the platform identifies a lucrative business opportunity, learn-2-trade subscribers can access any trading recommendations.

Learn 2 Trade takes advantage of a top-notch Telegram channel to carry out these activities. Irrespective of this, many customers are still uncertain about live Learn 2 Trade signals. This UK-based signal service can assist you in receiving trade signals daily and supply you with some trading advice based on technical analysis. You can also receive certain real-time warnings via Telegram that can improve your trading awareness.

The primary office of Learn 2 Trade, a recognized business, is in Malta. The signal provider wants to make it easier for traders and investors to get all the information they need about forex trading and swiftly succeed as traders.

Additionally, this platform ensures that each subscriber receives professional guidance that could alter their line of work. Each member of Learn 2 Trade’s excellent team has extensive expertise in financial markets like indices, cryptocurrencies, and commodities.

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Fees Structure Of Learn 2 Trade

Learn 2 Trade has earned its reputation for being a reliable platform. Users signing up for the platform can access different fee structures per the trading tools. Therefore, to give you a better idea, here’s an overview of the different fee structures in the following sections: 

Fees of the Forex Signals

Learn 2 Trade proves two subscriptions for its clients in partnership with its premium association Alvexo, the first plan includes a premium plan and a  free plan. The free plan option is only available for those traders who are interested in seeking the services. Subscribers to the free plan are entitled to 3 free signals each week.

On the other hand, the Premium plan, which has the following monthly fee, provides between 3 and 5 signals every day, five times per week. This might only be a drop in the ocean if you want to advance your forex trading efforts.

Price Cost on a Monthly basis: In 1 month it will cost £35, For three months the plan will cost £65, i.e., £21 per month, for six months the plan costs £95, i.e., £15.83 per month and if you want to get lifetime access it will cost you £250.

Funded Account Fees of Forex

If you qualify as a funded account from Learn 2 Trade, you will have to pay the following amount to use your account for investing. It is mandatory for the traders also share 50% of the profit with the website:

  • £350 one-time payment when the Forex Funded account with a balance of $20K.
  • £550 one-time payment when the Forex Funded account with a balance of $40K.
  • £700 one-time payment when the Forex Funded account with a balance of $52K.

Learn 2 Trade covers everything you need to know about how to sign up for an evaluation, even about the funded trading accounts, accounts levels on offer, and the general guidelines.

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Account Opening With Learn 2 Trade

Given below is the procedure of account opening with Learn 2 Trade via the online method:

Step 1: You must first locate an internet trading platform that supports your long-term investment objectives.  

Step 2: While opening your account in Learn 2 Trade, you will have to supply some personal data. Your full name, residential address, nationality, date of birth, national tax number, and contact information are included. In the next step, you may accomplish this on most online trading platforms by quickly uploading a copy of your passport or driver’s license.

Step 3: The following payment options are frequently accepted: bank wire, Skrill, PayPal, Neteller, debit/credit cards, and PayPal or even debit or credit cards.

Check the minimum deposit amount and any fees associated with your preferred payment method, as well.

Step 4: You can make your first trade as soon as your Learn 2 Trade account is funded. Browse through the different financial instruments the broker offers to get things started.

The order should be executed a few seconds after you confirm it. This won’t occur if you select a limit order until your entry price is met.

Customer Satisfaction

Learn 2 Trade is the site that offers trustworthy trading signals, which is also legal and safe. Moreover, it has the support and endorsement of reputable, well-regulated brokers like eToro, Alvexo, and XM.

Nevertheless, the site has received its fair share of criticism. For instance, a few users have expressed dissatisfaction about Learn 2 Trade’s customer care team’s failure to reply to them after receiving payments.

However, Learn 2 Trade needs to improve its customer service; thus, it should do so. The business, however, makes no concessions when it comes to its services. You can use the signals as a subscriber of this signal provider on any trading platform you like. But make sure the platform supports the asset.

Even while these signal providers can help you become a successful trader quickly, you might not always get the outcomes you want if you rely solely on their predictions and do no additional research. Make sure you enroll in specific educational courses concurrently if you’re going to trust Learn 2 Trade services and stay informed about the trading industry.

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Learn 2 Trade Vs. Competition

Learn 2 Trade has earned a spot for being one of the most reliable platforms, especially for all the features and functionality that it has to offer. It’s a great spot for users of all shapes and sizes to sign up and get started on their trading journey.

However, similar to the features, other drawbacks weigh down the platform. Therefore, for some reason, if you feel that this isn’t the ideal platform for you, let’s compare it with one of its primary competitors Altsignals.io. 

Learn 2 Trade vs. Altsignals.io

Both Learn 2 Trade and Altsignals.io are reliable offerings in terms of their features and functionalities. Similarly, they’ve earned a name around sound security too. However, like their similarities, other features make them unique too. Let’s figure it out in the following section: 

  • Platforms and Audience: Altsignals.io and Learn 2 Trade have comparable platforms with great connectivity features. However, L2T takes over its competition with access to several trading tools and features. 
  • Customer service: Learn 2 Trade and altsignals.io offer 24/7 online customer service. Additionally, learn 2 trade’s training approach consists of in-person instruction and documentation, while altsignals.io combines live webinars and documentation.
  • Affiliate Program: The affiliate program is one of the unique concepts of Learn 2 Trade. Users helping their friends join the program get up to 40% of their subscription amount until the user has signed up over the platform. On the contrary, Altsignals.io isn’t known to offer any such affiliate program to its users. 

Overall, Learn 2 Trade and Altsignals.io are reliable platforms to start your trading journey. But if you look at it, L2T takes over Altsignals.io on several aspects, including better security, features, and affiliate programs.  

Final Verdict

Where Learn 2 Trade Stands Out?

Learn 2 Trade is regarded as a reliable and secure service.  The brokers, including Alvexo Etoro and Markets.com, considered highly regulated and well-known brokers, have support and validation on Learn 2 Trade as one of the wells like forex signal services. Through their partners’ regulated platforms, the aggregator promotes the signals it provides. 

  1. Multiple Free Services: Users have free access to Cryptocurrency and free forex trading signals whether the users have signed up for services or not. The instructional tools and signals provided for free are equally as useful as those purchased.
  2. Forex accounts with funds: This is possibly the platform’s most exciting feature. You won’t have to risk your own hard-earned money to trade because Learn 2 Trade funds its FX accounts.
  3. High rate of wins:: The signals on the platform have an 82% success rate. It has one of the highest win rates among all the signal services we’ve tested so far
  4. Money-Back Promise: Either you’ll be content, or your money will be returned. Whether or not the service is up to expectations, the users will have 30 days to determine.

Shortcomings of Learn 2 Trade

Considering using Learn 2 Trade’s services has a lot of advantages, but there are some drawbacks as well. Among the biggest downsides are the following:

  1. Costly Pricing for A La Carte: The platform’s price is reasonable if you use a limited number of services. However, the price may be prohibitive for new merchants when all the services are combined.
  2. The Guarantee has limitations: Online, there are a lot of concerns about the money-back promise. The money-back guarantee, however, is only valid if you pay the total cost of the services. The company’s refusal to issue refunds to many customers who chose the savings option at checkout is considered deceptive.

This brings us to the end of our comprehensive blog on Learn 2 Trade. Considering all the aspects that the platform has on offer, it’s evident that multiple features make it unique. 

Adding to it, the fee structure, affiliate program, and money-back promise a good option. Lastly, if you don’t like its limitations, chances are you should be looking for a different platform. All the best!


What is Learn 2 trade?

One of the biggest and best forex signal providers worldwide is Learn 2 Trade. With some crucial indications, the platform enables you to access all financial markets at your fingertips. Commodities, indices, cryptocurrencies, and FX trading are given increased attention.

What educational resources does Learn 2 Trade offer to help in trading improvement?

The staff at Learn 2 Trade, which consists of experienced traders and analysts, pools their knowledge of the market to provide you with the advantages such as: including live market updates throughout all trading sessions around the world, Top free and paid trading signals for cryptocurrencies, commodities, stock indices, and forex

Is there a basic requirement for using Learn 2 Trade's trading education?

You don't need any specific training or previous trading expertise to use the variety of forex trading information and services on the Learn 2 Trade website. You can begin trading forex immediately and eventually succeed and prosper as a trader. You can enter this excellent sector even if you have no experience trading foreign exchange.

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