Profit Revolution Review 2023: Does This Software Really Works? Or Is It A Scam?




Profit Revolution is a popular auto-trading robot that is targeted at individuals aiming to develop an alternative source of income through cryptocurrency investments. Its AI-equipped algorithm reportedly uses statistical rules to technically analyze the market based on historical data. The platform reportedly promises a win rate of as high as 90% based on online reviews and user testimonials.

With the advancement of financial technology, trading in the uncertain crypto market is no longer limited to those with years of experience and free time. Trading robots like Profit Revolution have removed the hassles of crypto investing through traditional platforms, ensuring that users can track the market and make money even while sleeping.


Based on online reviews and user testimonials, Profit Revolution appears to be a legitimate trading software that reportedly partners with top-rated brokers to offer a leverage of 1:1000, making it possible for novice investors with no knowledge of trading lingo to earn money through crypto trading. It is allegedly 100% automated and reportedly uses its sophisticated trading systems to place trades at supersonic speed leading to high levels of efficiency and accuracy. Further, as reported by many users, the robot uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to derive trading insights and thus acts as a better, cheaper, and more productive alternative to hiring a professional crypto trader.

How to Use Profit Revolution?

Profit Revolution appeals to both new and experienced traders due to its features and some of these are listed below:

Trading Features

Known for its unique and advanced trading features, Profit Revolution offers a wide range of tools that allow users to improve their chances of making a profitable trade and managing risk based on their trading profile. Its comprehensive trading dashboard and groundbreaking stop-loss trading feature are the highlights of the platform’s long list of pros.   

Demo Account

One of Profit Revolution’s best features is its demo account which allows users to explore various functions and trading strategies in a fully simulated environment using virtual money. We strongly recommend spending sufficient time understanding all the features and the various parts of the platform’s trading dashboard, especially for first-time investors. This will help avoid any costly mistakes during live trading.

Success / Win Rate

Many users have reported through online testimonials that Profit Revolution, with its leverage rate of 1:1000, has reportedly achieved as high as a 90% win rate through its intelligent algorithm that allegedly makes informed trading decisions based on research and analysis of various market factors and trends but we feel that this is an unrealistic high rate unless you have a great deal of experience and higher trading capital. Therefore, it is important to remember that most high-profit trades are also high risk, and thus be cautious while choosing your trading parameters and always activate the platform’s stop-loss trading option to avoid losses.  

Benefits of Using Profit Revolution

Advanced AI Software

This app uses algorithms to detect appropriate trades based on your needs. We focused on the AI software itself since it’s the most important part of any app. Thanks to the developers’ hard work, Profit Revolution can work with any user requirements or goals.

We understand that not everyone trades in the same way and some may implement more complex trading strategies than others. Our AI software continually adapts to your settings and your trading habits, so you don’t have to worry about missing trading opportunities due to the app malfunctioning.

Device Compatibility

Profit Revolution is compatible with any computer, smartphone, or tablet that has an active internet connection. Regardless of the device that you use to access the app, you can easily use all the available features.

Keep in mind that the app’s desktop version may be more comfortable for most traders, but if you don’t have a computer nearby, you can still access it from your phone at any time you want.

Easy Money Management

We believe that managing your money properly is key to a smooth trading experience. However, many platforms online tend to make you go through overwhelming processes to move your money around.

Key Features of Profit Revolution

While trading in cryptocurrencies is a risky activity, there are some steps listed below that you should keep in mind for better risk management. 

Start Small

While it is often easy to get lured in by the huge profits promised by cryptocurrency, it is important to remember to start small, explore the market, and build your trading strategy from there. Investing huge amounts initially might not only be discouraging if one faces losses but also lead users to exhibit high risk-taking behavior. Therefore, it is highly recommended to start small and save some part of your early profits.   

Follow the Advice of Experts

While an auto-trading robot does most of the work for you, it is always beneficial to follow and learn from the experience and trading techniques of reputed investors. It is also recommended for users to keep a track of the news in the crypto industry to understand how certain factors affect the market. In the age of the internet and social media, this can be done with the click of a button and will be useful in the long term to make informed choices.  

Only Invest what you can Afford to Lose

All investments in the financial industry are inherently risky. This is especially true in the crypto market which is known for its volatility and thus, difficult to predict. Therefore it is very important to only invest what you can afford to lose and make sufficient use of assessment tools in the platform to manage risk.


Is Profit Revolution free?

 Yes. Users have reported that Profit Revolution is a 100% free platform with no registration or licensing fee.

Is Profit Revolution safe?

Profit Revolution platform reportedly has a highly comprehensive data protection policy with Sitelock and SSL protection.

What is the minimum amount you should start investing with?

Profit Revolution reportedly mandates a minimum investment amount of $250.

What do I do if I have trouble while investing?

Profit Revolution has a reliable support staff that you can contact to find simple and time-efficient solutions to any issues.



Based on various positive user testimonials, its wide range of unique trading features, and an AI-powered smart algorithm, Profit Revolution appears to be an authentic cryptocurrency auto-trading platform. It is simple to use and is reportedly one of the only completely free trading bots that promise such a high success rate based on online reviews and user testimonials. Further, the platform caters to both novice and experienced traders, offering world-class safety features and making crypto trading simple, accessible, and efficient.  

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