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As a decentralized Atomic Swap exchange, Acuity DEX makes it possible to transact directly between blockchains. Account trust network, reputation, and public evaluations of previous deals are provided by the ACU blockchain, which helps in trading.


About Acuity Token [ACU]

It has been under development since 2015 as a replacement for the World Wide Web and a blockchain-based content platform. Polkadot and IPFS are used in its construction. A migration from MIX, its previous name, is now taking place (an independent network of Ethereum blockchain). 


This migration will take place in the Polkadot eco-system, and it was announced on June 8th, 2020. There is no "service" supplied by Acuity because it is completely decentralized and has no backend. 


The software is open-source and peer-to-peer thus there's no guarantee it will work. Even those other systems that tout themselves as autonomous really use backends and additional authentication services that are rather comprehensive and intrusive. Acuity's usage of Substrate allows it to have a large feature set at a low cost while yet being extremely flexible. Because of this, it's out of bounds for appropriation.


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What is Acuity Token [ACU]?

Acuity's fundamental functionality is fully implemented on-chain, which is the basic premise behind it. This was done using Solidity smart contracts on MIX. Permissionless WASM smart contracts can now be used to extend this functionality as a Substrate pallet.

Who Are the Founders of Acuity Token [ACU]?

With an exceptionally talented, professional, and unified form of teamwork, Acuity is on its way to attaining diverse milestones as they have just upgraded from mix blockchain to Polka dot technology. The Acuity DEX's development is advancing rapidly. To use with a sell order, you can now construct a purchase lock. The Acuity Atomic Switch Exchange's most recent progress report is now accessible online.


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What Makes Acuity Token [ACU] Unique?

Anybody can host anybody else's material with Acuity, ensuring that it is always available for consumption. Links are impervious to failure. In order to uncover corruption and bring about fairness for all, it's critical to have a proven record of what was spoken.


Everyone has full control over the stuff they receive.. they are receiving. All developers are first-class citizens and can experiment to provide new ways to search and filter material both in and out. They could, for example, use artificial intelligence to develop an off-chain searching solution or filter bubbles based on moderator elections.


In addition to that, A better technique is used by Acuity, which involves burning brand tokens in plain sight. A wonderful free-market method for funding content creators without having to rely on paywalls or commercials. Videos uploaded to Acuity are converted into digital form from their original format into a variety of H.264 video qualities. This codec has excellent sound quality, encodes quickly, and is universally compatible. If you want to transcode locally, users can use FFmpeg or a SaaS solution like

Where Can You Buy Acuity Token [ACU]?

Many cryptocurrencies exchanges list ACM, and the assets can be gained by first buying on the following exchanges; Hotbit, MDEX(BSC), PancakeSwap, 1inch (BSC), 

Acsi.Finance and Dinosaur Eggs are just a few of the exchanges that are participating.


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Frequently Asked Questions About Acuity Token [ACU]

What are the claims done by Acuity for its potential users?

Decentralized, open-source, and immutable publishing platform Acuity Tokens (ACU) claim to have all the aspects of modern monolithic platforms. Since it is decentralized.

How The Network Has Unified Consumer Data Securely?

It's open to the public in its entirety. It can't be censored, and it's open to anybody. Each and every aspect of it may be modified to suit your needs. It's a protocol for networked content apps that give people more freedom. It's empowering.


On What Factors Does The Price Of The Acuity Token  ACU Depend?

Exchange inflows and outflows, paramount and technical differences, the news cycle, and the overall economic climate are all interlinked variables that impact ACUToken’s price and market cap.

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Because of the volatile character of the cryptocurrency market, cryptocurrencies have experienced a catastrophic depreciation following their massive appreciation in the area of trading, which was almost 100% in just a matter of a particular countable transitional month.


Therefore, it's wide enough to quote that ACUtokens has been upgraded to a new all-time high translation volume of almost $0.02202 U.S Dollars per token.


Briefly said, Acuity Token has blessed internet traders with trading pleasures all over the world, thanks to its safe, diverse, and feasible transactional regulations, rather than claiming credit for this.


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