Will A Crypto Portfolio Maintain Its Popularity In 2023?






2022 will go down as a particularly bad year for blockchain-related investments. We saw cryptocurrencies crash, with some unable to get back up. We saw leaders in the industry fall from grace. Trends like NFTs plummeted as quickly as they had risen. If you feel discouraged, you're not alone.


Going into 2023, you may be asking yourself if a crypto portfolio is still worthwhile. After all, crypto has always been an unpredictable investment, and it now seems more likely to continue its decline. However, there are reasons to be optimistic about having a crypto portfolio in 2023.


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Now, here are some of the reasons why a cryptocurrency portfolio will still be relevant in 2023.


The philosophy still stands


Crypto is a very different investment to the traditional kind. Instead of simply putting your money into something that will grow, you're investing in a vision. You have noticed the way the world is moving towards globalization and online living, and can see clearly that a decentralized cryptocurrency is the next logical step. Just because it hasn’t happened yet doesn’t mean it won’t.


It is for this reason that a falling crypto market should not cause you to panic. You're playing the long game, after all. Every person who made millions through cryptocurrency started investing when it was still an extremely niche market. It is no longer niche but the world has not yet committed to it. Investing in a future of cryptocurrency is still a sound idea.


Even the idea of NFTs still has value. While buying NFTs is no longer trendy, and many formerly-valuable NFTs are now worth little, the context that brought them about still exists. That context is the difficulty in owning digital artwork. NFTs might not be the answer, but a crypto-based solution almost certainly is.


A recession could signal change


People have been debating the inevitability of a recession throughout 2022. Some believe it is certain to come. Others believe we might just avoid it. There are plenty of experts who even believe we’re already in a recession.


If a recession does come (or is in progress), world economies could be on the verge of major change. Recessions in the past have led to changes in the way we do things, whether that be investing in the stock market or selling houses. A recession in 2023 could lead to the revolution crypto experts have been predicting.


After all, many of the causes of our current economic woes have to do with globalization and its flaws. Supply chain issues have caused prices to rise, as have global sanctions on Russia. Anything that eases the processes of doing business on a global scale could ease the impact of a recession.


Cryptocurrency will not magically make supply chain issues go away. But it can ease currency conversion issues and loosen up processes, kickstarting the revolution globalization requires.


Cryptocurrency is exciting


Another reason why cryptocurrency won’t just go away is that it is one of the most exciting movements in modern life. When looking at the evolution of technology, it is not the incremental upgrades that turn everything on its head. Rather, it is the new ideas and innovations that have very little precedent.


Cryptocurrency is that kind of idea. It is far more exciting than the latest iPhone or Samsung Galaxy. It is more exhilarating than the ups and downs of the traditional Forex market. It provides an entirely different kind of value to trading on the stock market.


This is because crypto solves a major economic issue that has existed as long as digital production. Supply and demand is how the world works, but infinite supply of digital products undermines that. The blockchain brings value back to the digital world so that we are no longer stuck trying to figure out how our economy can still make sense.


A crypto portfolio in 2023 might not make you any money. In fact, you may continue to lose out, if you consider cryptocurrency in a traditional trading sense. However, if you are playing the long game, you will eventually see the fruits of your patience. The world is still in need of the crypto revolution. There are no other good answers to the questions created by our online world, and it is only a matter of time before crypto soars again.