CapitalXP is an offshore CFDs and Forex broker owned by the Quattro Holding Group, a company that is registered on the Islands of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG). With Capital XP you can trade stocks, forex, commodities and indices. In addition CapitalXP are one of the few brokers who offer remote desktop support you its customers. This is a feature where the broker can access your desktop terminal for a limited time and guide you in the set-up and use of their different variety of platforms.

We will give you an opportunity to learn about some of CapitalXP’s features, services and tools and we will give you true, accurate and unbiased information so that you can choose correctly when it comes to trading.

CapitalXP have been in the trading market for a short while now and they have gained for themselves a reputation. They are considered by most to be a trusted and reliable forex and CFDs broker.

The table below gives a summary of the pros and cons of CapitalXP as a broker.

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Offers a 1:500 leverageThe spreads are tight to ensure max profitsSupports MT4 trading platformOffers mobile trading for convenience and flexibilityAccess to a wide variety of trading resources.Direct access to over 100 plus trading instrumentsConvenient and secure options for deposits and withdrawalsAccess to effective trading tools and indicatorsResponsive and professional customer service. They do not offer trading on cryptos.

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Table of Contents

1 1.1 What Makes CapitalXP Unique?

2 1.2 CapitalXP Experience Tests

3 1.3 Is CapitalXP a Scam or Legit?

4 1.3 CapitalXP Regulation and Safety of Funds

5 1.4 Account Types

6 1.5 Basic Account Features

7 1.6 Silver Account Features

8 1.7 Gold Account Features

9 1.8 Platinum Account Features

10 1.9 Diamond Account Features

11 5.1 Deposits and Withdrawals

12 5.2 CapitalXP Trading Platforms

13 5.3 Desktop and Mobile Trading App

14 5.4 Bonuses

15 5.5 Customer Service

16 5.7 Education and Resources

17 7.1 Is CapitalXP Regulated?

18 7.2 Who has Experience with CapitalXP

19 7.3 How does CapitalXP work?

20 7.4 How Reputable is Capital XP?

21 7.5 How do I Open an Account with CapitalXP?

22 7.6 Where is CapitalXP based?

1.1 What Makes CapitalXP Unique?

With all the brokers in the market today, traders look for the best options in terms of features, tools and services. CapitalXP is a unique broker in all these fields. Here’s why.

  • Low spreads– when we opened an account with CapitalXP, we saw for ourselves that the spreads being offered by the broker are indeed low. Using the demo account you will see that the spread on EURUSD are as low as 0.9 pips but in the real account, the list of spreads is not fully shown.
  • Strong trading platform– The MT4 trading platform is available on CapitalXP, The MT4 platform is known for its tight security, extensive library of technical indicator tools, live news feed and so much more.
  • Multilingual website– you can get CapitalXP in these languages; English, German and Russian.
  • Multiple payment methods– for the traders’ convenience, CapitalXP has adopted a variety of popular payment methods such as credit/debit card, crypto, wire, and e-wallets.
  • Reliable customer service– the customer support group at CapitalXP can be reached 24/5 via live chat and email and others. Using their remote access feature, the customer service group can fix all your trading needs without you doing a thing.

1.2 CapitalXP Experience Tests

An exhaustive examination of the broker was carried out before writing this review. For this, we used a live account funded with actual money. We examined the broker for account opening process, speed of deposits, and reliability of the website.

The account opening process was easy enough taking around 3 minutes. The verification process was also successful; our documents were uploaded in a short time and we could now begin trading. We tested the responsiveness of the customer service. This is because customer service is one of the features most traders are usually after when it comes to choosing a broker. We looked into their customer support system first. In order to keep your customers happy and satisfied, the customer care staff must always be available and capable of solving presented issues. CapitalXP being a reputable broker offers its customers a customer support team available 24/5. Customer care can be contacted through email, phone or live chat at any time of the day. A ticket to the customer care personnel was submitted and we got an immediate response, they promised to look into the issue promptly. CapitalXP looked into our problem and it was solved in no time. We can say that CapitalXP excels in the customer service department. Their remote control tool is also very effective and reliable to the traders.

The trading experience was enjoyable and the different tools on the platform were very helpful. On their MT4 platform, we looked into the different educational tools and they proved to be resourceful to us. With all the videos and the webinars, calendars, market news, daily market reviews and currency forecasts, CapitalXP is truly a great broker.

We compared reviews from other brokers who had traded with the broker; we saw that they had similar positive experience.

1.3 Is CapitalXP a Scam or Legit?

CapitalXP is under the parent company, Quattro Holding Group which is a registered company under the registration number 24595 by the government of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. Based on this, the company can be sued for breach of contract.

The company also have published terms and conditions which all traders have to abide by. CapitalXP has excellent customer service providers who work with high professionalism and friendliness. With the MT4 trader platform on CapitalXP, traders can have the best trading experience there is out there. Nearly all legit brokers out there use the MT4 trading platform.

The fact that CapitalXP accepts payments through Visa and Mastercard means that the company’s financial information is in the hands of these financial bodies. In case of a dispute, their funds can be held back and you can initiate a chargeback. In the ten days of testing, we were able to deposit our funds quickly and trade for ten days. We later withdrew our money without any issue arising.

1.3 CapitalXP Regulation and Safety of Funds

It is important for every trader to know that CapitalXP is not a regulated brokerage firm. This means that the company isn’t bound by a regulatory body over the security of funds of traders. Regardless, CapitalXP has undertaken measures to ensure security of their clients’ money. By using secure encryption and top security features which are used by banks, CapitalXP has ensured the security of traders’ funds.

The company abides by the AML and KYC regulations as they require all traders to identify themselves before they carry out any transactions on CapitalXP, tightening the already existing security measures.

1.4 Account Types

CapitalXP has different trading accounts to suit preference, skill and requirements of traders. CapitalXP caters for both the newbies and the gurus of trading. The broker offers five trading accounts all of which have been summarized below.

1.5 Basic Account Features

  • Dedicated account manager
  • Trading platform and financial market introduction
  • Free educational materials and webinars
  • Sentimental, Technical and fundamental analysis
  • Bonuses
  • Personalized tutorials and Skype sessions
  • Risk management
  • Induction on market strategies
  • All basic account features
  • Better spreads
  • Trading signals and alerts
  • Senior personal account manager
  • Advanced trading strategies
  • One-on-one MT4 trading course
  • All silver and basic account features

1.6 Silver Account Features

1.7 Gold Account Features

1.8 Platinum Account Features

  • Basic, silver and gold features
  • VIP webinars
  • Live trading with professional traders
  • Daily market brief
  • Private webinar with a trading expert

1.9 Diamond Account Features

100% disclosure by the account manager- this trading account is tailored to meet the needs of the trader.

This broker offers managed trading accounts. It gives the trader flexibility of making money handing over trading activities to a professional trader. The pro-trader functions are only limited to trading activities. Other functions such as deposits and withdrawals are passed on to the account holder.

CapitalXP gives its clients a world class trading environment. With the incredible spreads and the leverage, to the brokerage model, CapitalXP is surely at the top. CapitalXP runs a non-dealing desk. This means that traders’ requests are routed directly to liquidity providers. By doing this, CapitalXP avoids conflicts of interest with traders’ orders and protects itself from any breach of contract with their clients.

CapitalXP’s leverage can be as high as 1:500 as compared to its EU counterparts which offer a leverage of up to 1:30.leverage is a great way to increase profitability. CapitalXP gives its traders an opportunity to multiply their accounts 500 times.

CapitalXP are not allowed to scalp, hedge or enter into arbitrage trades. It’s against the trading terms of CapitalXP, and if a trader caught, the order will be cancelled and the trader will be barred from accessing the website.

This information has not been disclosed on the CapitalXP website. You can contact the broker to get this information.

To open an account with CapitalXP, follow these steps;

  • Visit the CapitalXP website
  • Navigate to the ‘REGISTER’ icon as you scroll down
  • Fill in your personal information required and click on ‘Get Started’
  • Look out for bonuses and opt in if interested
  • Claim your bonus
  • Start trading

Verification is important when registering your account and also when withdrawing funds. To verify who you say you are the following documents will be required;

Proof of residence

  • Utility bills
  • Bank/credit card statements- these documents shouldn’t be older than 6 months

Proof of payment– a copy of the credit card used to make a deposit if applicable

Proof of Identity

  • Valid passport
  • National ID
  • Driver’s License

All these documents must contain the information you provided when creating your account.

5.1 Deposits and Withdrawals

Deposits are processed immediately except for those made through bitcoin and wire methods. Bitcoin takes around 15minutes to one hour for processing. Bank wire takes up to 5 business days. Withdrawals are processed no earlier than 24 hours and no later than 7 days. The minimum deposit amount is $250 and the minimum withdraw amount is $50.

Withdrawals are charged a commission fee of 3.5% to 10% depending on account type and payment methods. If your account has been dormant for 21 days or more, CapitalXP charges the trader a fine of 50 EUR. A further 50 EUR is charged after 14 days of continued inactivity. This happens until account balance is depleted.

5.2 CapitalXP Trading Platforms

As we had mentioned before CapitalXP uses the highly popular MT4 trading platform. This platform is only available to traders, which means you have to open an account with CapitalXP for you to enjoy the wide benefits of MT4. To suite different trader needs, the platform can be offered in different languages and nine different time frames, different chart formats and different colour themes.

5.3 Desktop and Mobile Trading App

The desktop client offered here is similar to the MT4 platform offered by other online brokers. The desktop client, unlike the web trader, has low latency .This means it can work well with a slow Internet connection. It has fast execution speeds; therefore, the trader shall not experience any requites or slippage.

CapitalXP offers its traders a mobile trading application that is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. This mobile app is light and has the same set of features as the desktop client. The best this mobile app has the ability to trade on the go. You will not miss any trade opportunity. The mobile app interface is quite appealing; the menus and icons are placed strategically to leave a wide area for the charts. Using a smartphone will guarantee you a smooth trading experience. It is important to note that CapitalXP broker provides for a demo account to all traders. However, the demo account is only available to traders who have live accounts.

5.4 Bonuses

CapitalXP offers limited bonuses and promotions that aren’t fully advertised on their website. However, active members with real accounts benefit from these bonuses and seasonal promotions frequently. To get the full details about the on-going promotions since they are constantly changing, traders need to reach out to their account managers. For example, the information provided below is a reply we got from the account managers after a query while conducting this review.

From this reply, it shows that the CapitalXP has a welcome bonus:

Every week, we usually have promotions of as little as $250 up to $500 for our newcomers.

This week, there are only 2 bonuses remaining. The bonuses are randomly distributed to new clients when request is sent to the financial department.

5.5 Customer Service

CapitalXP has a dependable team of customer support available 24/5 a week. Support is offered in English, Polish, German, Norwegian, and Russian. If you encounter a problem in the course of trading, you can contact the support team via the following channels; email ([email protected]), live chat, and you can complete a form online.

You can also request a call-back by clicking on request call-back on the top section of the CapitalXP website. You will decide on the most suitable time and day for speaking with the support, and they will contact you at your requested time. The customer support reps are professional and are prompt to respond to customer inquiries. Their response time is also impressive. For instance, while conducting this CapitalXP review, the live chat representative was readily available in less than a minute of initiating the chat.

5.7 Education and Resources

CapitalXP has some of the most insightful and informative educational materials for its customers. These materials consist of webinars, videos, e-books, and a detailed glossary. The educational materials are suitable for both novice and veteran traders. The video-on-demand is the most valuable option. The videos are detailed, short, and each recording covers a different topic. For instance, new traders can learn trading basics such as charts ask/ bid prices and they can then progress to more advanced topics, such as resistance levels, supports and technical analysis and more.

There are advanced videos on so many topics, such as trading strategies, trading psychology, technical indicators, are also available. To access the materials, traders will be required to register an account with CapitalXP. It’s worth opening an account with CapitalXP and reading the content provided because you earn points every time you read the content which you can later redeem.

CapitalXP offers numerous payment methods that are convenient for traders all over the globe. You can make deposits and withdrawal using the following methods.

  • Cards – Visa, MasterCard
  • Qiwi wallet
  • Yandex
  • Bitcoin
  • iBpay
  • Wire Transfer

CapitalXP allows traders to hold accounts in Russian Ruble, GBP and USD. You need to select your preferred currency when you open your CapitalXP trading account.

7.1 Is CapitalXP Regulated?

CapitalXP is not regulated by any company but its parent company Quattro is registered with the registration number 24595.

7.2 Who has Experience with CapitalXP

CapitalXP is open to all types of traders. Be it newbies or gurus. Its different account types tend to cater for all needs of traders.

7.3 How does CapitalXP work?

CapitalXP is a broker that gives its users access to the financial markets. Through this platform, XP charges a commission on all trades and also benefits through spreads.

7.4 How Reputable is Capital XP?

CapitalXP is known for its low spreads and high leverage of up to 1:500. CapitalXP also uses the popular MT4 trading platform.

7.5 How do I Open an Account with CapitalXP?

  • Visit the CapitalXP website
  • Navigate to the ‘REGISTER’ icon as you scroll down
  • Fill in your personal information required and click on ‘Get Started’
  • Look out for bonuses and opt in if interested
  • Claim your bonus
  • Start trading

7.6 Where is CapitalXP based?

CapitalXP is located at James Street, Kingstown, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

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