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About Uquid

With plenty of ado, Uquid Coin provides a hospitable atmosphere for the trade and conversion of cryptocurrency. Furthermore, the UQC facility lets you save your virtual currencies on cards that may be used anywhere in the world.


UQC is a blockchain-based digital coin built on Ethereum's ERC20 coin mechanism, among Ethereum's high technology advances. The purpose of this decentralized currency is to aid in the growth of the UQUID Network. Coin owners will be able to swap their UQC coins quickly and easily due to this digital innovation. The Uquid card initiative, which began in 2016, was the first to offer prepaid credit cards for cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin. Uquid cards currently support over 100 different cryptocurrencies. The uquid coin was created to assist cryptocurrency holders in online shopping (ebay, amazon) exclusively throughout the uquid network and establishing a card-less platform by 2020.


What is Uquid?

Users can get crypto trading payment cards from UQC, which is a versatile network. The card may be digital or actual. Because it supports approximately 89 virtual currencies, the platform has received much traction in the cryptocurrency world. Bitcoin, Dash, Ethereum, Monero, Ripple, Litecoin, and other cryptocurrencies are among these.


Uquid Coin allows crypto holders to experience the vast potential of commodities by distributing cards to all crypto owners. Furthermore, people may effortlessly use their virtual currencies in a traditional real-life setting.


Uquid Coin also offers cellular cash alternatives, an e-wallet, a credit card gateway, and betting alternatives in addition to debit cards. Uquid cards holders can use Uquid cards in more than 178 countries.



What makes Uquid Coin Unique?

Uquid Coin is a decentralized asset that supports the utilization of paper money by providing liquidity assistance. The platform accepts the following cash transactions: USD, GBP, and EUR. Altcoin owners can purchase at the present exchange rate straight from their e-wallets. As a result, the price for what you pay is clear.


Perhaps the most intriguing part of Uquid Coin is that the users may use their authorized credited payment card to get cash straight from ATMs. This facility is offered in more than 34 locations throughout the globe. Holders of Uquid Coins can also get payouts via video games websites, PayPal, and other methods.


Uquid Coin is already in huge demand because of its utility. UQC is constantly requested by travelers and bitcoin owners who do not have financial institution contracts.


Cardholders can employ their authorized payment cards to shop for an array of products and offerings. A few alternative payment methods are accepted in drugstores, grocery stores, cell phone transfers, and local transportation, among other places.


You can receive the finest crypto industry trading prices via Uquid Coin. It will aid anyone with the card to exchange, offer, purchase, finance, and borrow cryptocurrencies. Firms may also handle their royalties and bonuses more effectively with the Uquid Payment System.


Who are the founders of Uquid?

The names of the platform's founders are not revealed on the official website. This, however, is an issue to consider. It has just been discovered that Khahn Hung Tran is registered as an owner on the platform's website by citing license information given on the official website. Tran is most likely Vietnamese. Regrettably, further research for the name yielded no results relating to Uquid.



Where to buy and store a Uquid Coin?

The Uquid Coin has gained popularity due to its links across virtual currencies and the real world.


As a result, the coin is featured on multiple cryptocurrency platforms. OMGFIN, Bitterxe Global, Bitcratic, Coinsuper, Folgory, Bibox,, Probit, KuCoin, and others sell UQC coins.


The UQC coin is an ERC-20 coin. Any ERC-20 certified e-wallet can be used to hold the coins. To keep your UQC coins safe, you will always have reliable and accessible digital and real wallets available. You could choose based on personal preferences and, in fact, the duration of time you've had the coins.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best payment method to use?

The best option available is buying bitcoins using a savings account (or buying Uquid Coin straight from a savings account) and exchanging Bitcoins for Uquid Coin.


The quickest option to get Uquid Coin is through a credit card, but you'll have to pay a much higher cost.

How can I sell Uquid Coins?

Binance and Changelly are both excellent options for converting UQC to different cryptocurrencies. If you wish to convert it to US dollars, euro, or even other countries' currency, go to UQC for bitcoin and swap BTC for US dollars, euros, or other currencies.

How can I protect UQC once I buy it?

Uquid Coin must be kept in an encrypted e-wallet. If you store Uquid Coins on to an exchanger, you might risk losing your coins if the exchange platform is seized. It's also possible that your account will be stolen. That's why 2FA is extremely vital.




Uquid Coin is a decentralized payment system that allows other companies and investment vehicles to integrate.


It runs utilizing the UQC coin, which is based on Ether blockchain technology. Uquid Coin is a versatile system that enables traders to smoothly exchange, invest, and fulfill everyday purchases utilizing cryptocurrencies.


The Uquid Coin network makes converting virtual currencies to paper currencies, including the US dollar, British pound, and Euro.


It also provides cards for digitized investment to its customers, online or actual debit cards for quick payments.




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