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If you are looking for an online casino that stands apart from the rest, you are likely wondering which online casino meets your needs better than the others. You want an online casino that has transparent number generators and fair payouts. Whether you are new to the world of online casinos or a seasoned player, you will be glad you found BitStarz. The site offers plenty of great games and bonus options you are not likely to find anywhere else on the web, and most new players are thrilled with what they see.

Coming to this online casino gives you access to a variety of incentives that improve your gaming experience each step of the way. If you have played at other online casinos in the past, you might think they are all the same. You will be happy to discover BitStarz makes a proactive effort to stand apart from the rest. Let’s look at what you can expect when you create your account and play your first game.

BitStarz Review Starts With a Bang!

Many online casinos are similar to the ones that came before them, but BitStarz has been earning a name for itself among players in the industry. A lot of players search for online casinos that have unique bonuses and other features that they have never seen before. Most of these players are disappointed to discover that not many online gaming sites are different from the rest. BitStarz, on the other hand, exceeds their expectations in more ways than they once thought possible.

This casino sets itself apart by accepting a range of payment methods and making it as easy as possible for new players to sign up and enjoy the variety of games. Getting started is also a simple process that anyone can do in less than a few minutes. Even if you don’t have much experience with online casinos, you will have your BitStarz account up and running before you know it.

You only need to enter your email address and select a password to begin, and you will then decide the main currency you would like to use to make your first deposit. Make sure you check your email for the confirmation email after signing up. You will then be ready to play some of your favorite casino games from the comfort of home. Once you complete the sign-up process, you gain access to slots and a wide range of the most popular table games the industry has to offer.

No-Deposit Bitcoin Bonuses

In almost every case, you must spend at least a little money to try a new online casino. Having to make a deposit before trying the games gets expensive if you want to experiment with many online casinos. While some people don’t mind paying a small deposit, others would rather try an online casino without having to spend their money. The good news is that you can give BitStarz a try without making a deposit.

Once you create your account and set everything up, you get 30 free spins. Unlike what you find at other online casinos, you can win real money with your free spins. This gives you the opportunity to see what this casino has to offer before spending a penny on slots or other games. Your 30 free spins give you an idea of the payout rate you can expect if you later put your money on the line.

Leaderboards and Prize

BitStarz has even more benefits to increase the quality of your gaming experience. Throughout March, the BitStarz team gives out cash prizes and 5,000 free spins to the top 150 players. You don’t have to contact the support team or enter a code to be part of the contest. You only have to play and earn a top spot on the leaderboard to access the variety of prizes that BitStarz is giving away.

If you play more often and win more games than most of the other players, you will receive the cash bonus and additional spins. BitStarz enables you to track your progress and view the current winning players. This insight shows you how much further you must go if you would like to claim one of the prizes.

You might think you missed your chance to claim one of those prizes since the end of the month is near. But the BitStarz team almost always has new contests and prizes to offer, so keep your eye on the homepage if you don’t want to miss anything in the future.

BitStarz Casino Bonus 2020

After using your free spins to see how you like this casino, you might think the bonuses stop. Instead of only giving you a bonus when you sign up, BitStarz also offers bonuses for your first four deposits. This online casino gives you a matching deposit of up to $400 for your first and second deposits.

While your third deposit earns you a 50% bonus of up to $800, your fourth bonus is the same as your first and second. You can opt to use bitcoins instead of your country’s currency, and doing so gives you access to a bigger bonus depending on the current value of bitcoin.

The bonus deposits that go into your account have a few terms about which you need to learn to get the most from your time on the gaming site. To prevent players from just withdrawing their bonus deposits, BitStarz requires all players to place 40 bets before they can access the funds in the account. Keep in mind that doubling your deposit gives you double the odds of winning the games you play at BitStarz.

BitStarz Welcomes Players From Around the World

If you have played at more than a few online casinos in the past, you already know that some online casinos only accept players from certain countries. Different countries have different laws related to online gambling and what information players must provide when gambling. The owners of many online gaming sites only know the gambling laws in their own country, which is why they often ban all players from outside their country.

The good news is that BitStarz allows players from around the globe to enjoy its range of quality games. The only difference is that some players don’t have access to all the games in the digital inventory. Rather than providing a list of games you can’t play, BitStarz lets you create a free account so that you can review the games available to you. Reviewing the list of games before spending any money lets you decide if this online casino makes sense for you and your goals.

Loyalty and Reload Bonuses

Some players worry that they will no longer get bonus spins or deposits once they have been at this online casino for a while, but BitStarz has your back. It offers a fantastic loyalty program to keep players coming back for more. No matter what day of the week you would like to play your favorite games, make your deposits on Mondays and Wednesdays to get the most from your money.

Each Monday, you can get a bonus of 50% for your deposit, and you will earn up to $300 in additional cash. Wednesdays are when you can get free spins depending on how much you put into your account. Add at least $30 for 20 free spins, and $160 gives you 200 free spins. Making larger deposits lets you get the most plays for your money, so you should consider saving your money and make deposits once or twice a month.

Mobile and Live Casino Gaming

Many people discover that some online casinos only offer access to their games from standard web browsers. That limitation prevents people from playing slot machines and other games while they are away from home. When you leave the house or go outside, you can’t enjoy some of the top casino games on the internet if you choose one of those casinos.

BitStarz remains dedicated to standing out from the rest in as many ways as possible. When you create an account on this gaming website, you can also download a mobile app to your smartphone so that you can play from anywhere with an internet connection. You can win money while waiting in line at the bank or from any location in which you find yourself.

In addition to playing standard mobile games from your smartphone, BitStarz even lets you play games with live dealers from the mobile app. You can win money and make withdraws from your smartphone whenever you wish. These mobile features make it that much easier for you to enjoy the sights and sounds of casino games from anywhere on the planet, and you will be thrilled with the quality and design of the smartphone application. The BitStarz app is only available in certain countries.

Table Games

A lot of players go to BitStarz for the different slot machines and free spins, but slot machines are not the only games you can enjoy at this online casino. Depending on your country and payment method, you can play blackjack, roulette and many of the other top table games you would find in a standard casino.

You can also play live table games to increase your gaming experience. Standard online casino games use random number generators to decide which cards each player gets. While BitStarz does have the same technology, they also have games with live dealers. You see the dealer on the video screen when you opt for these games. Players often say playing with a live dealer makes it feel more like they are at a real casino.

Deposits and Withdraws

Before you play at any online casino for the first time, you need to know how to deposit and withdraw your funds. You should also consider how long it takes the online casino to process your withdraw request and place money into your bank account. You can add money to your BitStarz account with currency from nine countries, including the United States, Australia and more.

You need at least $20 to make a deposit and $40 for withdraws. If you don't live in one of the supported countries or don't want to use standard currency, you can make your deposits with bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. One benefit of using bitcoin is that you can withdraw your funds instantly.

Depending on website traffic, you can expect withdraws to take 10 minutes to process and show up in your account. Withdrawing bitcoin offers faster processing times if you are in a hurry. If you have never used bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies, it's not that hard to begin. Do an online search to find the most trusted cryptocurrency trading sites. Next, you set up a payment method and decide how many bitcoins you would like to purchase.

Once you have your bitcoins, go back to BitStarz and select bitcoin as your payment option. BitStarz will provide you with a bitcoin address, and that is where you send the bitcoins from your trading site. If you use bitcoin to play at this online casino, keep in mind that bitcoin's value is unstable, meaning it can change a lot in a short time.

Final Thoughts

BitStarz is one of the few casinos that accepts both cryptocurrency and a range of standard payment methods. It's also the only online casino that offers 30 free spins without asking you to first deposit funds into your account, and signing up on the website is all you have to do if you would like to take advantage of the free spins. Your 30 free spins give you a look at this casino and what it has to offer before you spend anything.

If you enjoy the games and bonuses offered by BitStarz, decide what currency you would like to use to fund your account and to make withdraws. Make your deposits on Mondays and Wednesdays if you would like to get the most plays for your money. Overall, this online casino has many options you rarely see in one place. Create your account so that you can decide if this online casino makes sense for you.

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