Civic (CVC) Coin Price Prediction 2022, 2023, 2025, 2030




Technology is transforming almost everything in our lives! Be it communication or how we conduct our business, everything has undergone significant evolution in the past couple of years. One such notable technological development can be seen in the growing prevalence of cryptocurrencies. Blockchain technology has played an imperative role in fueling more innovation and solving different challenges of modern society. One of the best applications of blockchain technology can be seen in making online transactions safer and more secure. This was a much-needed development, given the increase in online frauds. 


You can’t miss out on the Civic (CVC) Coin regarding such developments. It is not one of those, as it has been around since 2015 and still operating in the crypto market. Over time, the Civic network has earned quite a reputation for itself with the distinct characteristics of the token.  But is the token worth your investment? Let’s find out in this detailed price prediction blog.

Civic (CVC) Token At a Glance

Project Name Civic Project
Crypto Symbol CVC
CVC Market Cap $176,261,582
Current Supply 1,000,000,000 CVC
Circulating Supply 1 Billion CVC
Current Price (As of August 1st week) $0.1763
All-time High Rate $1.66

Civic (CVC) Token: Overview

The Civic project has been active since 2015. The platform started with a few crypto protocols addressing the issues they were dealing with. Civic's headquarters in California is a decentralized platform based on the Ethereum network. The platform came into being solely intended to reduce online fraud for good. 

This development was not an accident, as privacy was a hot topic following the infamous Facebook scandal. Whether a crypto user or not, nobody wants their personal information to fall into the hands of any third party. This is where Civic swooped in to help people gain more control over their personal information.  Civic provides its users with a mobile application compatible with Android and iOS devices.

The application helps people store their essential credentials in an ecosystem verified by the blockchain network. This means people can keep all their digital assets in a single centralized platform while accessing and managing them based on their requirements and convenience.  If users lose their cryptos, they need not worry about Civic's $1 million crypto guarantee program. People can even use the Civic platform to verify their identity and share this information with third parties they wish. This helps reduce the time one might need to fill out KYC forms. 

The Civic (CVC) Coin is the native currency of the Civic platform that plays a crucial role in facilitating settlement among users in the network. It can even be an incentive for people contributing to the Civic platform. Besides that, you can even use the Civic (CVC) Coin to pay for services within the platform.

Fundamental Value of Civic (CVC) Token

The number of cryptos in the market is only growing by the day. But the Civic (CVC) Coin is slightly different from most other conventional cryptos in the market. It is one of those few coins used for various purposes. But before diving into the fundamental value of the Civic (CVC) Coin, let's see its current state in the market.  2022 has been a challenging year for almost every crypto available in the market. Civic (CVC) Coin is no exception, but the coin's value still stands at $0.1755 with a huge market cap of $175,255,688. Besides that, the 24-hour trading volume of the Civic (CVC) Coin amounts to $47,995,087, which is quite impressive compared to other cryptos. So let's check how the Civic (CVC) Coin gets its fundamental value. 


Simplifies The Trading Experience

The primary thing you can do with your Civic (CVC) Coin holdings is to trade them in different crypto exchanges. You can exchange your Civic (CVC) Coin holdings with other cryptos and digital assets. This allows you to earn highly appealing rewards in a concise period. 

Settlements Within The Network 

The other great use of your Civic (CVC) Coin holdings is a settlement within the network. This means you can use your Civic (CVC) Coins to facilitate seamless settlement with other users in the network. This can be anything from incentivizing others based on different criteria. 

Buy Goods And Services: 

While most businesses are hesitant about accepting cryptos, things are changing for the good. With many businesses accepting cryptos, you can use your Civic (CVC) Coins to pay for products and services. But make sure you enquire if the vendor accepts Civic (CVC) Coins beforehand. 

With a better understanding of the fundamental value of the Civic (CVC) Coin, it is time to get into further details. The following section will walk you through the history of the Civic (CVC) Coin and its performance in the market during this time. This is essential information for everyone looking to invest in Civic (CVC) Coin. 

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Civic (CVC) Token Price History And Overview

While the Civic platform has been around since 2015; the native token was not released until the 20th of June 2017. This is when the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) of the Civic (CVC) Coin raised its target of $33 million. The coin was launched in the open market the following month for $0.16.  But it didn't take long for the Civic (CVC) Coin's value to rise, with the token being listed on the popular crypto exchange BTER in August 2017. This was when Civic was available with a distinct CVC and CNY pair, with CNY being China's official currency. Following this development, the prices rose to $0.63. 

Civic continued on this bullish run for a while and even partnered with WikiHow on the 26th of August in 2017. This meant all WikiHow users could now use the Civic app right to log into the Wikihow website.  But unfortunately, this bullish momentum had to end, but the Civic (CVC) Coin was able to maintain its value of over $0.20. By the end of 2017, the Civic (CVC) Coin again rose extensively, reaching its all-time high value of $1.66 on the 25th of December, 2017.

This bullish trend continued for a while, and Civic (CVC) Coin managed to stay above the $1 mark until the 16th of January 2018.  But then came the infamous 2018 crypto crash and the Civic (CVC) Coin prices plummeted to a low of $0.28 on the 5th of February 2018. Fortunately, things started to change for the good, and the coin's prices rose, reaching $0.45 on the 6th of May 2018. Unfortunately, this bearish trend continued for a while, but the Civic (CVC) Coin managed to stay over $0.30. But things began to worsen further until the Civic (CVC) Coin reached a low below its launch price

Things didn't change much in 2019, and 2020 was even worse when the Civic (CVC) Coin's value reached its all-time low of $0.01 on the 13th of March, 2020. But again, things started to change by the end of 2020, with Coinbase announcing its users could now purchase the Civic (CVC) Coin. By the 10th of November 2020, the prices rose above $0.10, ultimately reaching $0.71 on the 2nd of April 2021.  This was also when the Civic (CVC) Coin announced its migration to the Solana network on the 11th of March, 2021. This meant users could now benefit from lower transaction fees and efficient transactions. However, the prices fell again to $0.16 on the 22nd of June 2021. This was followed by a bullish trend in September when prices went up to $0.95 and fell again to $0.59 by 5th September. 

The coin prices dipped further low, reaching $0.38 on the 6th of December 2021. This bullish trend continued, and the coin's value plummeted to $31 on the 25th of March, 2022. As of August 2022, the coin's value still stands at $0.1755, with a huge market cap of $175,255,688. Besides that, the 24-hour trading volume of the Civic (CVC) Coin amounts to $47,995,087.

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Civic (CVC) Token Price Forecasts

Now that you have a detailed overview of the price history of Civic (CVC) Coin, it is time to check out the future. But the volatile nature of the crypto market makes it very challenging to determine the future of a coin. Fortunately, we have crypto experts who weigh different factors to understand better what the future holds for Civic (CVC) Coin.  But before diving into the future of Civic (CVC) Coin, let's first evaluate its present. So at the time of writing this article, the Civic (CVC) Coin's value stands at $0.1755 with a huge market cap of $175,255,688. Besides that, the 24-hour trading volume of the Civic (CVC) Coin amounts to $47,995,087. So now check out the technical and fundamental analyses of the Civic (CVC) Coin to better understand. 

Technical Analysis

2022 has not been a performant year for the crypto market, with so many factors impacting its performance. Civic (CVC) Coin has also suffered the wrath of this bad timing, which is reflected in its performance in the market.  Currently, the Civic (CVC) Coin's value stands at $0.1755 with a huge market cap of $175,255,688. Besides that, the 24-hour trading volume of the Civic (CVC) Coin amounts to $47,995,087. But this is no good news as the token's value has decreased by 7.35%, and its 24-hour trading volume has taken a massive hit with a downfall of 52.65%. Nonetheless, this does not spell the end for the Civic (CVC) Coin, as the token can still bounce back just as it did earlier at the end of 2020. 


Fundamental Analysis       

Investing in any crypto comes with a certain degree of uncertainty and volatility. But evaluating the market beforehand can be a lifesaver in this case. This is what makes fundamental analysis so important for crypto investors. This analysis gives you an insight into the future of any crypto token.  Civic (CVC) Coin has a robust foundation as the entire network was launched to ensure the safety of your personal information. While the token has suffered some significant damages in recent times, the network still serves the purpose it was meant to. So given enough time, there are chances that the coin's value might jump up, giving great returns to its investors. 

Note: As you know, the crypto market is highly volatile, and predicting the future of crypto is anything but easy. However, experts use their complex calculations with different variables to at least give us an idea of the future. Even those mentioned above technical and fundamental analyses were meant to give you an idea. So make sure you do not mistake them for concrete figures, as variables can change at any time.

Nonetheless, always do your research and due diligence before investing in any crypto in the market.  So now that you have a better idea about the technical and fundamental aspects of the Civic (CVC) Coin, it is time to get into more granular details. According to experts, the following section will walk you through the yearly price predictions of Civic (CVC) Coin. Hence, continue reading to understand the future of the Civic (CVC) Coin. 

Civic (CVC) Token Price Prediction

Civic Token Price Prediction for 2022 | Potential ROI: 45%

2022 has not been a great year for Civic (CVC) Coin, as the token started the year with a bearish trend. The coin was valued at $0.38 by the end of 2021, which plummeted further to $0.31 on the 25th of March 2022    This bearish trend continued further, with the Civic (CVC) Coin's value standing at $0.1755 with a huge market cap of $175,255,688 in August 2022. Besides that, the 24-hour trading volume of the Civic (CVC) Coin amounts to $47,995,087. But this is no good news as the token's value has decreased by 7.35%, and its 24-hour trading volume has taken a massive hit with a downfall of 52.65%.

But the remaining 2022 looks better for Civic (CVC) Coin as most predictions from experts at TradingBeast and seem largely optimistic about the coin. According to them, the prices will reach around $0.19 by the end of 2022. Even experts from WalletInvestor are optimistic about the coin's performance citing it will get a valuation of $0.326 by December 2022.

Civic Token Price Prediction for 2023 | Potential ROI: 50%

Experts are optimistic that 2023 will also be a bullish year for Civic (CVC) Coin. Experts from TradingBeast are suggesting the prices will reach $0.27278. Experts from are even more optimistic, suggesting the prices will go up to $0.28 by the end of 2023. Finally, experts from WalletInvestor seem to be sailing on the same ship with their predictions citing a price of $0.276 by December 2023. 

Civic Token Price Prediction for 2024 | Potential ROI: 20%

2024 will likely be a great year for Civic (CVC) Coin, with experts from TradingBeast suggesting the prices will go up to $0.252188. Additionally, experts from believe that the prices of Civic (CVC) Coins will reach $0.39 by the end of 2024. Contradicting these predictions are experts from WalletInvestor, citing the prices will be around $0.0204 by December 2024. 

Civic Token Price Prediction for 2025 | Potential ROI: 53%

Most experts are optimistic about Civic's performance in 2025. Experts from Trading Beast suggest the prices will go up to $0.253059 by December 2025. Experts from seem even more optimistic with their predictions offering the prices will go up to $0.57. On the other hand, there are experts from WalletInvestor with a pessimistic view suggesting the prices will lower to $0.0233 by the end of 2025.

Civic Token Price Prediction for 2022 | Potential ROI: 655%

Looking at the long-term price predictions for Civic (CVC) Coin, things are looking better for Civic (CVC) Coin. Experts from TradingBeast suggest the price of Civic (CVC) Coins will remain around $0.232815 by the end of 2030. But experts from are over-optimistic with their projections suggesting the prices will reach a whopping $3.93 by the decade's end. However, experts from WalletInvestor are still pessimistic, suggesting the prices will dip down to $0.021436 by the end of 2030.  Considering the different price movements, it’s almost impossible to get an idea of whether or not to invest in the token. Therefore, to simplify it for you, we’ve curated a list of the market movements, with an idea of their respective signals. 

Method 2022 2023 2024 2025 2030
Expected Price 0.19 0.27278 0.252188 0.253059 0.232815
Potential ROI 45% 50% 20% 53% 655%
Type Of Run Bullish Bullish Bearish Bullish Bearish
Singal  Buy Buy Strong Buy  Hold  Sell

Some Unique Features Of The Civic Platform 

Some unique features and functionalities set the Civic platform apart from most networks designed to secure your private information. Some of these unique characteristics include:

  1. Humans Identification: The Civic platform is one network that uses captcha and video selfies to verify if the user is a human. This makes it easier to prevent unauthorized access to your essential credentials. 
  2. Human Uniqueness: Another great characteristic of the Civic platform is that it seamlessly determines if the user is unique. It does so with the help of the video selfie verification method. 
  3. Verified Document Upload: Users must verify themselves even when uploading documents on the platform. The platform again uses video selfies to ensure the person uploading the documents is the same as the person on the documents. 
  4. Location Verification: Civic platform also verifies the location of the user. It does with a VPN check or IP check. This helps users track the location in case there is unauthorized access to their accounts. 

Is It Worth Investing In Civic (CVC) Tokens Right Now?

There are over a thousand cryptos currently available in the crypto market. As a result, it becomes very challenging to determine if it will be worth a specific coin at any given time. But one can base their investment decisions on the information put forward by expert analysts to at least make an informed decision.  Nonetheless, one must remember that even these predictions and forecasts are based on many variables. Unfortunately, these variables can change at any time, given the volatility of the crypto market. Hence it is always recommended you carry out your research and due diligence before investing in any crypto to determine what's best for you. 

Final Verdict

Investing in cryptocurrencies which are relatively new in the world of finance can overwhelm anyone. Hence this article aims to mitigate this overwhelming feeling with all the details you need to know about Civic (CVC) Coin. In addition, the article gives you a deep insight into the past, present, and future of the Civic (CVC) Coin, so use this information to your advantage.  But this does not mean you should base your investment decision on this information alone. It would help if you also did your research and due diligence to understand better the crypto market and Civic (CVC) Coin. This will be very helpful to ensure you make an informed decision that suits your unique requirements.


Will Civic (CVC) Coin breach the $1 mark?

Given the volatility of the crypto market, it is very challenging to answer this question. But referring to the price predictions from experts at, Civic (CVC) Coin might breach the $1 mark again. So let's wait and watch when and if that becomes a reality.

Is it worth investing in Civic (CVC) Coin?

Investing in any crypto is a personal decision for any individual. So the best thing would be to evaluate your requirements and base your investment decision accordingly. Besides that, you need to research to understand the market better and make your investment decision based on that.

Will the Civic (CVC) Coin's value increase in the future?

One cannot be certain about a token's future performance in this market. But they can also refer to the predictions made by experts to get a better understanding. Given the predictions mentioned above, chances are high that CVC's value will increase in the long run.

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