NinjaTrader vs. TradeStation: Our Comparison




You will want to know who NinjaTrader and TradeStation are and how they compare. Naturally, you will want to know how long NinjaTrader and TradeStation have been around and their reputation. Furthermore, it would help if you figured out whether NinjaTrader and TradeStation are suitable for your trading requirements.

It is critical to trade with a reputed and trustworthy broker. It is a simple reason behind this. It would help if you felt secure knowing that your funds are protected. Let us compare and contrast NinjaTrader with TradeStation.

Our side-by-side comparison makes it easy to discover the best choice for your situation. The final decision on which broker to choose should depend on what and how you want to trade.

Our comparison of NinjaTrader vs. TradeStation will help you evaluate their performance, pricing, the convenience of use, and support credibility.

So, if you are ready to start trading, let us provide you with the information you need to make an educated choice.

We have spent a great deal of time analyzing various brokers’ accounts. Using NinjaTrader and TradeStation, we gathered over 1,200 data points. To make things easier for you, we have researched and organized the most important topics in the sections below.

When choosing a broker, it is crucial to consider the broker’s regulation and currency availability. When selecting a trading platform like NinjaTrader or TradeStation, it is critical that you feel comfortable entrusting them with your hard-earned cash. We will summarize our analysis by comparing some of the most popular trading tools and features.

Advantages and Disadvantages

NinjaTrader vs. TradeStation Regulation

Never trade on a platform that lacks adequate regulation. You must know for sure that your money is well cared for. If NinjaTrader and TradeStation are well-regulated, doing so is not much of a challenge. NinjaTrader and TradeStation are both fully regulated, and you can find their regulatory credentials on their website.

Costs, Fees & Commissions

NinjaTrader & TradeStation Trading Costs

TradeStation is much more costly than NinjaTrader because you can use it free to practice or simulate. Only if you make 10 round trip transactions out of a live account each month will TradeStation cost you $125 a month. You must conduct 10 live round-trip trades a month to use the data stream. On a simulator, NinjaTrader is free to use. You must purchase a license to open a live trading account with Ninja Trader. Below, you will find the price information:

Cost of TradeStation

  • $25 a month with 10 round-trip trades
  • $125 a month using simulation or not having 10 live round-trip trades
  • Cost of Ninja Trader: Purchase
  • $995 for a 1 broker Lifetime License (option most will choose)
  • $1495 for Multi-Broker Lifetime License

Cost of NinjaTrader: Lease

  • $60 a month ($180 total – 3-month lease)
  • $55 a month ($330 total – 6-month lease)
  • $50 a month ($600 total – annual lease)

NinjaTrader Fees and Commissions 

Because of the low margins and charges, you may trade futures at a significant discount with NinjaTrader. You can trade futures contracts for as little as $0.09 with a $400 minimum opening balance if you have a lifetime license. This brokerage has modest day trading margins in comparison to other brokerages.

The broker does not charge for its services but offers a fee-paying or leasable trading platform as an alternative. You will be charged $1.19 per contract for options and futures. A lifetime license will cost you $0.53 per contract, while a leasing platform will cost you $0.83.

Market liquidity and leverage are two factors that influence how much you pay per contract for a futures trading session. The sophisticated trade management and strategic order processing available with a Lifetime license may only be obtained by purchasing or leasing one.

NinjaTrader’s robust trading platform and real-time data are accessible on a demo account, just like platform fees. Choose between the free platform that includes the basics and a premium license level that provides cheaper commissions and more comprehensive tools for live trading.



The implementation of NinjaTrader and TradeStation is vastly different. It is safe to say that NinjaTrader is a world apart from TradeStation. If you are looking for a trading platform with more options and fascinating features than TradeStation, NinjaTrader is the way to go.

Data streams are also highly variable amongst the systems. Trade Station is more affected by sudden increases in trading volume, whereas NinjaTrader is more affected by sudden decreases in internet access. Minor changes might add up to thousands of dollars if you travel frequently.

TradeStation tends to fall behind when volume surges, but NinjaTrader can maintain up. NinjaTrader loses its connection instantly if the internet goes down for even a millisecond; however, TradeStation stays connected for the most part.

The feed choices in NinjaTrader are far superior to those in TradeStation. Updates to TradeStation’s feed may or may not have occurred recently because it still employs an antiquated data link created decades ago. It is possible to connect to NinjaTrader using various current data feed sources.


TradeStation has always had the upper hand until NinjaTrader 7 came along and changed everything. Aside from minor differences, the two platforms are now identical. TradeStation is the trading platform of choice for many long-term investors like me.

NinjaTrader is a popular choice for beginner traders because it is free to use until you go live. I still prefer TradeStation’s charting over Ninja Trader’s because of the tiny differences that significantly impact me.

NinjaTrader has an advantage over the other platforms in terms of functionality. It is critical to be able to practice day trading in a real-world setting while also understanding the basics of the trade.

With NinjaTrader, you may download and play back previous data as if it were real-time. Day trading may now be practiced at any time of day or night.

This is an excellent resource for novice and experienced traders who want some trading experience under their belts. Having the leisure to accomplish other things is quite valuable for new employees with other commitments.

The chart trader option on NinjaTrader is another excellent tool. In this section, you will be able to see your stops and targets on a chart rather than simply your order matrix. A whole new level of charting has been brought to day trading thanks to this innovative technology.

Until a few years ago, TradeStation was the most popular platform for day traders since it was the only one available. Since I began day trading, TradeStation has only released bug patches and new features. NinjaTrader, on the other side, continues to improve with each updated version.

NinjaTrader 7 is now on par with TradeStation in terms of functionality. The volume trigger, chart trader, and live simulation are two more elements that have helped NinjaTrader edge over TradeStation.

NinjaTrader Brokerage Fees TradeStation Fees
Inactivity fee Inactivity fee
Withdrawal fee 0.25 Withdrawal fee $25.00
Min trade 0.53 Min trade $5.00
Max trade varies Max trade varies
Min deposit $1000 Min deposit $500.00
Funding Methods Funding Methods
Credit card Credit card
Bank transfer Bank transfer
American Express American Express
PayPal PayPal
Neteller Neteller
Skrill Skrill
Bitcoin Bitcoin
Services - Trading - Features Services - Trading - Features
 Android application available  Android application available
 Windows application available  Windows application available
Can Set Price alerts Can Set Price alerts
Variable spreads (Forex) Variable spreads (Forex)
Scalping trading Scalping trading
Hedge trading Hedge trading
Stop loss orders Stop loss orders
Limit orders Limit orders
One click trading available One click trading available
Trailing stops available Trailing stops available
Expert advisors (Metatrader) Expert advisors (Metatrader)
Virtual private server (VPS) Virtual private server (VPS)
Direct market access (DMA) Direct market access (DMA)
ECN broker (Forex ECNs) ECN broker (Forex ECNs)
STP broker (STP) STP broker (STP)
Market maker Market maker
Trading Signals Trading Signals
NinjaTrader Platforms TradeStation Platforms
MT4 Android ,iPhone,Mac,iPad

Volume Trigger: Unless a specified number of contracts are exchanged, your position is not closed when the stop price is hit.

Chart Trader: Use the chart instead of the order matrix for setting stops and placing orders.

Live Simulation: Possibility of downloading and replaying past market data in real-time.

The majority of mature experienced traders use TradeStation. NinjaTrader is the platform for beginner traders since it is free to use until you open an account and includes a live simulation function. For charting, I still prefer TradeStation because of the minor details that make it easier to use. I am currently using both, but I aim to switch to NinjaTrader and keep TradeStation as a backup strategy.


Both systems’ order matrices appear identical, but their behavior is vastly different. It is a no-brainer that NinjaTrader’s price dome is superior to TradeStation’s. TradeStation, which has been around for decades, lacks several valuable features that NinjaTrader offers.

Data streams are also highly variable amongst the systems. In contrast to Ninja Trader, which is more sensitive to internet shortages, TradeStation is more responsive to volume spikes. When you are on the road all over the world and day trading like I am, even the most minor changes may add up to big bucks.

TradeStation cannot keep up with significant jumps in volume; however, NinjaTrader can. Most of the time, TradeStation remains connected even when the internet goes down for a nanosecond.

They have a completely distinct data flow from the exchanges as well. TradeStation’s feed is outdated and seldom updated, but NinjaTrader has a wide selection of new and veteran participants.

NinjaTrader vs. TradeStation Hedging

In finance, hedging is being able to trade in a way that minimizes your risk exposure. Varying the degree or level of leverage used, this can be done, for example, by betting on a stock to increase and betting against it to rise.

NinjaTrader vs. TradeStation Stop Loss

For more volatile trades, in fact, for every transaction, you should cover risk with stop-loss orders. It is possible to lose more funds than you invested while employing leverage, but this is not the case in typical trading and using stop-loss protection. Both brands offer a full range of stop-loss orders.

NinjaTrader vs. TradeStation Limit Orders

Users should have the option of placing a limit order with whichever broker they use. As a result, you can acquire a financial instrument at the price you have placed an order for it to be sold. Your deal will be performed when the financial asset reaches a specific price. This is beneficial since it allows you to get a better deal on stock. Waiting for a stock to drop to a price you are happy with would take a long time. It is already clear how valuable limit orders may be in trading.

NinjaTrader vs. TradeStation Negative Balance Protection

Clients are protected by negative balance protection. Even though trading is an uncertain activity, traders need some level of security because not everyone in the market knows the full ramifications of their decisions.

NinjaTrader vs. TradeStation Features:

Customer Service:

In contrast to NinjaTrader, which only offers email assistance, TradeStation provides round-the-clock customer care, except on weekends. As unpleasant as it may be, NinjaTrader support has a clever method of responding to your queries. Talking to someone over the phone is more accessible than trying to convey anything verbally remains unaffected.

NinjaTrader vs. TradeStation Live Chat

For distinct reasons, live chat is essential, and it is comforting to know that an issue can be solved right away when you run across one. In addition, chatting to a person in person is significantly less irritating than communicating over email.

TradeStation does not provide live chat assistance, although NinjaTrader does.

NinjaTrader vs. TradeStation Email Support

You will find that email is handy when using NinjaTrader or TradeStation to trade CFDs, equities, commodities, currencies, cryptocurrencies, or any other financial instrument. If you have a more active query, you may need to contact a specific member of the NinjaTrader or TradeStation support staff. This is when NinjaTrader and TradeStation email support will come in handy.

Email assistance is available for both NinjaTrader and TradeStation.

NinjaTrader vs. TradeStation Phone Support

Even though most questions may be answered online, it is always wonderful to speak with a natural person at NinjaTrader or TradeStation to get our questions answered. You can save time and energy by getting right to the point.

Initial Setup & Installation:

Both platforms are equally simple to set up and install, despite their differences in usability. Setting up two of them is going to be a little tricky. In most cases, the firm from whom you purchase a method or piece of software will aid you with installing it.

There are more videos and instructions on NinjaTrader than on TradeStation, but I have not required much help with TradeStation. That is not something you can take my word for. Both technical support teams have been helpful.

The low cost of NinjaTrader is a significant factor in the platform’s popularity among beginner traders. To begin day trading, you will need to fork over tens of thousands of dollars. For example, mimicking a real market scenario is quite helpful.

TradeStation Market Analysis & Research

TradeStation is a platform designed for experienced futures options traders and includes a wide range of research tools. This robust infrastructure allows you to investigate and evaluate futures trading ideas using the massive historical data it maintains. If you are starting with futures trading, the broker includes a section in its knowledge center called “Getting Started.”

There is also a wealth of information available on various investment-related subjects. Market intelligence is also general through the company’s website, including analyzing several sectors, news updates, premarket comments, and podcasts about different market moves.


NinjaTrader Market Analysis & Research

However, NinjaTrader has a robust backtesting engine that allows you to evaluate numerous futures trading methods using the available historical data. If you are a newbie who wants to learn more about the platform, you will have access to a wealth of instructional tools.

News, financial, and economic data may be accessible because NinjaTrader is primarily a futures brokerage. However, nothing tops its daily webinars, user manuals, hundreds of on-demand teaching films, and a YouTube channel full of market content. Active futures investors are the primary audience for most of the firm’s research.

NinjaTrader vs. TradeStation: The Bottomline

NinjaTrader and TradeStation are leading futures brokerages. TradeStation tends to be more multifunctional, offering various asset classes for investment. TradeStation’s feature-rich interface and comprehensive trading tools make it an excellent alternative for active and institutional traders. Over 150 futures products are available at your disposal with an entire desktop trading interface and powerful charting and paper trading toolsets.

NinjaTrader is an ideal platform for beginner traders since it provides many free tools, cheap commissions, and free site usage. Trades may mimic in a live market setting using the brokerage’s customizable interface, rich data feed options, and free demo features. There is a two-week free trial as well.


 Based on the most current information, which platform is best?

With every revision, NinjaTrader gets better and better, and the recent release of NinjaTrader 7 sets the standard exceedingly high. I wish that I had the functionality and tools that day traders have available today when I first started

Which platform provider costs less?

One of the biggest reasons most new traders use NinjaTrader is the price. If you are already spending thousands of dollars to start day trading, the last thing you need is more expenses. The extra chart trader features and especially the ability to simulate a live market environment that NinjaTrader offers are invaluable.

 Are NinjaTrader or TradeStation suitable for beginners?

NinjaTrader and TradeStation offer low deposits and access to market insights and news resources. Both NinjaTrader and TradeStation provide trial demo accounts. This is a big plus for NinjaTrader and TradeStation as it shows they are interested in their customers.

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