Webull vs E*TRADE: Which Broker Is Better For You?




For a good reason, E*TRADE and Webull are two of the most popular brokerage systems. Both have tremendous technological capabilities and excel in particular areas.

However, both platforms are created for two distinct segments of the investing public. It is crucial to recognize the fundamental differences before picking a broker for your investment portfolio. In this comparison, we will take a deeper look at Webull vs. E*TRADE so you can decide if one of them could suit you.

E*TRADE is a great trading and investment platform for traders and investors of all experience levels. Because of the distinction between E*TRADE and Fidelity, we may say that it is a flexible platform. There are several parallels between the Webull platform and this one. Both of them are fantastic for experienced investors and traders. Webull is preferable for options trading as it is 100 percent free, whereas E*TRADE has a $0.65/contract charge. Comparing brokers, however, we discovered that E*TRADE’s options trading platform is superior, as well as many other services offered to E*TRADE customers.

Webull Overview

Webull is a self-directed asset manager that focuses on no-fee trading. With Webull, anybody may use a trading platform and get high-level information on the market. The platforms offer an extensive range of real-time market data, news, trading fees, and analytical tools at no cost. Let us say you want an active trading broker with minimal fees and an excellent mobile experience. In that situation, Webull is the correct solution. With uncomplicated access to margin, live data, and research tools, Webull is an ideal platform for aggressive traders.


E*TRADE from Morgan Stanley Overview

E*TRADE is a world-class platform for equities. Based on E*TRADE investing reviews, It is well-known for the full-service online brokerage that enables you to invest in bonds, stocks, ETFs, futures, Forex, and Mutual funds. E*TRADE operates on a no-fee basis. A standard brokerage account necessitates a balance of exactly zero dollars. Whether new in the financial industry or a seasoned trader, E*TRADE provides a comprehensive line-up of user-friendly applications and trading platforms and a vast collection of instructional materials. E*TRADE is a suitable alternative for most sorts of investors as having multi-way financing for your account & has something to offer everyone.


Webull vs E*TRADE from Morgan Stanley Service & Feature Comparison


E*TRADE and Webull have similar prices. However, there are several essential variances.

Both brokers offer:

  • Commission-free stock trading
  • No maintenance costs
  • The exact $75 cost to entirely move an account to another broker

But that is the extent of our shared characteristics. E*TRADE charges a per-contract fee, but investors may trade options for free at Webull. Although the industry-standard options commission is $0.65, traders who trade options frequently may be able to negotiate a lower fee.

Some fees, however, only apply to one of the other. Webull charges a 1 percent markup for cryptocurrency trading, whereas E*TRADE does not allow direct investing in bitcoin assets. However, E*TRADE’s regular mutual fund commission is a competitive $19.99. (with thousands available to trade for free). Webull, on the other hand, does not currently provide mutual funds.

Account Types

E*TRADE is designed to suit the needs of all investors; thus, it provides a wide choice of investment account options. In addition to taxable individual brokerage accounts, E*TRADE allows consumers to create joint brokerage accounts with a spouse or someone else.

E*TRADE Plus offers a comprehensive array of retirement accounts. Additional options include SIMPLE IRAs, SEP IRAs, and individual 401(k) accounts, which are less common. To help parents save for their children’s education, it offers custodial accounts, including UGMA, UTMA, and Coverdell ESAs.

Trade with Webull

Moreover, E*TRADE provides its Core Portfolios robo-advisory service because Morgan Stanley owns it. It offers excellent checking and savings account offerings through Morgan Stanley Private Bank.

Webull, on the other hand, only offers a few different account types. The mobile-first broker only provides individual brokerage accounts, so if you want to establish an account with your spouse, you will need to select a different broker. The only retirement accounts available via Webull are regular and Roth IRAs. Webull does not provide custodial, college savings, trust, or other accounts. And unlike most of its competitors, it does not provide an interest-bearing savings account or a cash management option.

Education and Research

Webull cannot match with E*TRADE regarding its instructional material. Investors will find some valuable resources here, but nothing on the scale of E*Trade. On its platform, Webull has a respectable amount of research. It is geared toward technical analysis and provides some resources for basic research. However, even specific required technical indications are a costly upgrade. Webull provides a robust investor dashboard with alert and watch lists, real-time streaming quotations, and analyst evaluations. There is a lack of portfolio management tools.

Beginning investors can benefit from E*TRADE’s extensive library of instructional resources, which also serves more experienced investors. As well as providing relevant information through their podcast, “Thoughts on the Market,” they also provide online investing classes. E*TRADE’s market research and statistics are widely regarded to be among the best in the business.

Investment Options
Stock Trading Yes Yes
Fractional Shares No Yes
OTCBB / Pink Sheets Yes No
Options Trading Yes Yes
Complex Options Max Legs Yes Yes
Futures Trading Yes No
Forex Trading No No
Crypto Trading No Yes
Mutual Funds (No Load) Yes No
Mutual Funds (Total) Yes No

Range of Investments

E*TRADE is the apparent victor when it comes to investing options. That is unless bitcoin investment is a crucial priority for you.

Specifically, Webull offers the opportunity to trade equities, ETFs, options, and cryptocurrency. Customers of Webull may also purchase fractional shares of stocks, which can be a massive benefit for beginning investors who may not have enough money to purchase a total share of some of their favorite firms.

Trade with Etrade

Not only does Webull provide cryptocurrency trading, but it does it with a wider variety than most of its contemporaries. Webull’s trading platform presently supports more than 25 digital currencies, with more to come in the future. E*TRADE gives access to crypto-related items but not a real cryptocurrency. The broker offers top-notch educational tools and a broad range of no-transaction-fee mutual funds, making it a solid alternative for both beginner and advanced investors.

E*TRADE offers significantly greater diversity in the sorts of investments accessible. You cannot invest in mutual funds using Webull. E*TRADE provides mutual fund investment, and over 2,000 distinct mutual funds are available with no transaction cost. You may also buy bonds and CDs through E*Trade, which might be a must-have for income-seeking investors. E*TRADE’s platform does not provide futures trading, another investing option you will not find on Webull.

Trading Technology & Mobile Apps

Both Webull and E*TRADE offer sound trading systems. E*TRADE provides great web- and desktop-based trading platforms, in addition to its mobile app, which has more than adequate capacity for most consumers. The E*TRADE platform is a high-powered platform filled with features for sophisticated investors. Webull provides the Webull Desktop platform, allowing investors to build a personalized trading experience. In addition, it has its own online trading platform.

Webull’s platform offers mobile, web-based, and desktop variations. A stock screener, news, and technical trading tools, including charts, fundamental research, and analyst ratings, are available through a user-customizable workstation. Many investors like Webull because of its extended trading hours. E*TRADE does not have this functionality. To utilize Webull, investors must be skilled and self-sufficient since it lacks portfolio management tools. A dividend reinvestment program (DRIP) or suggested portfolios are not available with Webull. E*TRADE offers all three. It might be difficult to reach customer care via phone, and there is no chat facility.

E*TRADE has various mobile apps, a web-based platform, and desktop software. Their multiple platforms are among the best in the industry. Beginner investors are a priority at E*TRADE and have been for many years. Their E*TRADE platform helps new investors by providing market analysis and data, essential trading tools, and the ability to purchase and sell most financial assets. POWER E*TRADE is more advanced and contains charting tools, additional technical analysis instruments, risk analysis, and robust portfolio management features. More experienced investors and traders will benefit from POWER E’TRADE. The Core Portfolios of E*TRADE are a robo-advisory service available.

Other Features

Extended Hours

All Webull users get access to extended hours of trading on the Webull platform. This implies you are not constrained to make transactions only during open marketplaces.

Most platforms restrict your trading to 9:30 am And 4 pm on weekdays. You can trade from 4 am – 8 pm EST with extended hours. This may be a substantial benefit to swing traders wanting to take advantage of pre-market price movements or day traders looking to close out their holdings in the evening.

Traders should note that there is often increased volatility in pre-market and after-market trading. This is because fewer traders are buying and selling equities. The lack of liquidity and volume implies major deals might have an outsized influence during extended hours.

Fractional Shares

The possibility of acquiring partial shares at a lower price has broken down numerous hurdles that have kept cash-poor investors on the sidelines for years. Investors can now invest dollar amounts rather than total shares with fractional shares. Investing in high-priced equities like Amazon and Berkshire Hathaway will thus be more accessible to novice investors.

Using fractional shares, consumers will own portions of complete stocks per the amount invested. This functionality is not accessible on E*TRADE.

You are not reducing your exposure to risk by buying fractional shares. The fact that you’re spending less money on one stock allows you to spread your investments over a broader range of assets and industries.

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Virtual Trading Simulator

Webull offers a virtual trading simulator on their platform to discover new investment tactics without risk. This tool is beneficial for testing new trading methods you have not used previously. You may use it to examine a fictitious portfolio before risking actual funds.

A trading simulator is an excellent tool to begin investing if you have never done it before. You may earn experience and expertise using this function without incurring any actual risks. Incorporating a trading simulator within a trading platform is new for Webull, making it one of the first.

Every user has free access to a mock portfolio with $1,000,000 in fictitious funds. After you have the hang of it, you may move on to make genuine deals using your hard-earned dollars.

Dividend Reinvestment Program

Traders who wish to reinvest cash dividends as extra shares of equities should go with E*TRADE because Webull does not provide a DRIP option.

Cash Management

E*Trade, but not Webull, offers many banking options, including checks and a Visa debit card.

Investment Advice

Once again, E*TRADE outdoes its opponent, offering multiple portfolio management solutions in both robo and old-school models. Webull presently does not provide any managed accounts.

My Preference: Does Webull Win Over E*TRADE from Morgan Stanley

E*TRADE and Webull are different, as you may have guessed. Specific categories of investors would be a better fit for one or the other. An example would be investing in mutual funds or an automated investment program. In such a situation, E*TRADE is the logical pick of these two.

However, Webull is the most superb option if you frequently utilize margin in bitcoin investment.

However, if both of these platforms fulfill your needs — say, you are merely searching for a place to create a regular brokerage account and buy and sell stocks — it is necessary to analyze the advantages and drawbacks of each platform and decide what features are most important to you.

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Webull vs. E*TRADE from Morgan Stanley: The Bottom Line

Active traders and investors will benefit the most from Webull. E*TRADE is popular with both day traders and investors with a longer time horizon. While E*TRADE caters to a wide range of investors and traders, Webull caters to more active speculators. Webull offers a limited variety of financial solutions that cater to the active trading community. E*TRADE is an all-in-one brokerage that offers most financial products. They, like Webull, do not provide worldwide investment. Except for margin accounts, neither company charges a fee for trading, and there is no minimum balance requirement. Both provide very useable smartphone applications. E*TRADE is outstanding in the research and education field and customer service.

Your decision will be based on your tastes and investment objectives, not the platform itself. We would compare E*TRADE to a seasoned vet with satisfactory performance history. If you are looking for a broker you can trust, E*TRADE may be a good option. On the other side, Webull is the up-and-coming newcomer seeking to establish a name for themselves. Suppose you want to be a part of a team aiming to do things differently and provide you the most exemplary service possible. In that case, you are better off picking Webull.


Does Webull or E*TRADE offer the best research and education?

Webull cannot match with E*TRADE regarding its instructional material. It provides some instructional content for investors but does not compare to E*TRADE’s massive library. On its platform, Webull has a respectable amount of research. It is geared toward technical analysis and provides some resources for basic research.

Is E*TRADE an excellent place to invest?

E*TRADE is a full brokerage that offers most financial products. They, like Webull, do not provide worldwide investment. Except for margin accounts, neither company charges a fee for trading, and there is no minimum balance requirement. Both provide very useable smartphone applications. E*TRADE is outstanding in the research and education field and customer service.

E*TRADE Does either Broker Offer IRA’s?

An Individual Retirement Account can be created at either business. Webull supplies Roth and Traditional accounts, and a former employer’s plan can be transferred into either. At E*Trade, customers have these IRA alternatives plus many others, including Inherited IRA and Minor IRA. Both E*TRADE do not charge any continuing fees.

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