eSports or Virtual Sports: What’s the Difference?




In the past decade or so, the online gambling industry witnessed the rise of two similar, yet incredibly different genres - virtual sports and eSports. They sound similar, so they must be the same thing, right? Well, we hate to break the news, but you are wrong, and your opinion might cost you not only the sports betting experience you desire but also a nice sum of money. 


To help us clarify this important dilemma, we reached out to Anna Rosak. Anna works as a digital specialist and has built a career in online gaming. She knows everything there is about online betting, including betting that is offered by platforms that also allow a game in a online casino (read more about it here “kasyno na prawdziwe pieniądze”) to how to read those pesky odd tables. Naturally, we immediately wanted to know what’s up with the two, eSports and virtual sports. 


“Oh boy! If I had a penny every time I had to explain this to someone at a bar, I would be richer than Oprah”, laughs Anna and adds, “Things are fairly simple, really!” 

eSports and Virtual Sports - Definition 

Rosak begins her lecture by providing us with the definition of the two: “eSports is a sports category where real human teams compete in video games of any sort. This increasingly popular discipline is often considered to be the football of the future, as it attracts large masses, and athletes have lucrative sponsorships with big brands. How big? Gucci-, Amazon- and Astralis-big. That big!” 


On the other hand, virtual sports are more similar to traditional casino games, and have no special events, or star-studded teams: “Despite being realistic, virtual sports are 100% based on the algorithm, and not on human teams that compete in a tournament, or another type of event”, explains Anna and continues, “virtual sports are betting on the outcome of the RNG, and not the end result of a real game.” 

Place Your Bets! 

Okay, but how does that affect the betting experience? Anna reveals that betting on eSports is essentially the same as betting on any other sport, like tennis or basketball. The punter must understand the rules of the game, and have great knowledge of teams, their shape, their opponents and the game itself. 


“I dare to say there is a certain level of skill involved any time it comes to sports betting, and eSports, no matter what some might say, are a sport. Did a member break up with their girlfriend? Were they beaten three times by their opponent? Is there tension between team members? All this can affect the end result”, adds Rosak. 


On the other hand, betting on virtual sports is completely unpredictable. The entire betting process is based on the premise that the punter has to place a bet against the algorithm that determines the result completely at random. RNG, or random number generator, has millions and millions of outcomes, and there is no way to say which one will be next. 


“Truth be told, betting on virtual sports is similar to roulette. You pick your favourites and hope for the best! There is no strategy or skill to it, just pure randomness”, says Anna. 

What Should You Bet On: Virtual Sports or eSports? 

In the end, a gambling fan might wonder what is their best option? Completely random virtual sports, or the more thrilling world of eSports? Anna says there is no definite answer, as it all boils down to preferences: “Sports punters who enjoy traditional sports will also love eSports. They are fun and dynamic, and once you get into them, they will captivate your attention for years to come. Events take place regardless of the time of the year, pandemics, wars, and whatnot. eSports are the future, in every sense of that word.”


However, virtual sports aren’t ready to give up quite yet. For many players across the globe, they are the introduction to the world of sports betting. “Sports can be, least to say, quite intimidating. There is just so much to keep the track of, so it is not surprising to see players looking for the next big thing. Virtual sports are more casual, and bring the thrill of a real sports bet, for a fraction of the effort”, Rosak is honest. 


In her opinion, there is enough room for everyone, and these two types of betting can coexist. Rosak is convinced that they attract different audiences, and both can deliver something the other can’t. 


“We can argue if eSports are esports, and why anyone would care for something as banal as virtuals, yet here we are! As long as there are players who'll enjoy them, they will still be available at casinos worldwide. And if you ask me, the more, the merrier”, said Anna in the end.