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COTI was developed as a blockchain-based decentralized payment network for businesses, governments, and DApps. Regarding digital payments, COTI uses a directed acyclic graph design to improve scalability and lower transaction costs. In the COTI ecosystem, the COTI token may be used for direct user-to-user transactions, staking for further rewards, and service fee payments. COTI implements a blockchain environment at the layer-1 level to facilitate financial transactions.

COTI is a blockchain protocol that uses a different transaction validation method than Proof of Work (PoW) and Proof of Stake (PoS) used by more conventional blockchains. Proof of Trust (PoT) is a novel consensus method that merges the PoW consensus mechanism with a directed acyclic graph (DAG) data structure. PoT has the potential to enhance throughput by 100,000 TPS while simultaneously decreasing transaction costs.


Its native token, COTI, is a crypto asset that can be used across all three of the platform's mainnets. It is possible to stake COTI in the Treasury to receive rewards and utilize it to pay transaction costs. The COTI Visa debit card may purchase products and services with COTI or any other cryptocurrency. Tokens issued by developers, merchants, and organizations using the COTI MultiDAG 2.0 will inherit Trustchain's features, including scalability, high throughput, low cost, and simple payment solutions like COTI Pay Business. COTI is a blockchain environment that enables safe, low-cost transactions quickly. Eliminating intermediaries is one of its main goals. It allows companies to build their own payment systems and digital currencies or stablecoins using the Trustchain protocol.

COTI: Overview

Over the past several years, the cryptocurrency market has expanded dramatically. There have been a plethora of new cryptos released recently, several of which have novel applications. The cost of one unit of the COTI cryptocurrency, one of the newest and most popular options, has increased dramatically this year (2021). COTI, "Currency of the Internet," is developing decentralized and fast payment processing solutions for businesses and governments worldwide. The COTI Group was established in March of 2017 and had its headquarters in Gibraltar. It is led by a group of seasoned professionals with backgrounds in encryption, payments, and financial services. Former Web3 CEO and current COTI CEO Shahaf Bar-Geffen also founded the company.

Dr. Nir Haloani, COTI's CTO, is a patent holder in 14 different areas. When it comes to stablecoins and the digitization of any money, COTI is the first enterprise-grade fintech blockchain, as stated on their website. The developers promote it as a cryptocurrency and payment network for the future. COTI's payment transaction network aims to facilitate smoother online financial dealings between consumers and businesses. Built from the ground up to enable decentralized transactions, making it suitable for usage by anybody from retailers to governments to payment dApps to stablecoin generators.

The processing of financial transactions is the principal use of the network. The core of COTI has been developing a cluster, a foundational protocol based on a directed acyclic graph. That made it possible to build a decentralized platform with built-in protections against fraud, which has a possible dramatic impact on the banking industry's current state. A DAG-based blockchain, a proof-of-trust consensus method, multiDAG, the Global Trust System (GTS), a universal payment system, and a payment gateway are all part of the project's architecture.

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As many as 100,000 transactions per second may be handled by COTI. It reduces expenses and energy usage by doing away with intermediaries and mining operations. COTI is also developing price stability technology to facilitate the widespread use of blockchain for monetary transactions. The COTI blockchain has arbitrators that use delegated proof of stake to settle disagreements. It relies on its proprietary Trustchain technology to reward helpful conduct on the network. Using it, a businessperson may quickly and cheaply navigate the system.

The COTI blockchain is powered by its native currency, COTI, which is a Distributed Ledger System token. Since the network prohibits mining, there is no way to generate new currencies or destroy old ones. There are 2 billion COTI tokens in existence. However, only 868 million have been distributed so far. Thirty percent were sold during the token sale, 45 percent were set aside for blockchain-based incentive and reward programs, fifteen percent were set aside for product development, and ten percent were given to the project's advisers. [wpdatatable id=372]

COTI: How Does It Work?

COTI's goal is to create cutting-edge financial and digital solutions that cover all bases in the emerging digital economy. It will be a complete ecosystem, including everything from the lowest levels of the network to the applications built on top of it. Major blockchains like Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum have struggled with scalability (ETH). Blocks are used to process transactions, and new blocks are added to the chain regularly. However, confirming transactions may take time because the time blocks are approved. Unlike Visa's 65,000 TPS, Bitcoin's transaction throughput is far lower at roughly 20 TPS. Trustchain, a layer-1 blockchain protocol using the directed acyclic graph (DAG) data structure, is the foundation of the COTI network. In addition to reducing transaction costs, it may enhance throughput to 100,000 transactions per second (TPS).


COTI: Proof of Trust (PoT)

To solve the scalability problems, COTI uses the Proof of Trust consensus method, a combination of the Proof of Work (PoW) consensus mechanism and the DAG-based data structure Trustchain. Known as "the Cluster," the COTI DAG is a distributed ledger that keeps track of financial dealings over a network. Instead of grouping them into blocks, transactions are simply listed in chronological order. Validating nodes must establish a connection between a new transaction and two previous ones before it can be accepted.

But which financial dealings should be connected? It all comes down to how trustworthy they are. PoT relies on a network of trusted validators. Trust Scores are assigned to every user and node in the Cluster based on their past actions and payment information.

Faster transaction processing at reduced costs is possible when the Trust Score is high. Initiating a transaction on COTI will cause the Source Selection Algorithm to arbitrarily pair two validating nodes with comparable Trust Scores. This means verified transactions from known users will be processed considerably quicker. By parallel processing transactions with varying Trust Scores, scalability and network security may be attained. PoW isn't used the same way in COTI as elsewhere.

Mining isn't required for trust to be established. For the sole purpose of deterring spam attacks on COTI and rewarding active nodes in the network, PoW is deployed. To submit their transactions to the Cluster, validators must first complete PoW jobs. Nonetheless, there's not guarantee that they will be successful. Trust Scores are used to determine the PoW levels, which might have a knock-on effect on transaction fees. Since COTI doesn't rely on mining, it can function with meager transaction costs.

For Retail Investors

COTI's Treasury is a decentralized and algorithmic pool of $COTI where users may deposit $COTI and earn incentives. The ecosystem contributes to the pool through direct and indirect fees paid to the Treasury over time. All of COTI's product fees are deposited into a central Treasury from which incentives are doled out to those who use the company's services. There will be a governance token introduced by COTI this year as well. Users of the Treasury and those who contribute consistently to its development will get governance tokens.

Its owners can discuss, propose, and vote on potential protocol updates. COTI is supplying crypto with a DAG-based Trustchain, which serves as a Layer 1 appropriate for the specific requirements of consumer-merchant payments. The team predicts that by 2022, the COTI network will have exploded from a single coin to many other tokens, including enterprise tokens, merchant tokens, governance tokens, Djed, and more. COTI is also planning to increase its business alliances to introduce other use cases to the platform. The COTI ecosystem's fees will be collected centrally in the Treasury, where they will be redistributed as benefits to the community.

COTI tokens

In the COTI ecosystem, the native token is the COTI coin. In all, 2 billion of these DAG-based cryptocurrencies will ever be created. COTI's network security does not rely on PoW mining. COTI is now active on three mainnets: Trustchain (TC), Ethereum (ETH), and BNB Chain (BNB).

  • Trustchain: COTI’s native mainnet.
  • Ethereum: The COTI cryptocurrency is also a functional ERC-20 token on the Ethereum platform. 
  • BEP-2 and BEP-20 implementations of COTI are available on BNB Chain (formerly Binance Chain and Binance Smart Chain).

The COTI Bridge allows token holders to utilize their tokens to communicate with other networks (mainnets). In addition to being used for in-ecosystem service payments, COTI may be put into the COTI Treasury and staked on the DeFi network. Users will get their COTI awards from the Treasury.

COTI: Price History & Overview

On June 4th, 2019, COTI released its mainnet and its own coin. Soon after its release, the price of COTI continued to drop, eventually reaching a low of $0.069 on June 26, 2019. With a current price of $0.11 and a market valuation of $119,072,884, COTI is ranked #181 by market cap. Based on data from the TechNewsLeader Price Index, the 24-hour trading volume for COTI was $20,726,301. There may only be up to 1,048,141,495 coins in circulation. The general opinion among market experts is that the COTI coin price will rise. Based on their analysis and projections, WalletInvestor thinks buying COTI now will be an "excellent" move in 2022. Forecasts put COTI at $0.25 in 12 months and $0.78 in five years. WalletInvestor projects that by 2025, one penny will be worth more than fifty cents.


COTI: Price Prediction

COTI is planning to ride the wave of success through the remainder of 2022. Their 2019 ambitions, which include a new token standard and improvements to their MultiDAG network, were all laid out in a roadmap that was made public on March 9th. It has recently been celebrating the third anniversary of the launch of its mainnet. Ten community members will be chosen randomly to receive 300 COTI. A break-out would seem to be the result of all this rejoicing. Over the past two days, COTI has been running like a champ. When compared to its final price in 2021, the increase is apparent. The lowest predicted price for COTI this year is $0.37. Our COTI price projection places the maximum possible price at $0.43, with $0.40 serving as an average.

COTI  Price Prediction for 2023-24 

The adoption rate of COTI might be significantly increased with the help of strategic partnerships and new developments. The price of COTI might go up significantly if investors focus on it. It has the potential to reach up to $0.24 by 2023. If the market drops, the COTI will likely recover slightly. With 2023 coming close, prices range between $0.20 and $0.24. COTI's price is expected to surge in 2024 as increased usage and collaboration with other essential blockchain networks push it toward a maximum trading price of $0.34. If we maintain these pricing points, they will be rather on-trend. For 2024, we may hope for an average price of $0.29 and a high of $0.34.

COTI  Price Prediction for 2025-29

As more and more people realize that COTI is the superior choice, its price will rise to all-time highs, attracting even more users. This makes it challenging to plan forward, even if the market is optimistic. It is projected that by 2025, the cost of a share of COTI will have increased to over $0.42. Price-wise, we may go as high as $0.49. By the year's end, the average price of COTI is expected to be around $0.43. Significant price movement is anticipated within the boundaries set by the cryptocurrency market. Many investors may be intrigued by the current price range of COTI. In light of this, with significant assistance from financial institutions, COTI can reach $2.24 by 2029. In 2029, its average price of $1.90 will be higher than the current price trend. Since the cryptocurrency market is volatile, the final price may change as we get toward 2029.

COTI  Price Prediction for 2030

It's possible to find a straightforward method of dealing with this cash on various online discussion boards. The platform believes that the price of COTI will remain constant for a very long period. At its peak, the COTI may be valued $3.19 by 2030. If the market becomes bullish, the floor price might rise to $2.64. It seems like the crypto economy is set to enter a new era. Since it is still believed that COTI will receive much more attention, its price is expected to climb in the long run.


Where can I purchase COTI coins?

Let us say you are thinking about investing in COTI tokens. Binance is an exchange where you can purchase and exchange COTI and other tokens based on sentiment analysis and the most recent postings. Huobi Global, KuCoin, and ByBit are some more well-liquidated exchanges.

What makes COTI special?

COTI's ecosystem addresses the issue of conventional payment methods, which now cost users billions of dollars annually. Payments may be made freely between any two parties using a white-label payment network and any number of digital currencies. The COTI platform makes it possible to develop high-efficiency financial technologies. The feature supports payment options such as online credit card processing and cryptocurrency/stablecoin transactions. Interest on deposits and loans are additional methods of funding available.

Should you put your money into COTI?

According to the technical analysis and the forecasted price, the future of the COTI wallet system looks promising. Thus, purchasing COTI tokens is a wise financial decision. Short-term pricing forecasts for COTI indicate that the price will approach these figures. The COTI coin has not yet undergone any in-depth fundamental study. In addition, the short-term and historical performance of the firm is essential for fundamental research and investing. Before buying or investing in cryptocurrency, you may want to try it for the first half of the year to gauge your risk tolerance. And yet, it may out to be a wise financial move. You could acquire COTI tokens or sell them, depending on your appetite for risk and investing objectives.

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