Scam or Legit: The Truth about Crypto Robot 365 Revealed




Crypto Robot 365 is a cryptocurrency trading robot that was created in 2016. This is a free robot designed to automatically generate trading signals for traders and execute the trades on their behalf, promising them profits in the process. The minimum deposit requirement on this platform is $250, and the software enables people to trade various cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and a few other altcoins. The homepage assures visitors that the software is real and reliable. However, when we dig a little deeper, it is evident they do not keep their promises, and the numerous fake reviews online reveal the Crypto Robot 365 scam. Let us review Crypto Robot 365 in more detail and learn if this automated trading software is the real deal or simply a scam.

Is Crypto Robot 365 a Legit Automated Software or a Scam?

If you do a simple search online, you will find many reviews warning you to stay away from Crypto Robot 365, stating that this software does not work. So how is it possible that a software system like this can even be offered to the public? To start with, the cryptocurrency sector in many countries around the world is largely unregulated. This means that most cryptocurrency entities operating at the moment are doing so without proper regulation. This makes it easy for Crypto Robot 365 to provide services to customers in all parts of the world.

If you enter the Crypto Robot 365 site, you will notice that the development team behind this software does not provide an office address or any details of their location. Should anything go wrong, or you want to access your capital, there will be no way to track the developers or hold them accountable. Secondly, there is no information regarding where the company is incorporated or if they are registered or licensed in that country. The unavailability of such information is a huge red flag and clearly shows a possible scam is at play. Based on our initial research, Crypto Robot 365 is an unregulated automated trading software and the company has no physical address, no country of incorporation, and no license and registration details to prove its genuineness to the general public. The Crypto Robot 365 software also promises users huge returns from trading Bitcoin and other cryptos, but it is evident from the many testimonials, the software does not work, and the software does not deliver as it promises to.

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Crypto Robot 365 Trading Features

Crypto Robot 365 has several trading features that lure in unsuspecting investors. Here are the popular trading features available on this software system:

Automated Trading

The most alluring feature is the automated trading feature. The software is designed to handle all the trading activities for the trader. After the trader sets the trading parameters, the Crypto Robot 365 software takes over and starts trading on behalf of the trader. It does this by carrying out fundamental and technical analysis to generate trading signals. Once it has identified profitable trading opportunities, it will enter and exit the trades accordingly to ensure that the trader makes a profit on each trade. According to the Crypto Robot 365 website, their software has a success rate of more than 90%, which is very unrealistic, considering the volatile nature of the cryptocurrency market.

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Low Starting Capital

Another enticing feature of the Crypto Robot 365 software is that it does not require much capital to start. Unlike other scam brokers and software that require thousands of dollars to start trading with them, the $250 minimum deposit requirement set by the developers is genius as most people will not suspect the scam. The amount is set relatively low to make it affordable for many people, which makes it extremely easy for traders to sign up and fall for the Crypto Robot 365 scam.

Auto and Manual Trading Options

Crypto Robot 365 also allows traders to use either automated or manual trading options. Under the automated trading option, the software takes care of everything for the trader. Crypto Robot 365 carries out market analysis, generates trading signals, opens the trades, and closes them when the time is right. All this is done to ensure the trader makes a profit without having to do much work, and it is best suited for novice traders. According to the website, the manual trading option is available for expert and more sophisticated traders. Here, the software generates the signals, and the trader decides which one to execute and which ones to reject. This market gimmick is a good move by the developers as it allows them to target all classes of traders. This means that both novice and expert traders can easily fall for the Crypto Robot 365 scam because of the advertised features.

Various Funding Methods

To get as many people to register with them, Crypto Robot 365 offers various funding methods. Crypto Robot 365 supports payment options such as credit and debit cards, bank wire, and various e-wallets. As a result of this wide choice, unsuspecting traders from various countries around the world can easily register on the website and pay the $250 required to start using the software.

Free Software

Another feature that the Crypto Robot 365 team use in attracting customers to their platform is the promise of free software. Crypto Robot 365 does not charge users anything for signing up. There are no subscription fees, monthly or annual maintenance fees, or any commission attached to the software. The catch though is that once you have opened an account, you will need to partner with one of their preferred brokers. To use the software, you will then need to make a minimum deposit of $250 with the broker. It is especially important to note that the broker partners of Crypto Robot 365 are not regulated. This means they do not operate within the financial laws and regulations of the countries they operate in. It is always recommended to partner with a regulated broker that will offer a transparent and secure trading environment.

What Makes Crypto Robot 365 a Scam Automated Software?

Fake Testimonials

The first sign that shows that something cannot be trusted is the testimonials on the Crypto Robot 365 platform. The testimonials page is plastered with smiling images of investors who claim to have made thousands of dollars trading with the software. These images are clearly stock photos or stolen from social media platforms. The names on those lists are also fake.

There are also many sites providing positive reviews on the Crypto Robot 365 software and when we contacted these sites, they confirm that they have never tested the software and simply provide information for their readers. It is evident that Crypto Robot 365 developers use these reputable sites as a means to gain more credibility with traders and investors.

Furthermore, the discreet McAfee, Apple, and Microsoft logos just below the signup box are the works of Photoshop or similar editing software. It is evident that the developers are only after your initial deposit and nothing more.

The website is a Clone

When you check the Crypto Robot 365 website, it is amazingly similar to Binary Robot 365. The two sites have similar designs, signup forms, and content. Neither of them reveals the identities of the developers, which means it is impossible to determine if the software systems are legit or not. The live chat feature is powered by the support staff at Binary Robot 365, which means that the same operator is running the two platforms.

Website Information Doesn’t Change

The information on the Crypto Robot 365 website does not change as it is not updated regularly. The earnings of the users are displayed on the front page of the website, and this information does not change even if you visit it a day or a week later. If the software makes money for its users, as they claim, then the earnings of the traders are supposed to be increasing every day, right? This shows that the numbers there are clearly made up to convince website visitors to open their wallets and part with $250, hence, showcasing the clarity of the Crypto Robot 365 scam.

Furthermore, the price of Bitcoin shown on the site is not up to date. The $10,000 seen on the platform is the old price of Bitcoin as the cryptocurrency has surpassed the $11,000 mark in recent weeks. Also, Ethereum is closing in on the $400 mark, and the real price is not mentioned on the site. This is an unprofessional way for a crypto company to do business, and unsuspecting customers are often scammed by such things.

Difficulty of Withdrawals

The hardest thing to do on the Crypto Robot 365 website is to withdraw your earnings. After depositing the $250, and trading with their software, withdrawing your earnings with them becomes impossible. The platform will claim to have received your withdrawal order form and will state that they have sent the money, but you will wait for days and weeks with no payment in sight. You cannot access the customer support team to ask for assistance, which means that your money is simply gone.

Fake Crypto Robot 365 Reviews

There are several affiliate marketers and bloggers that are currently endorsing the Crypto Robot 365 software, making it very appealing to the masses. Some of these marketers are from India, the United States, the U.K, Germany, and more but it is evident that the software does not deliver as it promises to.

Final Thoughts

Crypto Robot 365 is a scam automated trading software designed to take money from traders with the promise of delivering excellent returns when they trade cryptocurrencies with their app. It is evident that the software has zero credibility as it was created by scammers looking to run away with your hard-earned money. We highly recommend that you rather sign up with a reputable automated software system when you trade cryptocurrencies online.

Overall Rating: 1/10

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