Affiliate Nation Review: Should You Trust It?




Since the time Bitcoin became huge, there have been thousands of cryptocurrency brokers who promise you great returns. In the same manner, Affiliate Nation is one of the affiliate market training platforms, doing most of the hard work in the field of trading and giving you a very successful report as it uses the system that professional marketers use. 

It is a platform commonly known to people who are really into crypto trading and affiliate marketing-related content and products. The company stands tall because of its team of individuals having more than years of marketing and sales skills.

Affiliate Nation hosts webinars and seminars for your affiliates or members who have joined their programs. Therefore, affiliate marketing firms must have transparency, which is provided by the owners of  Affiliate Nation, as they are the ones who host seminars.

As we read forward, we will be discussing the Affiliate Marketing System and putting forward a very unbiased review.


Pros And Cons of Affiliate Nation


  • Users signing up for the platform can start without prior knowledge of its beginner-friendly UI.
  • Simple and easy-to-use interface. You can start immediately with their DFY ( Done For You ) sales and marketing package
  • The platform is proven to have outstanding marketing trends
  • It can be used on any device, iOS, windows, android, and macOS
  • Anyone can join free of cost. The platform is accessible to everyone all across the world
  • Access to 24×7 customer service, making it more reliable and trustworthy
  • Provides users with great benefits like world-class concierge service, free vacations, and seamless access to all Unify Travel Club events


  • The whole process of opting for Affiliate Nation can be risky, even though it is an open platform, as you never know when the trends might change in the market
  • Affiliate Nation platform is more dependent on its users. Earning money via online mediums looks untenanted, making many of its users write to some other online business modes

Affiliate Nation At A Glance

Official Website
Headquarters  Vancouver, BC, CA
Founded In  2020
Specialties Marketing, Sales, Digital Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Leads, Facebook Groups, Money
Employee Size 10-50 employees
Nature of Course Seminar, Live workshop, recorded sessions.
Platform Fee Free
Customer Support Online / Telephonic / Live Chat (24x7 availability ) 
Industry Promotion Software
Parent Company GBM Foundation Company, Ltd. 
Supported Countries Global 

Affiliate Nation: Company Overview

Affiliate Nation is an Affiliate Marketing Education & Certification program that shapes the future of individuals to earn some extra money as a side hustle. Per their website, the platform is an expert at providing beginners and digital entrepreneurs with every aspect of making money in the webspace, providing them with the best quality education to build their own business from scratch. 

The platform is focused on allowing the new age workforce to get a little more of their hard work by helping them build successful business models in this high-ticket internet space. 

The Creators of Affiliate Nation are the creators of the world’s first Done For You Franchise. Developed by the minds of Affiliate marketing experts like Michael Mossino, Dylan Alarie, Jordan Rowse, Justin Cartwright, Shane Carling, and David Trachsel, the members of this platform host different seminars to educate their fellow members.

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The company strongly believes in its mentorship and is focused on allotting over 250 hours of teaching, scheduled over different lectures and courses. It’s free education for their community. In addition, being a member of this Affiliate program unlocks cool benefits that can be accessible for both members and the high-ticket nation. 

Here are some of the benefits that the users can avail themselves: 

  • Saving a considerable amount of money during the time of your vacation or any tours,
  • Access to all the Unify Travel Club group events,
  • Free stay & fun, meaning the vacations taken shall all be free of cost, and many more.

Besides, the company has its main office in Vancouver, BC, Canada, where one of Affiliate Nation’s co-founders has founded another Unify Marketing company. Affiliate Nation claims that its programs are beginner-friendly and created for them to join the affiliate market and make money online easily.  

However, one should never jump in without knowing the complete details about it, as the level of investment is enormous, and we can never say what turns the whole market upside down.

affiliate nation

Key Features Of Affiliate Nation

Affiliate Nation provides its users with functions beyond everyday jobs and business as a professional training program. Users signing up for the platform can get access to one of the following factors: 

Basic Training For Running Business Operations.

One of the core features of Affiliate Nation is the primary training program they provide to every member signing up for the platform. They teach their members all the basics to help them set up their digital stores. The methods include generating traffic to curating and managing content for their business. 

In addition, users signing up for the platform are entitled to receive an SEO training course where they’re taught the basics of the web. They also learn about the different keyword research tools designed to allow its members to develop their high-ticket business and generate passive income by creating content on several of the platform’s traffic-producing websites.

Access To Special Member Privileges

Once you become a member of the Affiliate Nation course, you’ll open up avenues for great member privileges. The platform brings you a variety of ready-to-implement course systems or formulas specifically tailored for the affiliates of Affiliate Nation members. In addition, the platform also has its own exclusive DFY (Digital Franchise Model), where beginners in the online sphere learn things from scratch. 

The mentors over the platform give you access to all the required codes and basics to cover your new venture. Besides, you’re also entitled to receiving all the brand information, licenses, rights, business model ideas, and more to set your first high-ticket franchise model. 

Since the term ‘Franchise’ can be misleading for any affiliate marketers who are members of the Affiliate Nations. Therefore, the DFY sales funnels and Sales & Client Management was introduced, which is for sure to deal with high-ticket offers that are promoted using Affiliate Marketing Strategies, and the franchise offered by them is called the Unify Travel Club.

Here’s an overview of the different offerings for their members: 

  1. Ready to implement an automated marketing system and sales funnels.
  2. Expert overview of the sales and client management for your business. 
  3. A team of experts overlooks marketing and advertising. 

Options To Upgrade To The Premier Tiers For Free

When learned right, Affiliate Nation can be an enriching experience. User’s on the platform have access to several freemium tools, with an option to upgrade without investing anything extra beyond their course fees. In addition, on their Affiliate Nation website, you get a portal that allows you to join their high ticket course worth $1997 for free, which is a great deal, as they will be giving you access to their ultimate resource of growing wealth and how to run ads online to keep your business running.

Once upgrading, users are provided with different loyalty features to make the most of their business operations. For instance, you’ll get free access to the platforms travel club (Unify Travel Club). In addition, upon signing up for the free upgrade, you will be provided with an option to pay a monthly subscription fee to the Unify Travel Club.

High Ticket Nation

The High Ticket Nation is one of the coaching services available in the Affiliate Nation, which deals with high ticket marketing and sales module. This service allows users to explore big sales over one single shot rather than trying to increase their sales to improve revenue. The program vouches to teach users how to access better results in mere ‘30 days.’

Apart from seamless access to their business program, users can even access their entire webinar, seminar, live broadcast, and more. In addition, you can also connect to the program via their Facebook page, where they promote a lot about their high ticket nation.

Unify Travel Club

As the name suggests, the Unify Travel Club is a franchisee service offered by Affiliate Nation. This particular club deals with all the Travel related courses. The membership claims to be one of the “best travel membership clubs” available worldwide.

The Unify Travel Club is a great service in the travel niche, aimed at exploring the one section that won’t ever go out of fashion. The service is aimed at providing frequent travelers with several insider tips and tricks to save as they travel. The membership offers significantly high travel discounts, hotel booking, staying at resorts, and even more. 

How Secure Is the Affiliate Nation?

The Affiliate Nation Platform may require you to create a login or sign up for an account once you complete the registration process by providing all your details accurately. In addition, additional procedures, such as agreeing to Additional Agreements, may be required to complete your sign-up process.

Once you sign up, Affiliate Nation will be assigned with a username and password where you are entirely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your username, password, and account. In case of any activities or malware caused in your account, it would be totally on you. 

You can also agree to be notified by Affiliate Nation in case of any unauthorized use of your account or any other security breach. 

Affiliate Nation does not take any liability for any losses you face due to someone using your username, password, or account, either with or without your knowledge. However, one could be held liable for any loss incurred by Affiliate Nation or another party due to someone else using your username, account, or password. 

Affiliate Nation has full control over the right to restrict or refuse anyone’s sign-up process for any Platform users for any reason and at any time. The members should also agree to ensure they exit from your account at the end of each session they attend. 

In addition, users should be extra cautious when accessing their accounts from a public or shared computer. For example, they should ensure that others cannot view or record their password or other personal information.

Lastly, Affiliate Nation reserves the right to disable any account holder’s user name, password, or other identifiers. It can be either your personal choice or provided can be done by us at any time if the account holder has violated any provision of these Terms.

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Fees Structure

The fee structure for Affiliate Nation is simple; users need to sign up with a nominal one-time signup fee. Upon registration, you’ll be shifted to a recurring fees model where users must buy monthly subscriptions to stay connected with the platform’s services. 

A one-time purchase of $199 allows you to start your training as a travel club member. Once done, you can enjoy earning high-ticket commissions through their affiliate marketing business model.

Account Opening With Affiliate Nation

Account opening over Affiliate Nation is effortless. To get started, you need to be following the steps mentioned below: 

Step 1: Visit the Affiliate Nation and click on the ‘Get Started Now’ button that’s located right on the top front. 

Step 2: Upon clicking, you’ll be redirected to a landing page that shows you a two-minute video about the platform. However, you needn’t watch it completely; you’re at the discretion of saving time and moving to the next step by clicking on ‘Yes! Show Me How’ button.

Step 3: Once done, you’ll need to fill up a form with your name, email, and phone number and proceed to the second step, where you’ll be required to confirm your details and enter payment info.

Step 4: Upon completing the payment info and signing up for the platform, you’ll be charged the basic $199 fees. 

Step 5: Congratulations! Now you can confirm your account and learn the secrets of the trade.

affiliate nation 

Customer Satisfaction

The platform had mixed reviews of its performance from reputable review websites. Users are happy and dissatisfied with the experience over the Affiliate Nation platform. However, for most of it, Affiliate Nation is considered a very transparent platform, with courses and genuine products. 

It is majorly famous for its:

  1. Partner Program: its members with the possibility to develop their own high-ticket business and generate passive income by creating content on several of the platform’s traffic-producing websites. This way, they can get ahead of the massive learning curve and avoid investing heavily to develop a successful business. 
  2. Access To Seminar For Free: Anyone can access the platform’s YouTube channel and all the reviews recorded by students who’ve signed up for the program. In addition, they can also listen to reviews by the different partners signed up with the platform.
  3. Trustworthy & Genuine: Affiliate Nation has hands down the high-quality coaches and provides a smooth system to help you get started with affiliate marketing. The company has outstanding leaders willing to help you directly via WhatsApp or calls, not just on zoom, providing very close mentorship.

Affiliate Nation Alternatives

Today, we have over 1000’s Affiliate Program Available in the market, most of which are well-planned scams. Affiliate Network, on the contrary, is one of the most genuine and beginner friendly, as it also provides authentic courses for free. 

Affiliate Network vs. World Ventures

World Ventures and Affiliate Network promise travel clubs accessible to anyone from any part of the world, providing their subscribers with the best travel experience. Still, both have a difference in many ways.

  • Lawsuit and Legal: Affiliate Network is genuine and legit, having a very transparent company background where the owners themselves take in or host seminars, recordings, and many more, whereas World Ventures might be a legitimate company, yet the company has a very challenging image for all its pending lawsuits that were raised against failure to refund, unpaid commissions, and several other transaction-related aspects. Hence, Affiliate Network comes up to be a greater option than WorldVentures.
  • Seminar & Courses: The courses offered in Affiliate Network are far more beginner-friendly and free, making them accessible to anyone, whereas the course offered is more than $10,000 on the Word Venture platform. 
  • Signup Fees: Signing up for Affiliate Nation costs you $199 as a one-time signup fee, followed by additional subscription fees. On the contrary, World Ventures costs you around $200 with an additional $57 per month.

Based on the short but comprehensive overview, it’s evident that Affiliate Marketing takes the lead with a simple and easy-to-access platform. In addition, it is reliable and legitimate, unlike its competition World Ventures. 

Does Affiliate Nation Offer Money Back Guarantee?

The Affiliate Nation does not have much information about the charges and the fee structure per their subscription on their website. Still, whenever you attend their webinar, which is free of cost, you’ll be encouraged to book a scheduled call with one of the sales representatives of Affiliate Nation.

It is to be kept in mind to apply for the subscriptions with much thinking and process, as the charge might be on the high end for the high tickets since they offer you free multiple ways to earn money courses without you spending a dime.

Also, if you have joined in their subscription, they offer you a refund within 72hours for a new subscription to access the Platform, as per the Terms & Conditions available on the platform. So all you have to do is send a written refund request within 72 hours, to [email protected], with your name, contact information, and order ID.

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Final Verdict: Is Affiliate Nation A Scam?

According to the articles and reviews, Affiliate Nation stands out as an open platform. However, it may not be suitable for everyone, and we recommend you to attend some of their free seminars before risking your money signing up for the platform. 

Additionally, every course offered here is based on the concept of Done For You, meaning that Affiliate Nation will take care of all business-related tasks for you. The platform makes it simple to hire talents to execute the difficult job for you.

However, it’s not a good idea to assist you in automating your web company if you don’t already know how to do it yourself. To ensure that you have complete control over your business, it is advised that members handle it personally rather than depend on an automated business model like Affiliate Nation.

Relying on an automated system can also be considered a waste of funds, with a considerable risk of losing your investment. But above all that, if you are concerned about whether the Affiliate Nation program is a scam, then you can rest assured that it is not.

On the other hand, various models might be more acceptable and affordable options if one is seeking the finest business model to make passive income online as a novice.

However, it is suggested not to fall got done-for-you programs like Affiliate Nation because, in the end, you will still be doing your marketing for your own business. Although affiliate marketing requires hard work and dedication, that is why most people invest it in their own online business rather than relying on a DFY system since owning your affiliate website places you in a better position.

But what if the DFY system you invested in is closed down for some reason, all your investments and earnings went in a blink of an eye after that? Many business people tend to recommend creating one’s niche website where revenue generation is easier.


Q1. What is an affiliate program?

An affiliate program is an all-encompassing package created by you for your products or service. It is then available to potential publishers/ buyers and should include details about the product, its retail value, commission levels, and promotional materials used or bought.

Q2. How big is the industry of affiliate marketing?

Global investment in the industry is at or above $13 billion; in the US, it is around $6.8 billion. If you start today, you can easily be a part of this billion-dollar industry, receiving commissions from every successful sale you make via reference. 

Q3. Does the affiliate program has a future?

Affiliate marketing has great potential for every individual when done on a large scale. Besides, we already have several startups based on this model that are doing well today. Therefore, if you want to consider being a part of it, you should try it. 

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