CapTrader Broker Review: Key Features, Pros & Cons




When talking of the different possible trader brokers, you can’t miss out on CapTrader. The platform has established itself as one of the most reliable platforms to offer its clients a unique trading experience. 

Users signing up for the platform get access to multiple types of trading accounts, commission limits, and hundreds of different trading tools to choose from. Besides, it has also successfully fulfilled the client’s obligations and can entirely rely on this broker. It has a good possibility for both experienced and beginner investors. It is a reputable broker that is aimed at long-term play.

Today, CapTrader is one of the most trusted broking companies. It is a legit broker for international-orientated assets that provides assets to various markets. Top-tier financial authorities regulate it.

But is CapTrader the right broking platform for you? Let’s find out in this comprehensive overview of the platform. 

Pros and Cons


  • It has partnerships with well-known international brokers
  • It has access to 145 stock markets globally and 70,000+ trading instruments which makes trading easy
  • More convenient platform for traders with access to advanced financial instruments for trading
  • It is a licensed broker which guarantees that it will pay regularly
  • There are both user-friendly account interfaces and profitable investor marketplace platforms where the traders offer their services


  • CapTrader has a high minimum deposit of $20,000 which doesn’t make the best condition, especially beginners
  • Even without a zero spread, you have to pay the amount of $3.75

CapTrader At A Glance

Headquarters  Ratingen Germany 
Founded In  2009
CapTrader Employees Size  11-50 employees 
Nature Of Course Trading for Profit
Platform Fee $20,000
Customer Support Phone (specified in the contact section), email, online chat in the website or in the personal account.(24/5)
Industry  Financial services
Legal Entity  Stock Broker
Supported Countries  Global 

CapTrader: Company Overview

Established in 1977, CapTrader is among the top stock brokers with a relatively high minimum deposit. Based in Germany, the platform operates out of its headquarters in Ratingen. One of the country’s premier broker service providers, CapTrader is backed by the German FXFlat Wertpapierhandelsbank GmbH. Besides, the platform has also appeared as a partner for other globally renowned interactive brokers. 

Users signing up for the CapTrader platform get access to some of the most reliable features and functionalities that ensure a seamless trading experience. Besides, the platform introduces its users to over 1 million financial instruments, supported by over 24 currencies and 31 countries.

For better understanding, the traders are introduced to many investment opportunities and offered a global exchange with an excellent price commission on this platform. CapTrader also performs more than a million trades daily; you can rest easy that the orders will be directed to some of the best implementation venues. 

It may also be interesting to know that CapTrader has a selection of flexible and powerful trading platforms to pick for web, mobile, and desktop devices. Additionally, the existing investment portfolios can be transferred to you, or you can even open a trading account with CapTrader with a deposit of $2,000.

In addition, expert coaching, including webinars, seminars, and training, will also be provided while joining the platform to help traders get familiar with the Captrades’ products and software. Overall, CapTrader is considered a reputable broker, but due to a large minimum deposit of $20,000, it may not be suitable for beginners but only for professional traders.


Features of CapTrader

CapTrader is owner-managed by the Forex broker company. The platform has its base in Germany. Although it is based in Germany, it provides services all around the globe. CapTrader provides traders access to one or more platforms that allow them to buy or sell foreign currencies. 

Listed below are some of the primary features that make the CapTrader unique:

Access To Multiple Investment Programs

The exhaustive list of investment programs on offer (possibly millions) makes the platform one of the world’s unique stock brokers. Users signing up for the platform have access to some of the safest and most secure investment programs that allow them to make the most of their investments without risking their funds. 

CapTrader offers solutions not only to the traders but also to the investors. The company’s clients can also use Managed Accounts (MAM). The company offers MAM accounts to all types of investors with different risk levels, minimum investment amounts, types of used assets, trading instruments, and so on. Besides, access to such investment programs also allows users to diversify their platforms with all possible options.

Partnership Programs

No feature list is complete without mentioning referrals and different partnership programs. Interestingly, CapTrader is no different! Users over the platform can earn extra income by referring CapTrader to their family and friends. In addition, the CapTrader partnership program awards financial bonuses to the traders for referring new clients.

Every time one of your referrals join the program and starts trading, you’ll be entitled to a commission of some sort. To participate in this program, the trader needs to fill out and submit an application. Besides, you also need to abide by the conditions of the program. If the client’s referral deposit of EUR 2,000 to the account, the user who referred them will be credited EUR 74. For deposit amounts from EUR 2,000 to 2,500, the premium is EUR 150. If the initial deposit exceeds 25,000, the client will be awarded EUR 250.

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Multiple Trading Assets

The multiple trading conditions on offer by CapTrader are what make the platform unique! A reliable option for advanced traders, access to these trading asset classes allows users to make the most of their trade decisions and upcoming predictions. CapTrader offers its clients access to over 70,000 trading instruments and assets, including mutual funds, CFDs, stocks, EFTs, commodities, futures, options, currency pairs, etc. 

Besides, users signing up for the CapTrader platform can also test a platform using a free demo account. Trading over such an account allows you to make the most of your learning curve by practicing trades over controlled simulations. In addition, CapTrader also enables users to access marginal trading at a range from 1:5 to 1:20 to multiply their investments in no time. 

Seamless & Transparent Forex Trading Environment

Forex trading is often considered complex, primarily for the negative light under which the industry is always viewed. As a result, numerous platforms duping their users around different fee structures have come up. Thankfully, that’s not the case with CapTrader. 

The platform has established its name around providing transparent Forex services. CapTrader provides its clients direct access to Forex liquidity providers based on the ECN technology. This way, the order execution is quick and can be traded with minimum market spreads. 

An Intuitive Web Trading Ecosystem

The seamless and clean UI of the CapTrader platform is what makes it unique and beginner-friendly. Users signing up for the platform get access to a clean, intuitive web platform experience where the trading dock is clutter-free and comes up with all the necessary tools and market information. Besides, the web trading platform of CapTrader is user-friendly, has a clear fee report, and can be accessed through two-step verification. 

While trading at the CapTrader, you can choose Web Trader as your platform; it is not only user-friendly but also intuitive. You will easily find every feature on this platform, whether a beginner or a professional. In addition, CapTrader has successfully provided a similar type of experience to its mobile platforms, desktop application, and web traders. Being an active trader, you can easily access the platform on the go. 

Easy Search Functions

The search function of Web trade works better than on the desktop platform. It is quite easy to use. In the search bar, just type the name of the asset you are looking for, and you will see a list of exchanges and products on your screen. CapTrader’s mobile trading platform comes with a good search function, safer two-step verification, and a good variety of trading. It is available for Android and iOS, the trades can be monitored more conveniently, and the mobile trading app is more accessible than the web platform.

Besides, the platform’s desktop trading feature is also more advanced than its existing counterparts over mobile and web. It has various order types, a clear fee report, and good customizability. All the features are given on this platform. However, this platform is ideal only for the process user because of its complexity

Additional Features Of The Platform

Mentioned in the section above were just some of the platform’s core features. However, that’s not all! Being a globally renowned platform, CapTrader has various additional features too. Let’s have a look at some of these valuable features in the following section:  

  1. Access to global markets: CapTrader provides its users with all the possible opportunities to diversify their portfolios. With this platform, you get over 100 markets worldwide with reasonable prices and competitive trading conditions for trading with exchange-traded securities. The user can also join various markets around the globe. 
  2. Multiple charts:  Thanks to its collaboration with global stock markets, users can easily access multiple charts to help them with different aspects of their trading. Besides, all the charts on the CapTrader platform allow you to access some definite knowledge about the traded asset.
  3. Ninja trader: The Ninja trader is another unique aspect of trading over the CapTrader platform. A unique approach to generic trading, this platform feature allows traders to tap into system developments during the research. Primarily a market analysis chart program, this allows users to make the most of their upcoming trades. 
  4. Tradesignal online Terminal: Tradesignal is a platform that needs no introduction in the trading sphere. Interestingly, CapTrader takes things us a notch with this offering. It gives access to a large community, business news, and free trading tools.
  5. OptionCube: OptionCube is another support tool that simplifies trading for traders at every level. On CapTrader, the platform comes in two versions: one for professional traders and the other for private traders, allowing users to access additional asset class knowledge while they trade.
  6. Beginner’s education: As mentioned earlier, CapTrader offers its clients several free seminars and webinars, and video tutorials that help users on its trading platforms. The support team is also committed to Guiding its clients via the tools of the platforms.
  7. Advanced leverage: Leverage happens to be one of the most appealing factors for any seasoned trader. However, things just reach a higher level over CapTrader. Users signing up over the platform have a larger exposure to the trading market as they have the options to leverage their trade-in ratio’s like 500:1or 100:1, allowing them to make the most of their business.  

How Secure Is CapTrader?

Security happens to be one of the most necessary aspects of any trading platform. Besides, when signing up, you’re bound to have questions on whether or not CapTrader is secure or not. Therefore, to help you understand better, we’ve listed some of the platform’s robust security aspects. 

To begin with, the Germany-based global stock broker introduces its users to the Central Bank of Ireland and Interactive Brokers (IBIE – Interactive Broker’s Irish counterpart). This signifies that all your investments over the platform are held with IB, regulated under the Central Bank of Ireland.

Not to forget, the platform is also backed as an established US discount broker, regulated by several authorities, including FCA and SEC. In addition, CapTrader is also listed on a stock exchange. 

Overall, CapTrader is backed by all the regulations and stringent security measures the platform adopts for its users. Considering the measures, it’s evident that the platform is serious with the level of security that it provides to the users and their funds. All of these factors make CapTrade one of the most reliable platforms to get started with your journey in the stock market.

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Fee Structure of CapTrader

The fee structure of any trading platform is the primary concern for any user signing up on it, making it one of the essential factors to consider. Talking of the fee structure over CapTrader, it’s transparent and competitive, keeping the charges minimal. 

Let’s get into the details of the overall fee structure in the following sections of this review. 

CapTrader Trading Fees

Stock and ETF fees

CapTrader usually charges low stock and ETF commissions thanks to its competitive nature. The charges generally start at $2 and can go beyond $10, depending on the type of asset chosen. 

To give you a better idea, here’s an overview of the fees charged by the platform over different stocks: 


US stock $2.0
UK stock $11.2
German stock $4.8

Besides, the stock trading fee of CapTrader is volume based, and the ETF is identical to that of stock fees. Trading on a margin means you borrow the money from your broker and then purchase more shares. You have to pay interest on this borrowed money, called the margin rate. The margin rates of the CapTrader are low.

CapTrader Margin Rate

Margin rates over Captrader generally depend on the type of account and the overall funds held by the holder. For instance, if you have a debit balance over $100,000, you’ll be entitled to get a discount of 50 basis points.

To give you a fair idea, here’s an overview of the different fees charged per the platform’s rates.


Margin rate Fees 
USD margin rate 3.3%
GBP margin rate 3.4%
EUR margin rate 2.5%


CapTrader Trading & Non-trading Fees

The trading fees of CapTrader are mixed; the platform mostly uses a volume tired commission. CapTrader has an average non-trading fee. However, inactivity fees apply to any account with equity below $1,000.

Deposits & Withdrawals

In the case of CapTrader, the account can be funded only through wire transfer; it cannot be done through online payment processors, not even through debit or credit cards. However, deposits and withdrawals can be made in many different currencies. 


In addition, CapTrader offers cash and margin accounts. The minimum deposit required to open a cash account is $20,000, which is quite expensive compared to other Brokerage services. As for the margin accounts, the margin for stock CFD is 10%, and that of index CFDs is 5%. The investors can control their capital through CapTrader up to 40 times while transacting forex currency pairs.

Overall, the fee structure over CapTrader seems cost-effective and competitive compared to the other stock brokers in the industry. However, the clients of CapTrader may experience different fee structures based on their country of residence. The fees are reasonable in terms of deposits, but in terms of withdrawals, the fees are charged up to 8 euros by bank transfers.

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Account Opening With CapTrader 

At a CapTrader, you will find the correct type of account for your requirements. Users signing up over the platform have the option to choose between a private, company, or family account. 

You are generally required to go through the following steps for account opening over the platform: 

Step 1: Go to the platform’s official website and click on the ‘Sign-up’ process. 

Step 2: Once done, you’ll be redirected to a new page where you need to put in some questions for successful SSL encryption. 

Step 3: Upon filling up the question, scroll down to select the account type (private, company, or family) and continue filling up your details.

Step 4: After completion, read all the details about the electronic signature and risk disclosure agreement.

Step 5: Upon this step, you’ll be required to provide identity proof and residency proof. CapTrader accepts the following documents:

  • Proof of residency: phone bill, a bank statement or a utility bill, or even a credit card statement
  • Proof of identity: proof of address and an Identity Card or a passport copy

The account opening at CapTrader is entirely digital; you can go through the company’s web platform identification process.

Step 6: To complete this process, you are then required to transfer the minimum deposit of $2,000 from your bank account to your brokerage account to start your trading.

captrader - open-account

Customer Satisfaction

CapTrader uses various communication platforms to reach out to its customers. The more communication platforms there are, the more likely somebody will solve your queries. The essential element of well-functioning customer service is the number of channels you can reach for help. You can get in touch with CapTrader via email, phone, or live chat.

The platform has received many mixed reviews; although it is not much welcoming to beginners, it is optimal for professionals. The quality of a broker customer is based on its response speed and response relevance. In terms of CapTrader’s customer service, it has several strong features, but there are a few features that could be improved a bit. 

For example, the availability of 24/7 customer support, and its live chat speed could be improved. Therefore, it can be said that the performance of CapTrader is average in terms of customer support. Overall, the platform has a reliable customer approach but has vast scope for improvements in its services.

CapTrader Vs. Competition

CapTrader is one of the most reliable stock brokers that introduces its users to vast possibilities in terms of features and functionalities. The platform has a competitive fee structure, over a million asset types, and stringent security, among other features. However, similar to its highlights, a few aspects weigh down the platform. 

Therefore, in the following section, if you think CapTrader isn’t an ideal option for you, we’ve tried comparing its performance with its competition Interactive Brokers. So let’s check it out. 

CapTrader vs. Interactive Brokers

Both CapTrader and Interactive Brokers collaborate in their operations to a certain level (CapTrader uses the Irish version of Interactive Brokers) to ensure the security of their assets. However, that doesn’t mean that both platforms are the same. 

Listed below are some highlights that present in-depth differences between the platforms.

  • Reputable service: In terms of services, Interactive Brokers provides a good service compared to CapTrader, and its fees are slightly higher than that of Interactive Brokers.
  • Ease of account opening: There is less effort in opening an account in Interactive Brokers. Meanwhile, it takes a lot of effort to open an account in CapTrader. The deposit and withdrawal process is similar to CapTrader s, but the customer service quality of CapTrader s is excellent compared to Interactive Brokers. 
  • Product markets on offer: The trading platform of Interactive broker has the same quality as the platform of CapTrader s. The clients of Interactive Broker have access to about the same number of markets and products as CapTrader. In addition, Interactive Brokers also just provides the same quality of research and education.

Looking at this short but comprehensive overview, it’s clear that Interactive Brokers take the lead over multiple aspects. However, the interactive web platform gives CapTrader the winning advantage. 


Final Verdict

Should You Consider Using CapTrader?

CapTrader is a Germany-based broker that offers services around the globe and has been regulated by the top-tier financial authorities. It covers a huge range of products and markets and often offers a large number of trading platforms. In addition, it is an online broker that provides traders access to more than 100 exchange rates worldwide. Besides, there are several reasons for you to consider the platform, some of which are listed in the section below: 

  • Access to a global exchange: CapTrader offers fair and inexpensive conditions and direct access to all the major stock exchanges around the world for trading in stocks, EFTs, and other exchange-traded derivatives.
  • Active collaboration with several platforms: CapTrader is partnered with several recognized software providers to deliver a range of powerful trading tools designed for its traders’ benefit.
  • Stringent security with regulations: Security over the platform makes CapTrader a reliable option to sign up with. Besides, the financial bodies backing the platform add to its overall security.
  • Multiple tiers of trading accounts: CapTrader is designed keeping in mind almost every level of advanced trader. The platform introduces its users to multiple types of accounts based on their expertise to sign up with.

Shortcomings Of CapTrader

  1. Might be challenging for beginners: The beginners may find some difficulties using CapTrader, but this platform offers its clients free seminars, webinars, and several other videos. It also gives access to a support team that guides you through the platform tools.
  2. Limited customer support: While the platform does provide 24-hour support, it’s only limited to 5 days a week. It’s often challenging for customers to get access to an online form for any type of technical or general queries.

This brings us to the end of our comprehensive review on CapTrader. Considering all the aspects the platform offers, it’s evident that it is an excellent option for traders. However, similar to the perks, the platform has certain drawbacks. 

Therefore, if you’re a beginner who wants to get into the stock market, CapTrader isn’t your ideal option. Instead, we suggest you look for a different alternative to get started. All the best! 

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Is CapTrader good for beginners?

This platform may not have an optimal choice for beginners. So, it might not be suitable because of its complex desktop trading program and complicated account opening.

How many countries does CapTrader cover?

The platform provides its services globally and has worldwide market access. However, due to the legal limitations of certain countries, it may not be able to accept a few applications.

Is CapTrader reliable to use?

CapTrader is the most reliable and trusted broker; it is a legit platform. It is regulated by the top-tier financial authorities and has a long track record. In addition, it also has a wide range of products and many outstanding research tools.

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