Even though this brand is relatively new, having only come around in 2012, they actually have a great deal of attention and some pretty big backing from investors and traders. In fact, this broker is one that’s extremely reliable and they’re considered extremely transparent, great with customer service and excellent even more with payment processing. In fact, you’re going to get a lot of great features with them.

All you have to do is take one look online and you’ll see some of the great features of this brand, and you’re definitely going to see how much people really like them as well. They offer just about everything, including great educational services and trading tools.

iTrader Scam or Legit?

The very first thing that you want to know is whether or not this is a scam service and the answer is absolutely not. In fact, iTrader is highly regulated and they have some great customer support. They work within the field of forex and CFD’s and they offer a whole lot of help to anyone who uses their services along the way. So, we’re going to dive into this a little further and see what we can about this company.

License and Regulation

iTrader is actually a part of a company called Hoch Capital Ltd., which is licensed by CySEC. That’s the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission, and it’s not the only one keeping this broker honest. The Markets in Financial Instruments Directive and other regulators from throughout Europe are also ones that this company has been a part of. Including regulators in Poland, France, Norway, Austria, Denmark, Finland, Britain, Italy, Greece, Estonia, Romania, Spain, Germany, Latvia, Sweden and the Netherlands.

Because of all these different regulators you really don’t have a lot to worry about when it comes to them being a highly respected brand and definitely being a legitimate one. You can rest assured that they are being very closely monitored by each of these different companies and that they are following all of the rules that go along with the process of being regulated. That means segregated accounts, random platform checks, fair pricing guidelines and transparent pricing quotes.

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Account Types

There are actually three different types of accounts that you can get when it comes to iTrader. You can use the Silver, Gold or Platinum. Overall, each of them is going to offer you a range of features and they’re going to be great for different people. You’ll be able to get different leverages, variable spreads and alters depending on the type of account that you choose. It’s going to depend on what type of investor you are which type of account you want to use.

Now, no matter which account you decide to go with you’re going to need a minimum deposit of $250 and you’re also going to have benefits like 24/7 support and things like hedging and a sharia-compliant account. That gives you a whole lot more freedom than you might have gotten from some of the other systems and versions of brokerage firms around.

Trading Platform

Now, one of the most important aspects of the entire process is the trading platform that you use. You want to make sure that you are getting a high quality trading platform because that’s how you’re going to make sure that you are getting the investments that you want. With iTrader you won’t have to worry about that because they actually work through MetaTrader 4, in three different formats.


The WebTrader version of this system is actually the one that’s available online. You don’t need to download anything to your computer and all you need to do is get online and have a reliable internet connection and browser in order to carry out any trades, evaluate trades and keep an eye on everything in your account. It offers live analysis and charts as well as graphic trends and more. You’ll also have one-click trading and even social trading, so you can take a look at what some of the top traders are doing and see if you would like to follow.

MetaTrader 4

This is possibly the most popular platform for brokers and for those who are looking to get into trading. It can be downloaded on either Mac or PC, so you don’t have to worry about the type of service that you currently have. On top of that it works great as a stand-alone software and lets you get everything that you’re looking for right on your desktop. It actually has different indicators as well as charting tools.

Overall you’re going to have simple order placement and you’re going to have great control over analysis and trading. There’s a reason this is the most popular service, and that’s because of its ease of use and the features that you’re going to get along with it.

Mobile App

For those who like to have control over everything on the go you can absolutely use the mobile version of the system to make sure you’re getting the most out of everything. The mobile version allows you to have access to your trading whether you’re on an Android or iOS device. You’re also going to have no problem getting the most out of all of your trades.

Because you’re going to have access directly from your mobile device you’re not going to have to worry about where you are when you get that important news about a big deal. You’re also going to be able to check in whenever you want and from anywhere. The mobile app makes it a whole lot easier and more convenient for you to check in rather than using the web service from your mobile device.

Now, with any and all of these devices you’re going to have the opportunity to trade within over 200 different financial assets. You’re also going to have over 150 different technical, fundamental and sentimental indicators. That means you’re going to have notice no matter what’s going on and you can make informed decisions about just what you want to do about your trades or potential trades.

Trading Resources

Resources are always important when you’re working with a broker because you want the opportunity to continue to learn and continue to develop your skills. With iTrader you’re getting a service that was actually built by others who trade so it’s designed with traders in mind. In that way, it includes a large set of educational resources that you’re definitely going to want to check out for yourself.

Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced trader you’re going to find something that will help you to advance your knowledge and continue to improve your skills. You’re going to have information about trading and different techniques that you can try out. You’re also going to have different formats for the educational materials that are available, so you can choose something that works for you.

eBooks, videos and other training materials and articles are all offered and they give you advice on how to trade with different tools as well as using things like psychology. They’re written by some of the best experts around and they’re going to be written by some of the people who work within the company as well.

What you’ll find here as well, when you look at the resources, are plenty of daily charts that will help you see the most traded assets. They’ll even give you a link directly into the web platform which will let you make your own trades immediately. You can set up market summaries and forecasts to get a good idea of your trades and assets and you can even use the trading calculator to find out more about pivot price points, pips and more.

You’ll also be able to use the economic calendar to make the best trades based on the market. It’s going to let you keep track of things like economic news and political news that you absolutely want to know and that can definitely make a difference in your investments. You want to make sure that you’re aware of everything that’s going on that could potentially impact how well your investments do.

Payment Methods

When it comes to money you absolutely want to make sure you know how it’s all going to work. Well, the payment methods here are actually quite simple. You’re going to have control over everything related to your money, at all times. In fact, the system uses SAS 70 certified servers and data is all processed through 128 SSL encryption. All of this means that your information is completely secure. Add in Level 1 PCI compliance and no one is going to get into your personal data or transactions.

You’re also going to have plenty of options when it comes to depositing or withdrawing money, so you don’t have to worry about how you’re going to get access when you decide you want your money for something else. You can use:

– Secure Bank Wire

– MasterCard

– Visa

– Qiwi

– Maestro

– American Express

– VLoad

– Skrill

– WebMoney

– Neteller

– Yandex

You’ll also have absolutely no fees when you’re either depositing or withdrawing money, which means you don’t have to worry about losing part of your investments or profits. Plus, you can start investing and trading immediately after your deposit and can get your money back through withdrawal in as little as 24 hours.

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Customer Service

Just how does this broker do when it comes to treating you right and answering any of your questions? They actually do a great job. And all you have to do is get in contact with customer service. You’ll find an FAQ page that has a whole lot of questions and answers available but if none of those work for you there’s also a customer support team available 24 hours a day.

They can be reached via email, phone or through chat and they will provide you with quick responses to any of the questions or concerns that you might have. In fact, this broker definitely does live up to their reputation and they most definitely are one of the best for regulations as well. You’ll find that they are definitely always striving to live up to the best of their abilities.

Pros & Cons

So, just what does this company have to offer that you should be keeping an eye on? Well, they actually have quite a few great services and not so much in the way of cons. Really, if you’re looking to get started with investing you’re not going to go wrong here.

When it comes to the pros and cons you’re definitely getting a whole lot more in the pros than you might think. And this company doesn’t have a whole lot that you should be considering against them. So, take a look at the features we mentioned above (and below) and see what you think about them for yourself.

Pros Cons
3 Different Account Types Only Works Through MetaTrader 4
Highly Regulated Services  
High Level of Transparency  
Works with MetaTrader 4  
3 Methods of Interaction with Trading Platform  
24 Hour Withdrawals  
Instant Trading After Deposit  
Responsive Customer Service  

Overall, you’re getting a high quality company that offers a great deal in the way of services and features. They’re highly transparent, highly regulated throughout Europe and they offer several different account types to make your setup even more personalized. They’re also offering a range of different financial asset options.

When you look at everything you can get here, you’re definitely going to be off to a great start with your trading. You’re going to have a little bit of everything you could possibly want and you’re definitely going to be ready to make some profits as well.

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