When Will SafeMoon Go To The Moon?




In the heart of every genuine SafeMoon Army lies the question “When will SafeMoon go to the moon?”. According to the SafeMoon whitepaper, SafeMoon is a decentralized token and the  SafeMoon Protocol aims to solve the problems of prior cryptocurrencies including mining rewards, farming rewards, and liquidity provisioning. 

SafeMoon was launched on March 8, 2021, with an initial price of $0.0000000010 and a 777 trillion $SFM. The team is now on the second part of its mission, which involves the expansion and channeling of the SafeMoon technology to propel innovations for good and a venture philanthropy model to advance those innovations to every part of the world. But will this really have any impact on the SafeMoon’s price for it to get to the Moon?




SafeMoon is one of the cryptocurrencies launched in 2021 by Former US Dept of Defense Analyst John Karony and it is deployed on the Balance Smart Chain (BSC), a blockchain platform that utilizes a proof-of-stake-authority (PoSA) model as its consensus mechanism. As a Decentralized Finance token, SafeMoon has a market cap of $3 billion and there are more than 2.9 million uses of this token. 

However, the name SafeMoon was coined from the phrase “Safely To The Moon”, which means the price is going upwards, which is ”as high as the moon” and this phrase is commonly used among Redditors. The major difference between SafeMoon and other cryptocurrencies is that the developers of this project encourage its users by rewarding long-term holders and discouraging sellers of this token by charging a 10% fee whenever anyone sells the token.

Furthermore, holders earn passive rewards through static reflections as they watch their balance of SafeMoon grow indefinitely, while Every Trade contributes towards auto-generating liquidity that goes into multiple pools used by exchanges. The developers of this project are long-term visionaries who believe in the future of this project and do not want it to be a pump and dump project. 

According to the SafeMoon Website, four simple functions occur during each trade; Reflections, LP Acquisition, Token Burn, and Growth fund:
-Reflection - 4% is redistributed to all existing holders as an incentive for holding and this can contribute to the stability of the token.
-LP Acquisition - 3% is added to liquidity which also contributes to the stability of the token.
-Token Burn - 2% of tokens are burned and this will help to achieve the goal of the scarcity of the token according to the law of Demand and Supply.
-Growth Fund - 1% is added to the SafeMoon Ecosystem Growth Fund.


A reflection is a form of static reward and the aim is to correct the challenges with mining rewards. it is done in two ways:
-The reward amount is conditional upon the volume being traded, which mitigates against selling pressure caused by early adopters selling their coins.
- It encourages those holding tokens to collect rewards based on the number of tokens they are holding.


The essence of LP Acquisition is for the long-term stability of the token. So when a transaction is executed, a smart contract fee is also executed, and a percentage of that fee goes to those that are holding the token and serves as a penalty for those that are selling. The essence of this is to avoid a larger dip when the whales decide to sell and this ensures the price is stable. A whale is a terminology used in cryptocurrency referring to individuals holding a large number of coins of a particular cryptocurrency.


The term burn is commonly used in the cryptocurrency space and when cryptocurrencies undergo burning, it is permanently removed from circulation; this is an attempt to create scarcity, so as to increase the value of the token. There is a manual burn and a continuous burn, but in the case of SafeMoon, it is a manual burn and this is highly beneficial for long-term investors.

Therefore 50% of all the proceeds from the sales of this token is distributed among the current holders. This type of distribution is known as Reflection. The remaining 50% of the fees go to the Liquidity pool and this is being used by SafeMoon to maintain its stability. So with these simple principles, SafeMoon is therefore designed to resist volatility.


On December 13,  2021, SafeMoon upgraded from SafeMoon V1 to SafeMoon V2 and SafeMoon V2 is an updated version of the SafeMoon token. The SafeMoon V2 protocol is a community-focused DeFi token that forms part of the expanding SafeMoon ecosystem.

The goal of this upgrade was to consolidate the older version at a ratio of 1:1000 and to reduce the cost of transactions to 2%. Consolidation is a Decentralized Finance (DeFi) feature that SafeMoon team implemented to reverse stock splits and the idea that it will be beneficial to the SafeMoon users.

When this occurred, the circulating supply of SafeMoon tokens was reduced without affecting the available balances of her users. For those holding SafeMoon tokens on an exchange such as, they do not need to do the migration themselves, the exchange will do the migration for them. The new features increased the security, accessibility, and quality of the SafeMoon token. 


According to the Safemoon Website, these are the SafeMoon V2 benefits:


  1. Flexibility: SafeMoon will be able to utilize the smart contract within the SafeMoon ecosystem more freely by way of "whitelisting" specific contracts to adjust the fees from 10% to 2% (such as for commerce uses). This will also give the company ability to integrate more products that can utilize SafeMoon as the fuel for such products,
  2. Enhanced security: SafeMoon can be more "reactive" to threats that interact with its smart contract because of the ability to blacklist.
  3. Rate drop for all ecosystem products: Because of the ability to whitelist specific contracts, this means SafeMoon will be able to drop the 10% buy/sell tax rate to a 2% rate for all whitelisted contracts. This enables users to utilize SafeMoon as a "utility token" rather than just a holding token.
  4. Increased volume: We project increased volume for the V2 token because of the lower rates that can be offered.
  5. Autonomy: V2 upgrade will allow SafeMoon more autonomy and control over their liquidity pool and the ability to add more pairing options within their ecosystem.

How do I migrate to V2 if I am on an exchange?

Each individual exchange is responsible for supporting its users in the migration. SafeMoon is currently working with them to enable the upgrade.


The year 2021 for the cryptocurrency space was the first time in history we saw BTC hit an all-time high above $69,000  (November 2021) and then explosive growth occurred due to the rose in NFTs interest, Metaverse, Decentralized Finance, and Play-to-Earn games. It was amid these growths that the SafeMoon token was born. Since there have been predictions of Bitcoin hitting a new All-Time-High (ALT). SafeMoon price had its highest gains in October 2021 when it did over 280%.

Moreover, the term metaverse was coined from a digital past by the writer, Neal Stephenson in the year 1992 in his novel, “Snow Crash'' Then it was reconsidered as the Oasis in the Ernest Cline Novel title “Ready Player One”, it means a fully digitized world that exists beyond the analog one we live in. The metaverse refers to a variety of virtual experiences, environments, and assets that became popular during the online shift during the 2020 pandemic. 

However, SafeMoon was migrated to a new wallet address following the updated version of SafeMoon from V1 to V2 and the token has seen continuous growth from its initial price of $0.0000000010 to $0.001152 as of the time of writing. Since  SafeMoon is currently in the second phase of her mission that involves building blockchain, commerce, metaverse and NFT products to derive new kinds of value from crypto technology and to apply it to increasingly better use, this may mean a great future for this project.

In early January 2022, there was breaking news that “SafeMoon is getting set to launch her own NFT called NAUGHTY NAUT and this would bridge to the metaverse”. This was confirmed by the SafeMoon CEO. John Karony during a SafeMoon segment in early January 2022. He disclosed that they have been working on it and it will be released soon and that the NFT will help bridge with the Metaverse sphere and give its users a real-world-use-case on all platforms. 

Founders, investors, and executives of various walks of life have tried to take their own share in the metaverse, understanding its potential for social connection, entertainment, experimentation, and profit.

The Naughty Naut NFT will be valuable in both the Metaverse community and the NFT at the same time because the NFTs will be built inside the Metaverse. So it will be NFT tied to the Metaverse development experience (MDE). So the CEO explained that we would be able to use nauthy naut NFTs that have real-world experience application inside the metaverse and they can live symbiotically together. 

Furthermore, The SafeMoon Hound with the CEO during the SafeMoon segment explained that the Naughty naut NFT will have two avatars even though it is a single entity. That is, the NFT will have an identity one way, but in the metaverse, that same NFT will have a completely different identity. The good part of it is that you can use the same NFTs on both platforms. Although no specific time was given when the NFT will be released, the community has been given assurance by the CEO that the NFT will be released soon.

However, with the increasing interest in the metaverse and NFTs, there are various speculations that SafeMoon price will get to the moon soon. As with other cryptocurrencies, when considering investing in SafeMoon, you should Do Your Own Research (DYOR) and always invest what you can afford to lose. This could make the DeFi token price go to the moon soon and also give it strength for sustainability. Also considering the fact that the use case of a cryptocurrency is very important and that is one a good crypto investor will consider before he invests in a project.



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If you have a goal of holding SafeMoon over the long term, you’ll also benefit from the reflections as you receive a portion of the fee incurred when other people sell their SafeMoon tokens. This is definitely a financial incentive you may not get from holding most other popular tokens, where you only make money if there is an increase in price.

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