Ustocktrade Comprehensive Review 2022: Key Features, Pros & Cons




Unstocktrade is one of the premier forex brokers that we know in the industry today! The corporation was initially established to give The Cainan Foundation, a 501(c) tax-exempt nonprofit, financial support. 

Besides, the platform also makes rounds on the internet, primarily for its unique approach to trading. But if you’re a beginner investor, you might want to know more before signing up for the platform.

Therefore, to help you better here’s an overview of the Unstocktrade platform. The following sections will explore this broker’s different features and functions. Let’s get started. 

Pros & Cons of Ustocktrade


  • Affordable platform with trades costing just $1, a $1 monthly subscription fee, and no account minimums.
  • You can improve your training skills without risking the money you’ve worked so hard to obtain.
  • Due to the T+0 settlement time frame, your money is available for trading on the same day.
  • Users will be helping a good cause.
  • Low fees and the absence of PDT for cash accounts also assist.



  • Offers a minimal amount of help for its subscribers; the only method of communication is email.
  • The platform’s restricted network structure can be an issue, especially in erratic markets.
  • It is unsuitable for large-scale investors because trades exceeding $10,000 are not permitted.


Ustocktrade: At a Glance

Official website
Headquarters  Newton, Massachusetts 
Founded in January 1, 2016.
Founded by Tony Weerasinghe
Employees size of Ustocktrade  1 - 50 employees 
Platform fee Free
Customer support  24*7 online 
Industry FinanceLending andBrokerageInternational Technology Support Services
Supported countries  Globally 

Ustocktrade: Company Overview

Ustocktrade or Alternative Trading System (ATS) does business under the tagline “Wall Street to Main Street.” The platform offers community stock trading without using a third-party broker. Instead, Ustocktrade uses its network to match buy and sell orders. As a result, Ustocktrade may lower member fees to a minimal $1 monthly fee with $1 trades by doing away with brokers. They can also expedite the settlement, allowing investors to purchase securities at the best price.

Tony Weerasinghe, the previous director of global development for the London Stock Exchange Group, announced the stock trading platform at the beginning of 2016, even though the company is still young and only began operations in 2015. Weerasinghe is the sole investor in Ustocktrade.

Ustocktrade offers three portfolio overviews with customizable table columns, including the most recent price, percent, dollar price change, quantity, the price paid, and the cost. The daily performance charts are helpful for visually tracking and evaluating your trading success. In addition, the whole market value of your portfolio is shown in your Unrealized Stock Portfolio. 

Realized Stock Portfolio provides a year-to-date accounting of gains or losses. Any symbol can be clicked to provide full information on all trades made on that stock this year. In addition, a beneficial accounting of year-to-date short-term, long-term, and wash sales is provided by the Taxable Portfolio.

Since their inclusion in June 2018, candlestick charts have lacked additional technical indicators. The best purpose for these charts is to evaluate price history and movement. Tracking multi-candle patterns are possible. Users may anticipate more features and enhancements as the platform improves.

For counterpart transactions involving securities like these, Ustocktrade links buyers and sellers: Stocks. The majority of companies use EFTS to trade. Last but not least, ETNs allow you to acquire and sell collections of securities. Exchange-traded notes (ETNs), a debt asset correlated to a market index or benchmark, are a good investment.

Key Features Of Ustocktrade

Ustocktrade provides several unique features that make it one of the prominent highlights of the platform. Here’s an overview of the different critical features of Unstocktrade:

Routing and Executions

The routing and executions over Unstocktrade are what makes the platform unique! The platform has some unique elements, including ECNs, brokers, market makers, and experts who would not be present as they would be on a typical exchange. Network participants make all offers and requests. Deep-pocketed retail traders known as “Superusers” occasionally may offer more excellent liquidity pools. 

While liquidity appears to be available for equities with huge gaps and those that are traded widely, it can cause liquidity issues with less well-known stocks. In addition, expect no discounts when it comes to sharing pricing as all quotes are obligated to match the national best bid offer (NBBO) prices.


Optional Platforms

Ustocktrade is accessible online on a desktop, tablet, or laptop and through the iOS and Android mobile apps. Users who prefer to have multiple windows open at once should use the web version. 

The mobile app is easily transportable and useful while not at a desk. Real-time quotations, market or limit orders, and a short order window are available. Fills are incredibly quick when there is liquidity.

Real-time Trade Settlement 

When dealing with a cash account, the buyer must settle the balance before selling. So everything is delayed by this. Additionally, it isn’t enjoyable, especially if you wish to buy and sell several stocks in one day. Still, traders on the Ustocktrade network are guaranteed Same Day Trade Settlement, which implies that trades are paid for right away and that you can get your money right away from every concluded deal. 

Settlement day in financial trading is when buyers must complete their deal settlements. After payment has been verified, it is customary for the seller to deliver the purchased shares. Three business days are needed for settlement if you choose the conventional approach, which involves two different brokers and is denoted by (T+3). 

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Auto Trading UStockTrade

Buy and sell orders are automatically placed as part of the UStockTrade auto trading plan based on an underlying system or software. The orders are only placed when the trading systems are satisfied. It is a technique for taking part in the financial markets through UStockTrade, which implements a set of pre-established rules for entering and leaving trades.

If you are a trader, you can specify specifications for your positions while conducting in-depth technical research. Orders to open, trailing stops, and assured stops fall within this category.

Social Trading on UStockTrade

Social trading is a type of trading that allows users of the UStockTrade platform to mimic and carry out the trading tactics of their peers or more seasoned users. For example, you can converse with other investors using Facebook-style social trading on UStockTrade. 

The core idea is that you can communicate with traders using the UStockTrade platform to share and discuss potential investment opportunities. This way, users can make the most of their style without compromising their overall investment. 

Alternative Trading Systems

Thanks to Ustocktrade’s registration as an alternative trading system provider with the US SEC, peer-to-peer stock trading is available. By providing this service, no additional broker is required to facilitate trading. Instead, Ustocktrade will match a trader who wants to sell a stock with a willing bidder on its network to facilitate a sale.

The service does away with the necessity to sell or route your orders through an intermediary. As a result, traders get a quicker settlement and pay cheaper fees. Click on this link to view Ustocktrade’s fee schedule.

Additional Features Of The Platform

  • Margin trading on Ustocktrade Exchange: Ustocktrade margin exchange trading entails taking out loans from the brokerage house to execute trades. Investors that trade on margin must first deposit cash as collateral for the loan, after which they must make regular interest payments on the borrowed funds. In essence, UStockTrade margin trading is a service that allows users to purchase equities they are unable to afford. Stocks can be purchased even paying a small portion of the original value. Either cash or shares are used as collateral for paying the margin. 
  • Access to Margin/Leverage: Margin trading is prohibited on Ustocktrade. No ability to short sell results from this. However, the T-0 same-day settlements make up for this by allowing traders to immediately redeploy capital and profits on cash accounts instead of waiting three days as required by rules if dealing through a brokerage.
  • Seamless customer support: Online customers require assistance when engaging with new systems unfamiliar because the Ustocktrade has numerous aspects that even experienced traders are unfamiliar with. The company provides email support to help users interact with Ustocktrade more effectively.
  • Access to market simulator: Ustocktrade enables risk-free trading practice. It costs nothing to utilize their trading simulator. Additionally, it gives you fictitious money so that you may practice investing with up-to-date market information. Before entering the ring, practicing is essential. Without putting your own money in danger, this will assist you in getting ready for actual investing activity. Check out our stock trade service to watch us trade live daily in our trade rooms.

How Secure Is Ustocktrade?

Ustocktrade mobile and desktop use SSL encryption to protect user’s private information. Through its web platform, UStockTrade also encourages users to always check for the SSL security sign (a lock sign) when using UStockTrade.

There is a separate bank account of Ustocktrade so that the traders can add their funds. UStockTrade uses tier-1 institutions for this as an added measure of security. Tier 1 is the accepted metric for evaluating the stability and health of a bank’s finances. The phrase “tier 1” refers to a bank’s financial stability. Therefore, any funds you deposit with UStockTrade are maintained in a bank with sufficient capital to handle your withdrawal requests even if UStockTrade is forced to go out of business.

Lastly, Ustocktrade is a reliable trading option. Please keep in mind, though, that trading in financial assets carries some risk. For example, accounts may face losses due to insufficient market research, a lack of competence, or a failure to utilize the brokerage platform’s resources.

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Fees Structure 

Unstrocktrade revolves around a unique fee structure, making it one of the individual brokers on offer. In addition, it allows users to access multiple assets. To give you a better idea, here’s an overview of the different fee structures: 

Fees for UStockTrade withdrawals

Depending on your withdrawal payment option, UStockTrade has different withdrawal costs. In addition, each broker has its unique withdrawal policies that govern how money can be taken out of trading accounts.

This is because every brokerage house will have a distinct withdrawal process, and every payment provider may have various transfer processing costs, processing delays, and potential currency conversion fees. 

Fees for UStockTrade Inactivity

There is a fee for inactive accounts at UStockTrade. A fee is assessed to the registered brokerage client, known as an account inactivity fee. An inactivity fee could be owed if a client’s trading account doesn’t engage in any buying and selling for the predetermined amount of time set by the broker. Online trading accounts are not the only ones that incur inactivity penalties. Several financial service providers may levy inactivity fees.

Fees for UStockTrade Deposits

UStockTrade assesses deposit costs! When you deposit your payment method to your trading account, there is a possibility that some brokers might charge a fee; this happens when there are changes related to your payment account. In addition, when you add a certain type of fiat currency to your account, a fixed fee can apply. For instance, it is well known that costs are high when making a credit card deposit.


Fees for UStockTrade Commissions

On CFD instruments, UStockTrade does charge a commission. Most of a brokerage’s income can come from commission fees levied on customer transactions to registered traders. Commission costs can vary depending on the type of trading you do, the type of financial asset you are using, and the size of your trading account.


Type of fee Ustocktrade 
Withdrawal fee  Yes
Deposit fee Yes
Inactivity fee Yes
Commission fee No


Overall, Unstocktrade offers a reliable fee structure, making it a unique offering for users of all types. 

Account Opening With Ustocktrade

Follow the details given below to open your Ustocktrade account online:

Step 1: Provide some personal information to open an account with Ustocktrade that includes your full name, residential address, nationality, birthdate, national tax number, and contact details. You’ll also need to provide identification proof. On the majority of online trading platforms, you may accomplish this by providing a copy of your passport or driver’s license.

Step 2: Once done, you will now need to fund your Ustocktrade account. Payments made via bank wire, Skrill, PayPal, Neteller, and debit/credit cards are regularly accepted. Verify the minimum deposit requirement and any fees related to your desired payment option.

Step 3: As soon as your Ustocktrade account is funded, you can execute your first trade. To get things going, look through the broker’s selection of financial instruments. 

ustocktrade - login

Once you are on the appropriate trading page for the asset of your choice, you must place an order.

Customer Satisfaction

Regarding its tradings, Ustocktrade has received a variety of reviews. The idea behind Ustocktrade, which develops a community-based platform for investing, is intriguing. Given the meager costs and lack of account minimums, it might be the best option for beginners, small investors, and early adopters. However, more significant, experienced investors will probably find little use for the service.

Ustocktrade is a cutting-edge trading platform with a promising future. It is praised for its same-day trade settlements and incredibly minimal expenses. But because it is still a new business, many restrictions and unanswered questions exist. Its customer support team represents the internal UStockTrade firm resources that offer clients technical support after using the UStockTrade service. A customer support personnel must be accessible, available, and quick to respond as a customer may frequently need to contact them for assistance.

Email, live chat, phone, and 24/7 help are all provided by UStockTrade. Although email assistance is a simple way to contact UStockTrade customer service, responses to support requests take a while to come through. You might have to wait for 1 to 3 days for UStockTrade to respond to your support request.

Customers can get assistance from UStockTrade through an instant messaging network using the live chat support feature. It takes place on a one-to-one basis, frequently through the business website. It can be a proactive chat pop-up that appears on the screen and inquires whether you require assistance. You would then be connected to a live agent after clicking on it. Live chat is fantastic if you need a response to your support request within 15 minutes.

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Ustocktrade Vs. Competition

You need to know what platform suits your trading in terms of the features that define it as the ideal trading platform for you if you’re a trader with trading goals and are trying to find the most refined trading platform.

Currently, Robinhood is the competition of Ustocktrade. Robinhood and Ustocktrade are comparable services in that they deal with brokerage houses that let investors and dealers trade stocks. Both platforms share many similarities and contrasts.

Ustocktrade vs. Robinhood

Robinhood is your most excellent option if you’re one of those people who prefer to trade their money and stocks with a broker who offers commission-free trades. However, you can sign up for Ustocktrade if you’re seeking a peer-to-peer stock trading system that does away with brokers.

  1. Broker vs. ATS: Ustocktrade was created as an ambitious stock trading system (ATS). However, it only offers a small selection of equities to trade but allows for unlimited day transactions. One of the most well-known brokerage companies is Robinhood, which enables investors to trade all varieties of equities, including Cryptocurrencies, ETNs stocks listed by US companies, and EFTs.
  2. Commission: Ustocktrade has a $1 commission, while Robinhood has none. Robinhood is the most affordable trading platform. On the other side, Ustocktrade charges no commissions but provides free one-day transfers, unlimited day trading, and no minimum account size.
  3. Market Research: Without good market Research, you will not know if a platform is reliable or not. When we compare Ustocktrade with Robinhood in market research, Ustocktrade has good market research that helps you discover new markets.

As a broker, Robinhood exchanges its holdings with investors and traders, providing them access to various stocks, options, and cryptocurrencies. Ustocktrade links its buyers and sellers for counterpart transactions in a relatively small number of stocks because it is an ATS. 

Final Verdict

Should You Consider Using Unstocktrade?

Ustocktrade was established with a two-pronged social strategy, as was previously stated. To start, the Cainan Foundation is supported by the money made by Choose Ustocktrade if you’re looking for an advanced Alternative Trading System provider with reasonable prices. 

  1. ATS ( Ambitious Alternative Trading System) Design: Under Regulation ATS, the SEC controls ATSs, and the design of ATS allows retail trades without large institutional trader competition. An ATS must be run by a broker-dealer that is a member of FINRA by this regulation. As a result, applicable securities rules and regulations also apply to ATSs.
  2. Ustocktrade features flat $ commissions: One of the most affordable platforms available, it charges $1 for each trade, $1 per month for a subscription, and there are no account minimums.
  3. Trading simulator: Due to a T+0 settlement time frame, you can practice trading with virtual money while developing your abilities without risking any hard-earned cash (Same-day settlement allows profits to be immediately withdrawn)
  4. Zero Brokers: Low fees and no PDT for cash accounts are zero brokers’ benefits, which also aim to use corporate revenues to support charity endeavors.

Shortcomings Of Unstocktrade

  1. Limited Transaction: Trading is only allowed for equities, ETFs, and ETNs. Mutual funds and options cannot be traded at this time.
  2. Unavailability of margin trading and short selling: Limited support is available, and this platform only offers a small number of tradable instruments. The platform’s restricted network structure makes liquidity issues troublesome, particularly in erratic markets.

This brings us to the end of our comprehensive review on Unstocktrade. With this, we have a complete idea of the platform and how it simplifies trading for the users. Overall, it is a great platform to get started. 

However, this might not be your platform if you are an active trader and need massive transactions! We suggest you look for a different broker. All the best!


How to close an Ustocktrade account?

You must select the option in your Ustocktrade account profile and follow the on-screen steps to close your account. Before closing your account, ensure that all positions have been liquidated or transferred. Any negative amounts have been paid off, or all money has been removed.

What is Ustocktrade?

Ustocktrade is an Alternate Trading Solution System (ATS) based in Newton, Massachusetts, that operates under the slogan “Wall Street to Main Street. It is a peer-to-peer stock trading platform that does not require a third-party broker. Buy and sell orders are instead matched inside Ustocktrade’s network.

Can you day trade on Ustocktrade?

Ustocktrade is a unique Alternative Trading System (ATS) designed exclusively for retail traders that provides limitless day trading at flat $1 commissions, no minimum account size requirement, and free same-day money transfers. For day traders who can handle the $10,000 daily trading cap, it's a good platform.

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