Top Leading Blockchain Startups




Blockchain technology has the potential to simplify the development of solutions that companies will use through their journey in search of innovation and digital transformation.

While many people think blockchain and cryptocurrencies are synonymous, it could not be more wrong - because the tech goes beyond the typical motivation to purchase bitcoin.

Instead, there are several other use cases for blockchain technology, including anti-money laundering tracking system, supply chain, and logistics monitoring, cross-border payments, personal identity security, and security of sensitive data (e.g., medical data).

In this article, you will discover the top leading blockchain startups in 2021.

What Is A Startup? - Explaining the Idea

Many people say that any small business in its early days can be considered a startup. Others argue that a startup is a company with very low maintenance costs but has the potential to grow quickly and generate huge profits.

Nonetheless, a more accurate definition of the term is that a startup is a group of people looking for a repeatable and scalable business model, working in conditions of extreme uncertainty.

In this sense, the business model is how the startup generates value - that is, how it turns its work into money.

The crypto industry is a thriving environment for startups, especially those who propose unique ideas that are practicable and provide real-world solutions for real-world problems.

Solve Care

Headquartered in Kyiv, Ukraine, Solve Care is a blockchain-based solution focused on solving complex problems that plague the healthcare system nowadays.

The current healthcare system is too complex and involves plenty of bureaucracy. When someone becomes ill, this person has to go through an endless cycle of trying to coordinate medical care, which is hard and sometimes almost impossible given the circumstances.

Powered by blockchain technology, Solve Care created a platform focused on patients, where people can connect and coordinate benefit claims, care, and payments. Investing in coins that solve these issues could be a worthy investment since their crypto prices can rise because they solve real-life problems.

The project's inception occurred in 2017 when the team behind Solve Care acquired an IT service company named UKRSOFT. Soon, the team of experienced professionals began to leverage the company to build healthcare solutions.

After researching and developing healthcare solutions for several companies in Europe, Asia, and North America, the team managed to secure a strong background that involves:

  • Insurance companies
  • Clinics
  • Benefit administrators
  • Care organizations
  • Healthcare employers

In 2019, Solve Care was awarded the Most Innovative Blockchain Project Award at the Blockchain Life 2019 Forum in Singapore, demonstrating the potential this relatively new idea has to impact the lives of even more people all over the world.


London-based startup Genomes believes that everyone should own their genome's whole information. With a unique approach that reunites science and blockchain technology, they build a private DNA data bank entirely build through digital cryptography.

The project allows anyone to discover and store their entire biological markup in the Ethereum blockchain, immortalizing DNA information in a secure format to either share it or not in the future.

All DNA-related data collected by Genomes is secure within an encrypted virtual vault, which is owned and controlled exclusively by customers. Thus, no one can access the information in the vault without strict permission, not even Genomes' personnel.

Genomes provide 30x clinical-grade whole genome sequencing that analyses 100% of an individual's DNA, permitting people to explore their whole genome and explain their ancestry, traits, wellness, health risks, and much more.

Once a customer has purchased a DNA sequencing, he/she has secure storage in the project's personal DNA Vault, meaning the information held there remains completely private.

Besides, it is possible to contribute to medical research and earn without compromising privacy, security, or ownership of private data, as customers can monetize their genes and earn ETH tokens in exchange.


Cambridge-based is an artificial intelligence startup that is building a decentralized machine learning platform based on blockchain technology to deliver secure data sharing, connection, and transactions in a global scenario.

The project's network is an open-sourced, blockchain-based environment where users can access the power of artificial intelligence on a global scale to carry out complex coordination tasks for economy-related activities.

Within the project's network, a set of software agents represent and act on behalf of their owners (real people). Thus, these AI-based agents serve to provide optimal service across various ecosystems, benefiting both suppliers and consumers.

The technology behind the purpose of has a huge potential, as it can optimize trading, help to reconfigure public transport networks, and create smart cities that could be used by their citizens, restructuring the economy and the way people carry out their lives.

Final Thoughts

Blockchain technology has certainly spread its influence across various segments, from fintech to healthcare and logistics.

Promising startups like Solve Care, Genome, and demonstrate how the innovations brought by blockchain technology can be incorporated into people's lives to upgrade services, facilitate the consumption of products/services in different domains, and connect people.


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