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Many of today's decentralized apps and cryptocurrency protocols rely on somewhat centralized infrastructure, and approximately 70% of Ethereum nodes use cloud services, according to him. seeks to address this issue by offering decentralized databases, computing, and a decentralized identification (DID) framework that enables decentralized programmes (DApps) and protocols to shed centralized components of their stack. The network is supported by core channel nodes.





The headquarters of are in Paris, France. Our workforce is dispersed all around the world. Video gaming company Ubisoft has committed to hosting a core channel node on, advancing the growth of the decentralized network, according to, cross-blockchain decentralized storage, and computing network. is delivering new types of services utilizing blockchain, a secure and transparent digital ledger. However, because blockchain requires a large number of computers to secure the digital security of a stored object, a network of suppliers is required to contribute their processing power. In an interview with GamesBeat, CEO Jonathan Schemoul stated that getting Ubisoft to help with the project is a significant milestone.




What is [ALEPH]? is an open-source cross-chain network that includes a decentralized database, file storage, computation, and a decentralized identification framework (DID).'s main goal is to assist decentralized apps and protocols in removing the centralized components of their stack in order to achieve a fully decentralized architecture. You may think of as a decentralized version of Amazon Web Services or Firebase. is dedicated to boosting the DeFi ecosystem.


By default, data is confidential and encrypted, with the option to make it public. Only the minimum level of nodes is used to store data. Nodes in certain geolocalization can store information. is IPFS interoperable, which means that data is duplicated on both nodes and IPFS.




Who Are the Founder of [ALEPH]?

Jonathan Schemoul, alias Moshe Malawach, founded in 2018. Moshe is a French programmer who has been doing programming and coding since he was young.


Moshe built corporate software for the financial, supply chain, and other major sectors before entering the blockchain field. He later became a significant member of the NULS community, contributing to the development of the explorer as well as the Proof of Credit Mining (POCM) mechanism.


What has turned what it is today is Moshe's ability to offer genuine commercial value utilizing blockchain technology.




What Makes Unique? is a decentralized platform that combines on-chain and off-chain technology. It has an off-chain decentralized network that can only be accessed through blockchain networks. Key aspects such as security and sophisticated cryptoeconomics are enabled as a result of this.


Many popular blockchain projects, including as Ethereum, Polkadot, Cosmos, and BinanceChain, are already compatible with Any project built on these platforms will be able to connect to our decentralized database and file storage.


Finally, includes a channel system that enables sharding— the creation of subnetworks that have access to all of the network's capabilities. Shards are similar to specialized cloud clusters.




Where Can You Buy [ALEPH]?

The majority of exchange platforms accept ALEPH for trading. Although Uniswap is recommended, ALEPH is also accessible on centralized exchanges.

AMM,  Uniswap,  Balancer, 1inch, 0xProtocol, CEX,,  and also Ethereum,  MXC,  Kucoin,  Probit (BTC), and also South Korean Won. 




Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Buy [ALEPH] With Cash? is not available for purchase with cash. Despite the fact that certain ATMs offer, they account for less than 1% of all cryptocurrency ATMs.

You must first purchase Bitcoin, then trade Bitcoins for ALEPH using platforms like Binance.

What Is the Process of Managing Transactions at

Onchain transaction costs are free for consumers as far as web dapp teams are paying for them, which is comparable to the web2 business model in which app owners pay cloud providers like AWS. Because on-chain transactions are batch-processed, fees are kept to a minimum. offers delegated transactions. Because the network manages these transactions, users do not need to resubmit them or alter their fees manually.

What Are the Tools Available on for Builders?

The SDK offers client libraries for Javascript and Python. Token Swap allows you to transfer your ALEPH tokens across the NEO, NULS, and Ethereum platforms.\


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