Capital Index Comprehensive Broker Review 2022




The increasingly growing incorporation of digital technologies in an individual’s life has completely changed people’s lifestyles. The prevalence of digital technologies has made several conveniences. Similarly, the introduction of the Capital Index has served people with many benefits.

Capital units have been a part of a trade union for a long time, and it has earned a good reputation as reliable partner that performs all its commitment to the union. 

Capital Index recognizes that providing customer support is a considerable achievement for the industry, and it also has a large amount of experience in the industry.

But is the platform the right fit for you? Continue reading as we get into the stock broker’s details and understand the platform’s different features and functionalities in the following sections. Let’s get started!


Pros And Cons of Capital Index


  • The platform offers transparent trading conditions for its users
  • Regulated broker operating with an FCA license
  • The platform offers low spreads, and NDD execution is perfect for the platform
  • It has a user-friendly website interface with the possibility of trading micro-lots


  • There is a lack of professional education in comparison to other brokers. The instruments of the Capital Index are limited to that of Forex and CFDs, which gives traders fewer options
  • Small leverage compared to other platforms

Capital Index At A Glance 

Official Website
Headquarters  Nassau, New Providence, Bahamas
Founded In  2014
Specialties Marketing, Sales, Digital Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Leads, Facebook Groups, Money
Capital index Employees Size 10-50 employees
Nature of Course Seminar, Live workshop, recorded sessions.
Platform Fee Free
Customer Support 24/5 
Industry Future trading
Parent Company GBM Foundation Company, Ltd. 
Supported Countries Global 
Platform type MetaTrader4 

Capital Index: Company Overview

Established in October 2014, Capital Index is based in the UK and provides its services to other countries. The broker is more concerned with the development of the platform. CI is regulated by FCI (Fixed Capital Index) and is authorized by SCB (Security commission of the Bahamas).

It also specializes in active trading, but the company does not offer products for investment. In addition, the platform has an ode to traders as it has been a partner of the Traders Union for several years. During that time, it has earned a reputation as a reliable partner that performs all its obligations to the Union. 

In terms of its features and functionalities, the platform brings in top innovations, making it suitable for traders with high levels of experience and expertise. Besides, the small leverage allows the traders to trade without losing vast amounts of money, and the broker also requests information about the trader’s trading experience. 

The company offers multiple tiers of accounts based on the users’ proficiency. Upon signing up, you can choose from three different account options, ranging from Advanced account (intended for beginner traders) to Pro and Black account (for seasonal experts). In addition, the platform has a global footprint, managed by its location in the UK, Cyprus, South Africa, and Australia.  


Key Features of Capital Index

In terms of its operations, the Capital index happens to be one of the leading market innovators in its segment. Moreover, the platform is backed by multiple high-end features that make it reliable to get started with. 

To give you an idea, we’ve explored some of the primary features available on the platform in the section below:  

Seamless Execution of Orders

Capital Index has established an execution of order policy, which applies to retail and professional clients. The company’s duty is to conduct its business with its clients fairly and professionally. The accomplished trade can be located by measuring the distinction between the execution price (slippage) and the amount the client’s order was triggered. Slippage is considered part of the best execution monitoring every month. In a situation where the slippage is higher than expected, an investigation is conducted to determine the cause of the slippage. 

With its seamless execution, the platform aims at providing the company’s clients with the best services. For instance, if the execution price is better than the triggered price of the client’s order, it is referred to as positive slippage. On the other hand, if the execution price is much worse than the triggered price, it is considered a negative slippage. Slippage often occurs during periods of illiquidity or higher volatility. In such a situation, it may be impossible to carry out the triggered price or the requested price if that price was either not quoted due to insufficient liquidity or a price gap.

Trade with Capital Index

Stringent Security On Withdrawal & Deposit 

Stringent security on the withdrawal and deposit of its user funds is another leading feature of the platform. Users signing up for the platform can initiate bank transfers and card deposits; however, the deposits and withdrawals cannot be made from third-party accounts. The payments received from an account with a different name than the trading account holder are considered a third-party deposit. 

Besides, the funds deposited at Capital Index are kept in a separate bank account which ensures that the segregated money cannot be used for other purposes and prevents the client from bankruptcy. Furthermore, under the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS), the clients are also protected from compensation up to £50,000.

Access To Advanced Trading Platform Options

Capital Index is touted as an online broker that brings you the industry’s latest trading features, and we couldn’t agree more! The platform is designed keeping in mind the experience of several trading experts. Once you have successfully logged into your Capital Index account, you will see the MetaTrader 4 (MT4) trading platform option. 

One of the latest trading platforms, MetaTrader4, gives you access to new and better drawing and charting tools to make the most of any given trade. Besides, with features like CFDs and Spread Betting are available, the platform provides its users with every chance to diversify their portfolios. 

Investment of Program

Capital Index provides comfortable services for professional and beginner traders carrying minimum to no trading experience. The platform’s exhaustive trading features and tools allow users to access all the necessary instruments for their trade. 

The broker primarily focuses on providing Forex trading access to the traders. The platform has kept its minimum deposit at $100, providing leverage of 1:30. This way; it keeps traders safe from losing large amounts of money during trading.

Additional Features of Capital Index

Mentioned above were some of the core features of the Capital Index platform! However, that’s not all. Users signing up for the Capital Index platform have access to multiple additional features, some of which are mentioned in the section below: 

  1. Clean, interactive trading platform: The clean, interactive UI of the platform happens to be one of the leading aspects of trading over Capital Index. Users signing up on the platform access easy-to-follow trading tools and graphs to make the most of their trades without any complications. In addition, the availability of four different classes of trading assets, namely: Forex, CFD, Social, and Share Dealing, over a single platform adds to the reliability factor as well.
  2. Connected platforms for seamless trading: Given the busy lifestyle that we have today, it’s almost impossible to stick to the computer screen to carry out trades every day. Interestingly, this is where Capital Index gets its customers. The platform offers multiple trading applications available over both web and phone. With these Android and iOS mobile applications, you can easily monitor your trades on the go.
  3. Stringent security measures: Security happens to be one of the most demanded factors for users signing up on any broker platform. Interestingly, the Capital Index has its users’ covered over the same. The Capital Index permanently secures the customers’ personal information through mobile or SSL encryption on laptops or computers. In addition, the platform has no recorded hacking incidents, adding another star to its safety rating.
  4. Access to multiple asset classes: Access to various asset classes makes Capital Index a reliable platform to get started with. Users signing up for the platform have access to diversify their portfolios using different asset classes like CFD trading, Social trading, and Capital Index itself. This way, the platform allows the users to make the most of their investments.
  5. Access to demo accounts: Demo accounts are the core offering for any beginner investor. These accounts allow you to execute your trade under real-time market simulations, giving you the best opportunity to practice your trade without having to lose your money. 

Fees Structure

Fee structure happens to be one of the most crucial sections for any trader. Therefore, the more affordable the structure, the better the chances for users to make the most of the platform without losing much on their gains. 

Now, talking of the fee structure over the Capital Index platform, it is primarily tiered into different levels. So, therefore, depending on the account type, you might have additional fees for the process. 

In the following sections, we’ve tried to provide you with a better overview of the fee structure over the platform. So let’s check it out. 

Account type Spread (Minimum Value) Withdrawal Commission 
Advanced account  $14 Depending on the payment system selected 
Pro Account  $10 Depending on the payment system selected
Black account  $4 Depending on the payment system selected 

Besides, the platform has spread rates depending on the different asset types. They are:

Asset Capital Index Spread
EUR USD asset 1.4 pips
Crude Oil WTI asset 7
Gold asset 0.5

Withdrawal And Deposit And Commission Fees

Every broker has different withdrawal rules on the amount that can be withdrawn from the user’s trading accounts. In addition, since every brokerage firm will have a different set of withdrawal methods, each payment provider might have other transfer processing fees, potential currency conversion fees, and processing times. 

Capital Index might charge a fixed fee when depositing a specific fiat currency to your account. For example, fees are high when depositing funds from a credit card. This is if your broker accepts funding your account via a credit card.

The broker may charge a commission fee as a service charge for facilitating the buying and selling of financial assets through your trading account. However, most of their revenue is made from the commission fee charged on the client transactions.

Similarly, the withdrawal fees of Capital Index depend on the type of account you have selected on that withdrawal payment method. Here’s a tabular representation to give you a fair idea:  

Fees Capital Index fee
Minimum Deposit $100
Bank Transfer No
Same Day Bank Transfer 15 EUR/GBP/USD
Deposit fees No
Withdrawal fees No
Inactivity fees Yes
Fee ranking  Average

In addition, here’s a table below that compares commissions charged by the capital index with those of its competitors.

Name of the broker Average commission  Level
Capital Index  $9.3 Low
FX pro $13.2 High

Overall, the platform has a very well design fee structure, varying for different types of tiered accounts. 

Account Opening With Capital Index

Signing up for the Capital Index platform is simple. However, once on board, you must follow the steps to get started. 

Step 1: Go to the website of Capital Index, and select the banner labeled as a free demo. The traders will be offered to sign up for the demo account on a different page.

Step 2: Upload further information; while selecting the option to continue with MeteTrader4, the traders are immediately altered to the platform of the demo account, where they are free to explore the broker’s offering or to test strategies, practice trading, and more.

Step 3: Before you finalize your settings, remember to put in your details and email while accepting the Privacy Policy terms to provide permission to the broker to be contacted at any time.

Step 4: Once you’ve followed the details to create your account, you’ll be asked for verification. You’ll be receiving an email at the address provided. The email will contain the demo account of the trader, password, i.e., generated automatically, and server.

Step 5: Click the attached link to activate your dashboard with the broker. Once done, you can customize your settings and start the trading experience. 


With the first-time sign-up, it may also offer bonuses up to $50/ R750, also known as the deposit bonus. To receive this deposit bonus or the welcome bonus, the clients must make a minimum deposit of $250 / R3750.

Customer Satisfaction

Throughout its operations, Capital Index has received different reviews. The main complaints were related to the improper operation of customer support service, but the broker is always prepared to meet their customers halfway and help them solve most issues.

Capital Index provides excellent customer support, but it could also do more research tools; it holds one popular platform, which gives customers no choice on the trading platform.

The investors’ funds are segregated and kept in a separate bank account so that the money is not used for other purposes. As a result, the payments are more secured.

Capital Index is a reputed broker. The company’s success depends on the customer’s trading volume and the gains. As mentioned earlier, it doesn’t have hidden fees and is focused on protecting customer funds.

Capital Index Vs. Competition 

Considering the multiple tier offerings that the Capital Index platform has to make, Considering the multiple-tier offerings that the Capital Index platform has to make, it’s evident that the platform is designed keeping in mind multiple trading possibilities for its users. In addition, the platform is regulated and backed by stringent measures to avoid any incidents of hacking or financial losses. 

Trade with Capital Index

However, similar to the convenient features and policies over the platform, it has its share of complaints concerning the fees associated with the different tiers. Therefore, if Capital Index doesn’t look like a reliable stock broker platform to you, let’s run it against its competitor FX Pro to give you a better idea. 

Capital Index vs. FX pro

Both Capital Index and FX Por are leading names in the broking industry. Both the platforms operate over a similar UI and bring out the best of their user’s investment with the different trading classes on offer. 

However, that’s not all! Similar to their matching functions, both Capital Index and FX Pro have their differences. To give you a better idea, we’ve run a detailed comparison between the two platforms in the following section.

  • Financial Instruments: The traders can trade up to 67 financial instruments in Capital Index, while FX Pro has around 430 trading platforms. The more instruments available on your trading platforms, the more financial instruments can be bought or sold. 
  • Minimum Deposits: Capital Index has a minimum deposit of $250; accordingly, FX Pro has that of $100. While investing in risker financial instruments, one must start with a small percentage of trading funds. Often a bare minimum deposit can give a more excellent choice in financial assets.
  • Trading Tools: MetaTrader 4 happens to be the primary highlight for users signing up for Capital Index. However, that’s not the case with the users of FX Pro, as they manage their trades via the upgraded MetaTrader 5.
  • Sign-up Bonus: Users signing up for Capital Index get a $50 bonus, limiting the minimum deposits to only fifty dollars. On the contrary, there’s no sign-up bonus for users of the FX Pro.

Looking at the short but insightful review, it’s evident that Capital Index and FX Pro provide their users with a reliable trading experience. But Capital Index takes the lead with its low minimum deposit and a sign-up bonus. On the contrary, FX Pro makes it with its MetaTrader 5 trading platform. 

Final Verdict

Should You Consider Using Capital Index?

Yes, you can start using Crypto Index if you have some proficiency as a trader. Besides, with the additional features and functions on offer, it’s evident that the platform goes a long way to provide you with an effortless trading experience. Therefore, you can consider signing up for Capital Index if any of the following features suit you: 

  1. Ideal For Seasoned Traders: Capital Index is a good season for seasoned traders. The multiple-tier accounts available on the platform give you advanced means to trade but also help you make the most of the platform with different fee structures. 
  2. Comparatively Lower Fees: The comparatively lower fees are one of the primary reasons to sign up for the Capital Index. The platform is considerate on many levels as it charges no deposit fees and sets minimal withdrawal charges. Besides, it also allows users to reduce their fees based on the trade volume.
  3. Access To Advanced Trading Tools: Users signing up for Capital Index can expect trading via MetaTrader 4. The platform provides a seamless trading experience while giving you access to the most advanced tools. 
  4. Transparent & Regulatory: Capital Index is primarily transparent with its operations, thanks to its financial background. In addition, the platform is also regulated in the US, giving you all the chances to trade in a protected environment.

Shortcomings Of AMP Futures

Similar to the pros, there are also some drawbacks to the Capital Index platform, and here are a few of them that you must consider before signing up! 

    1. Low Leverage On Offer: Low leverage is one of the most highlighted drawbacks of signing up with the Capital Index platform. While the platform does so to protect its users, the risk beares might find it to be limiting for them. 
  • Limited Trader Education: Capital Index is primarily a platform for advanced traders. Therefore, if you’re a beginner, you might have difficulty understanding its trade secrets.

This brings us to the end of our comprehensive review of the Capital Index platform! Considering the insightful review, it’s evident that the platform is one of the best options for advanced traders, primarily for the tools and features on offer. Besides, the competitive fee structure and the added security measures make it an excellent option for professionals. However, similar to its pros, the platform has some drawbacks. 

Trade with Capital Index

Therefore, Capital Index might not be your option if you’re a beginner trader looking to start with the stock market. Instead, we suggest you look for a different alternative to get started. All the best! 


Q1. Is Capital Index A Good Broker?

After a lot of research and examination, one can say Capital Index is beneficial to some traders and is a reputed broker. However, better alternatives would serve the customers a better platform for their trades.

Q2. Is Capital Index a trustworthy broker?

Capital Index can be considered a trustworthy broker as all the investors’ money is segregated into a different bank account, meaning the broker has no direct access to your funds, and your money cannot be misused.

Q3. Does Capital Index offer any deals or promotions?

The Capital Index offers the new clients three promotional schemes. This also includes the deposit contribution of 10%, $50 as a welcome bonus, and a loss rebate scheme of 50%.

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